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Samson: Jaafari: Iraq wins the whole world

05/22/2017 10:50

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the victories achieved by Iraq, not only him, but the whole world, stressing that the Iraqi diplomacy is working to strengthen bilateral relations with the international community and to activate interests and face common risks.

He said al-Jaafari, according to a statement to his office, through the receipt of a copy of the adoption of the new Chilean ambassador to the non-resident to Baghdad, Mr. Fernando Salakit Sepúlveda leaves, that «Iraq achieves consecutive victories in its war against terrorism, and will liberate the entire territory from the grip of terrorists Daesh, these victories are not only for Iraq, but the whole world.

He stressed that «Iraqi diplomacy is working to strengthen bilateral relations with all countries of the world, and to activate common interests and face common dangers, adding that the visits between the two countries, officials exchange will achieve greater coordination volume, cooperation in security files, economic and political.  LINK


Don961:  Preparations in Baghdad to hold a reconciliation conference attended by personalities are required to eliminate

¨ Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah

Witnessing capital Baghdad high – level preparations for the convening of a reconciliation conference. The list of invitees of the Conference figures required by the Iraqi judiciary Kraf al – Issawi, a former finance minister, and Khamis dagger, the Arab leader of the project, the Liberation of Iraq, the former governor of Nineveh, and the parties of the Baath Party.

Efforts are underway to settle the Issawi file before the conference , which did not specify the date. But this conference is facing a Sunni opposition group, led by parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri, refuses to return wanted by the Iraqi judiciary to the political process.

It was unclear relevance of this conference endeavors led by the leader of the National Coalition and Vice President Iyad Allawi to hold a reconciliation conference announced in a meeting with head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al – Maliki.

Revealed a senior source in the Union of Forces (range) yesterday, for “an internal and external Sunni parties approached the government to agree to hold a conference in the capital Baghdad , attended by figures are required to spend to discuss the situation in Iraq for the post Daesh.”

The deputies of the rule of law have revealed, earlier this month, from the date of the two conferences of Sunni powers in Brussels and Turkey under the auspices of a European. Noting the invitation to Rafie al – Issawi and Tareq al – Hashemi and 25 of the members of the House of Representatives.

The source, who preferred anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information he made, that “among the names that brought her participation and attendance at the upcoming conference calls, both Rafie al – Issawi, and a successful balance, and Ethel Najafi, and Khamis dagger.”

On judicial pursuits that prevent the participation of some of the invitees, “explains the high source said that the sponsors of the Conference of the Parties asked the government to provide a guarantee of legal immunity for the entry and exit of these figures from Iraq without any accountability.”

The source added that “the main issues to be discussed by the conference how to bring down the judicial charges against al – Issawi and Nujaifi and a successful balance and happy Lafi, and some of the characters that participated in the squares of the sit –in and return to the political process, as well as the establishment of the Sunni region, balance, and participation in decision – making.”

According to the source, who is taking part in a team to mature the historic settlement initiative, the “Congress will adopt a vote of confidence League President Sunni forces Salim al – Jubouri and his deputy Ahmed Massari, and will look for new and alternative leaders , “ pointing out that “ the time of this conference subject to the approval of the Iraqi government.”

Saw the Turkish capital of Ankara, last March, closed meetings lasted for two days, was attended by 25 political and tribal figure and businessmen from the Sunni component, it ended with the selection of Salim al – Jubouri , head of the Sunni forces periodically and Ahmed Massari as his deputy.

And spins intense rivalry between al – Jubouri and Osama Najafi, Vice President of the Republic, the presidency of the Sunni component, along with a sharp split between the years abroad, and between the years inside the participants in the political process.

He speaks in charge of the movements and meetings conducted by Sunni parties with the leaders of the National Alliance , which warned them of holding such a conference in the capital Baghdad , the source, expressing concern that gives legitimacy to the Conference of the Parties to adopt the internationalization of the issue of Iraq ‘s Sunnis.

And the reasons why the conference in Baghdad , with the approval of the Iraqi government, says a senior source in the Union forces , “there is fear Abdiha deputies Sunni political figures interior invited to the conference legally accountable after the decision taken by the House of Representatives banning participation in conferences held outside Iraq.”

The House voted, on the thirtieth of last April, a parliamentary resolution prohibits Iraqi politicians and officials attending or participating conferences and meetings that affect the security of the state and the political system and harm the national interest held outside or inside Iraq without the consent of the Iraqi authorities.

It ended a group of Sunni figures, recently held talks in Brussels at the invitation of a Belgian civil society organizations, to discuss the crisis and the problems experienced by the western provinces.

The attention of the source that “this organization competent conflicts and conflict issues , “ he said, adding that “one of the most important figures in attendance at the meeting is the President of the Front Saleh al – Mutlaq dialogue.”

Reveals a prominent Sunni politician that “ the Belgian organization calls made, the month of the session, a Sunni political figures , including internal parliamentarians , current and former before, such as the Sunni parties residing abroad , independent figures exist mostly in the Jordanian capital Amman.”

In this context, MP Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, a member of State of Law bloc, revealed “the existence of negotiations led by Vice President Iyad Allawi , to hold a national reconciliation conference attended by Rafie al – Issawi and Liberation of Iraq and Nasser al – Janabi and the Baath Party wing , who participated in the meetings in Doha and Indonesia.” The MP Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, (range) yesterday that “Allawi met before the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and put it the idea of holding a conference in Baghdad , many personalities involved in it in order to unify the visions and ideas , “ pointing out that “Abadi sees the need to put files this required the courts to decide their personalities before agreeing to their participation. “

He continued MP who is close to the prime minister said , “ the head of a coalition of state law rejected the return of these characters back to Baghdad and told Iyad Allawi, during their final meeting, rejected the return of these characters to the political process even if they are innocent,” he said . “Allawi is still leading the negotiations with the majority of the political blocs to hold this conference. “

The Vice President of the Republic of Iyad Allawi had discussed with Nuri al – Maliki, at the beginning of this May, a national conference of leaders in the country in order to “open blockages experienced by the political process, and assessment of the political process in the last stage and the development of perceptions and ideas to open blockages in,” according to a statement to the Office of Allawi.

Reveals MP from the Dawa Party , for “providing file Rafie al – Issawi and Ethel Nujaifi to the judiciary to reconsider them , “ stressing that file , “ the former governor of Nineveh is almost easier to files that are currently displayed on the judiciary to decide.”

Affirms member bloc of state law , “the presence of Sunni parties led by parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri rejects the return of these politicians, and took hold negotiations with multiple forces in order to impede the holding of this conference , “ likely “ to choose Turkey as a place alternative to Baghdad to hold a national reconciliation conference.”

In turn , said Hassan Chuird, MP for the National Coalition, the efforts of the bloc leader Iyad Allawi , to hold a national reconciliation conference. He said that “ the general situation in Iraq can not be sustained without community reconciliation.”

He Chuird, in a statement (term) yesterday, that “ the President of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi sent letters to the heads of the republic and the government, the parliament and the heads of political blocs , confirming the need to hold the conference in Baghdad.”

And about the presence of wanted persons on the list of invitees to the conference, Chuird denied knowledge of this, and he said , “we are awaiting the heads of blocs and the three presidencies Iyad Allawi messages.”


RECONCILIATION is key.~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  They are telling us that very thing. They (IRAQ) can not be sustained with out RECONCILIATION. In other words they will fail imo if they don’t finish their Monetary Reforms. Which includes lifting the value. A Program Rate is not in the cards. ~ MM

“History is going to happen in Saudi Arabia with Donald Trump and all of the ME leaders Family….and an RV announcement would seal a reconciliation agreement with all of them at that meeting….don’t you agree.”~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  “I do agree that finishing the Project to Delete the Zeros is all about National Reconciliation. As you say Frank, it is the Key and always has been. From the looks of it they are telling us they know they have to finish or they won’t be able to sustain themselves. That is huge…” ~ MM

“IMO a DEMAND went out from the WB to LAUNCH the Monetary Reform that is now giving us the liberation of Mosul….that will give us an RV on the IQD….leading to a Ramadan celebration….and President Trump smiling with the ME….and a new reconciliation for all of the ME.” ~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  “ The timing or the POTUS in the ME and the Open Arms he experienced and apparently is still getting.. Is telling us that the World is ready for Iraq to be Secure and Stable. Nations are putting up 34k troops to help in that regard, above and beyond OUR PROUD USA TROOPS there now! “~ MM

“So much reconciliation has been growing in the Middle East.”~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  “ It sure looks as reconciliation is growing. Committing 34k troops is the Olive Branch.. It is UNITY..

“The reconciliation is part of their currency.” ~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  “ Their Currency with an International Rate is Reconciliation, not a program rate.” ~ MM

“Kuwait forgave the final debt with Iraq and decided to invest in Iraq….if that doesn’t send electricity of your spine I don’t know what else would because as you see, you don’t mix oil and water….and they did it very successfully by using an emulsifier….called the National Reconciliation….this is also IMO going to bring Chapter VII to Iraq next month….and we will talk about that in a little bit.” ~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  “Kuwait is very behind Iraq, they have everything to gain.” MM

“I like the article that came out while I was gone that talked about the penny….that talked about unit currency….that is the introduction of the LD’s and the fils Family….the article even talked about the fils didn’t it…” ~ Frank26

MilitiaMan: “ Lower Denoms, Fills, etc., will only be useful once they raise the RATE and Activate it! ~MM

“IMO they are educating the citizens of Iraq…..that soon will have a need to use fils….because purchasing power is being brought to their currency.” ~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  ” That has been part of the Plan from day one Per DR. Shabibi. Educate the Citizens is just one of a few items he told us that would need to be used in the project. We have witnessed them all to day, except one. Raise the Rate! ” MM

“Frank we are just waiting….we are just waiting for Iraq to ACTIVATE the rate” ~ Frank26 / Teams

“they have already LAUNCHED the Monetary Reform..” ~ Frank26

“they have already IMPLEMENTED within the budget…” ~ Frank26

“but none of that is going to be worthwhile until the ACTIVATE the new Exchange Rate…” ~ Frank26

“there are no policies right now that can stop the Monetary Reform of Iraq.” ~ Frank26

“by the way one of the definitions of the reconciliation is the Monetary Reform of their currency..” ~ Frank26

“When the WB said to Iraq…..hey we are DEMANDING that you implement your currency reforms….let me ask you something Family…..how can the WB DEMAND that they implement their currency reforms….how can Iraq implement something that is not already ACTIVATED….oh my goodness….that is such a powerful thought.” ~ Frank26

“after they told them to do it….they came out and said look we are DEMANDING that you do it… “they came out and said….up yours….we already did it…..we have already implemented the Monetary Reform of the government of Iraq with the Minister of Finance…” ~Frank26

“What does Abadi need….he needs to announce Mosul….he needs to lift the 000’s of the exchange rate with the CBI governor…..he needs to do all of this before Ramadan…” ~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  ” So all that said just above, we can see this project is coming to a closure.. ” Very Powerful in deed! ~ MM