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Aggiedad77:  Several points here (see article below)
First, they must have been coming to our CC’s…..they speak of Tariffs at the borders….yep….silly Fin Com….you got that already
Second, stimulation of the private sector….tell us something we who study don’t already know
Third, hey Fin Com….keep your grimy hands off the Dinar Exchange Rate…remember last year

And my last point, maybe it is just me, but when has the Fin Com done anything but talk…blowhards they are   Aloha   Randy
Walkingstick:  Parliamentary calls “a major economic revolution” in Iraq
BAGHDAD / Obelisk: he called the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Hossam punitive, Saturday, to start a major economic B’thorh ‘to face the current financial crisis experienced by the country, while stressing the need to launch a’ major campaign ‘to support the national industry.
He said punitive in a statement published by the local media and I followed ‘Obelisk’, that ‘the current financial crisis we are experiencing requires a concerted and cooperation of all the faithful in order to overcome them and move forward in the country to the ranks of developed countries, there are several proposals that would add considerable financial resources into the treasury of the State of Iraq’ , pointing out that ‘among those proposals is to launch a major campaign to support the national industry and stop the import of products that have local alternatives’.
Punitive and urged the importance of ‘Activating tariff in all border crossing points, including the Kurdistan region, and stimulate the private sector by starting to contract with major international companies to implement a number of residential, service and health projects and even security in a way payment on credit, which will provide many job opportunities and reduce the pressure on the rate Government to create jobs and reduce unemployment. ”
Punitive and called for the ‘need for the Government with the help of experts of finance and economy and to begin a major economic revolution to save the country from a bad financial situation and meet the aspiration and hopes of the citizens’, demanding B’alasraa to resolve this serious file and not to cause obtaining a severe crisis that could lead us into the abyss’.
The punitive ‘the importance of reviewing auction currency at the central bank and find other means to keep the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, and the launch of an internal bonds for citizens and an interest rate of not less than 7% instead of the foreign loans of up Voidha to more than 10%’.
The House of Representatives voted in (December 16, 2015) by a vote of those present on the draft budget law for fiscal 2016 valued at more than 105 trillion dinars, and a deficit of more than 24 trillion dinars, considered on the basis of the price of a barrel of oil to 45 dollars.
http://www.almesalah.com/index.php?page … e&id=67415
Walkingstick:  Raed al-Hashemi: delete the zeros will lead to queues in banks to replace banknotes
Stressed economist Raed al-Hashemi, the deletion of zeros from the local currency needs to be political, security and economic stability, noting that the feminine currency will lead to the feminine economy and facilitate the process of the payments system and raises the value of the currency.
Hashemi said in a dialogue with the (Journal), that “the economic environment you need to create a thoughtful to apply the deletion process through procedures and financial and banking decisions made ​​by the financial authority in the country “.
* raise zeros from the Iraqi currency has a benefit of the Iraqi economy?

– The process of deletion of zeros is a necessary and important step comes as part of the need for the process of administrative reform of the coin contribute -lo been correctly applied with a choice of Almnasp- time in reducing transaction costs and cash transactions in the economic process, and reduce the money supply in the country’s size and to facilitate the calculations and reduce the inflating figures not to mention that the issuance of small groups will facilitate policy accounts price.
* What is the correct mechanisms that must be followed until the process of lifting the zeros?

-there are several mechanisms including the selection of the appropriate timing at which the Iraqi economy (one-sided) in a state of stability and economic environment and to create a thoughtful to apply the deletion process and this needs to be procedures for financial and banking and the decisions taken by the Authority Finance in the country, and the need to create a media and psychological community to accept such a decision by the intensive media campaigns before proceeding with implementation, and the implementation of the resolution on the stages of time and leeway enough fear of the events of confusion in the Iraqi market.
* What are the concerns of the adoption of the process of lifting the zeros?

-ary a lot economists that the process of deleting three zeros will lead to chaos and confusion in the domestic market and the spread of the phenomenon of “monetary illusion” because there are “two currencies” old and new and Sastglha traders to raise the goods and prices of goods.
as well as the fear of occurrence of chaos in the Iraqi street and stand in a new queues at the gates banks to replace the current Iraqi banknotes with those of the new banknotes. Which will contribute to the emergence of speculators on the black market, taking advantage of the chaos that will arise from the process of the currency switch. As well as there are fears of counterfeiters and (mafias) money laundering and smugglers currency who will take advantage of the new situation in the “wash” the old Iraqi dinars counterfeit and replaced by new or smuggling of genuine Iraqi dinars out of the country for the purposes of terrorism and organized crime, which will lead to lethality economic security of Iraq .
* Do you think that the lifting of the zeroes will affect the economy and social stability?

– Yes affect by reducing its currency and thus will lead to the feminine Iraqi economy and facilitate the Iraqi payments system process and raise the value of the currency at least partially slow, and will affect the process in the creation of a worker and myself technician can play a positive role in strengthening the Iraqi dinar, provided that combined with a package of measures to take coordinated and good policies between monetary and fiscal authorities and other episodes concerned the economy.
http://journaliraq.com/%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8% … 8%D8%A7-2/
JustinandDeb: Frankie!!!!! Mark this!!!!! Frame it!!!! Wow just wow!!!!    J&D
Frank26:  Yes indeed ………. FRAME IT !!!
Note Your CC NOTES:
KTFA   Frank…… They NOW BLOCK even DELTA!

SassyD:  Planning a big MOVE???? ……….. Americans Can’t Wait To Get Out Of​ These Five States — 01/08/2016 — http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-08/americans-cant-wait-get-out-t​hese-five-states
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