Samson:  Financial launches two months’ salaries for the owners of investment contracts

05/10/2017 – 16:12

The Ministry of Electricity announced the approval of the Ministry of Finance to release the salaries of investment contracts in all public directorates.

The ministry said in a statement, “Economy News” received a copy of it, it’s got obtained approval from the Ministry of Finance to release funds for the salaries of two months of investment contracts that have not received for more than four months.

And it called for financial managers in the general directorates to complete all the procedures regarding the distribution to the staff.



Samson:  Iraq, Iran repaid $ 350 million of electricity debt

10/05/2017 – 16:19

Energy Minister of Iran, Hamid Jet Jian, Iran resumed the process of exporting electricity to Iraq after Baghdad pay $ 350 million out of $ billion debt.

Said Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Jet Jian, in an interview I followed ” Economy News ” , said that ” Iran resumed the process of exporting electricity to Iraq, after the last payment of 350 million dollars of the total billion dollars , which his trust over the country ” , stressing that ” the remaining amount It will be repaid according Tksath to a specific timetable ” .

He said Jet Jian said , ” Iran ‘s electricity exports to Iraq of 1500 MW , ” noting that ” This is attributed to witness growth or decline the impact ofvolatility and climate conditions in this country ” .
He stopped Iran ‘s electricity exports to Iraq after the end of the agreement between the two countries in the last day of December 2016



Samson:  Council of Ministers voted to amend the Central Bank Act

10/05/2017 – 16:19

Voice of the Council of Ministers, to amend the Iraqi Central Bank Act, as approved document the child from violence and abuse protection.

The Prime Minister said Haider al-Abadi in his weekly press conference followed the “Economy News”, “The Council of Ministers approved a document the child from violence and abuse protection.”

Abadi pointed out that “the Council of Ministers voted to amend the Iraqi Central Bank Law and referred it to the parliament,” saying it is “important to protect the Iraqi currency.”

He pointed out that “the Council of Ministers voted on the contract agreements for the purchase of rice and wheat from global origins, according to the global stock market.



Samson:  The Council of Ministers will vote on the amendment of the Central Bank Law and Abadi confirms: Iraq’s debts few

2017/5/9 22:06

Cabinet voted during its meeting on Tuesday, the second draft amendment to the law of the Iraqi Central Bank Law.

Ebadi said during his weekly press conference after the cabinet meeting, said that ” the most important thing we have to protect the citizens and our forces , ” adding that “we do not want to expand the area covered by our forces some people that want us to get involved the deployment of troops is widely without protection to occur there breaks and increase the number of martyrs . ” .

He added that “our plan is going clear and based on the protection of forces and free land and then move on to the next phase which is to control the Iraqi – Syrian border and the curse Rawa areas on the western Anbar, In order we address this problem , the time now we started clearing operations in this north and south of wetland areas , especially in the Triangle Wadi Horan represented between Iraq, Syria and Jordan. ”

He stressed that “Daesh did not work any exposure to control any point of our points this Iraqi achievement , ” pointing out that “we found there is a real problem in the training and the soldier stands for years to certain sites without re – training, The forces need constant training , ” noting that ” training is not easy and should take advantage of the expertise of the world to increase the effectiveness and expertise of our forces to win. ”

And the prime minister that “broadcast false rumors , quoting anonymous is unacceptable and we protest it strongly , which is unacceptable , ” stressing that “military plans in Iraq are placed by the military leadership and is deliberated upon and agreed upon and set priorities are in the light of our capabilities in the battle and the capabilities of forces and not there is pressure from here or there. ”

He noted that “those who can not work only by extension of the foreigner expects the absence of a national, and some propaganda is trying to reduce the victory in Iraq and regarded as an American victory and not an Iraqi, and there are those who want to portray US troops fighting in Iraq and not the Iraqis.”

He said that ” a lot of terrorist additives were destroyed, and the leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates has done north Nukhayib and contributed Bmsa Western Sahara regions, and we managed to destroy many read the enemy, and will be the popular visit in Karbala locked.”

The prime minister pointed out that “as if some hurt development without government spending, spent a lot of money to sustain the roads, but there is a problem in the achievements so we want to develop all the ways.”  He explained , “our progress over the past year enormous strides the issue of e – governance, with regard to financial control oversight of contracts there was a decision of the Council of Ministers audited all the contracts we canceled Zora Council this decision and take auditing of public money and the Council of Ministers mandated financial control audit contracts.”

He added that ” the issue of violence against children , whether community violence or domestic violence, the duty of the state child protection was approved this document containing an international aspect to protect children from violence and child labor, as has been the adoption of the national strategy for the management of radioactive waste in Iraq.”
During the Cabinet meeting, ” the second vote on the draft amendment to the law of the Iraqi Central Bank issued Order No. 56 Law of 2004 for the now defunct Coalition Provisional Authority forwarded to the House of Representatives.”

With regard to the Arab American – Islamic summit, said Abadi, “So far we have no clear picture of the summit , the capacity of countries to be attended, and in any case for us and a clear view to set aside the region disputes and disagreements that led to the emergence of Daesh fighting currently located, which you pay for the people , ” adding to “we want to balance relations and interests for the proper coexistence of peoples and for the sake of security, this thesis , which we will submit.”

And on the financial crisis and the debt resulting from the Iraq, said the “international debt on Iraq a few, and we have an internal debt as the external debt part of compensation, including the Paris Club, and in this crisis , we do not have large loans as the most affordable and the proportion of very interest low , some of the World Bank to support the budget and this does not constitute a significant burden on the country because it is low interest rate, as well as a German loan to help Iraq in building areas , which interest rate is very supported by the British loan on credit for the construction of infrastructure. ”

Abadi touched on the flag of the Kurdistan Workers ‘ Party, in Kirkuk , saying : “This is unacceptable Party is the PKK Turkish organization and are not allowed to practice this type of activity in Iraq, and we

do not want to enter a conflict with them and do not allow them to do any activity hostile to Turkey, according to the Constitution Iraqi. ”

And the abduction of activists in central Baghdad, said al – Abadi said , “We send out quickly move the cameras and security services to detect this crime Valachttaf a serious crime and is not allowed to mitigate, and are not allowed weddings who kidnapped citizens some want to take out the criminals openly and encourage them to kidnapping, and we are following this issue follow – up minutes” .



Frank’s Post on this article:

CVBC:  HHHmmm…The price dropped by 100 dinar to 125.50 dinar per dollar.

Looks like the price has been moving down from 1000 to 1 gradually over the past several weeks.

At this pace, it will be 1 to 1 before we know it!  Bring it on!

Don961:  Economy     Tuesday, 9 May 2017 | 13:04

Dollar prices fall in local markets by 100 dinars

BAGHDAD / … came back the US dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar in the local markets decline on Tuesday (May 92 017).

Reaching prices in the stock market struggle – Baghdad 125.100, while the prices for on Monday 125.200.

Buying and selling shops in banking prices

Selling the dollar = 125.500 dinars price.

Purchase price of the dollar = 124.500 dinars. Finished


Flash in 5 …Oil prices and death of the Petro dollar as China becomes the number one energy consumer.

Streamed live 19 hours ago


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