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Dnari131:   Citizen: our patience is running out and our support for Ebadi depends on its response to the directives of reference for reform
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Citizen: our patience is running out and our support for Ebadi depends on its response to the directives of reference for reform
MP from the bloc Mohammed Allkash, said his bloc’s support for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, depends on its response to the directives of the religious authority in the reform.
He said Allkash, in a brief statement that “the Iraqi situation,” received a copy of “our patience is running out,” pointing out that “our support for Ebadi or not depends on its response to the directives and guidelines of reference and tips religious Supreme own reforms and the elimination of whales corruption.”
The religious authority, criticized on the eighth of January the ongoing, delayed the application of political, administrative and economic reform packages in the area of the fight against corruption, and others, announced by the government since last August.
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Walkingstick:   Vietnam gov’t plans to sell $9.8 bln worth of bonds this year: report
Friday, January 22, 2016 14:09
Vietnam will issue VND220 trillion (US$9.82 billion) worth of sovereign bonds this year, down 14 percent from last year, the state treasury announced at a meeting on Thursday.
It said 45 percent of the debts will have a maturity of five years and 25 percent with terms of more than 10 years. The rest will be short-term bonds of three years.
The agency, under the Ministry of Finance, said it will also issue zero coupon bonds, which offer deep discounts instead of interest payments, once every quarter. The value of these bonds has not been disclosed.
In the latest auction on Wednesday, Vietnam’s sovereign bonds with maturities of 5-20 years were sold with coupon yields ranging between 5.7 and 7.75 percent, the Hanoi Stock Exchange has reported.
So far, the government has allowed 21 investors to bid for sovereign bonds, including ANZ and 13 local banks. Others are four securities companies and two insurance firms.
Vietnam raised VND256 trillion through bonds last year, down 11.3 percent from 2014, according to official figures.
The average maturity was 6.98 years, about two years longer than the 2014 average. The average yield was 6.23 percent, down from 6.54 percent in 2014.
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CBI Says Let the Market Decide Currency Rates
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The post-sanctions economy offers the promise of revitalizing the economy, said Valiollah Seif, governor of the Central Bank of Iran. Tapping into bank loans and the foreign exchange market are at the forefront of measures to lift the economy in the new era, he added, ILNA reported.
“We should let the market decide the real rates and avoid interfering with market mechanisms or rate setting in the forex market,” he said calling for “genuine” foreign exchange rates.
Addressing a meeting of provincial governors late Wednesday, he elaborated on developments related to forex rates and the volatility in the currency market. He was of the opinion that “proper” forex rates are those that encourage manufacturing and exports. “The CBI should function only as the regulator controlling shocks and sharp swings in the forex market.”
Forex rates especially that of the US dollar, have gone through several fluctuations in the past few months. The greenback crossed the psychological barrier of 37,000 among speculations that the CBI was manipulating rates to help plug holes in government budget, a charge dismissed by senior government officials.
After a brief rally on the eve of sanctions relief last weekend, the rial once again lost ground to the US dollar later in the week. The sharp plunge in international oil prices and speculation by currency traders in the parallel-market has put the market on hold. In Thursday trade, the greenback changed hands for 36,330 rials.
Seif claimed that the CBI “has been successful in keeping market volatility in check,” decreasing fluctuations by 30%. He blamed the US dollar’s unexpected rally in recent weeks on some “hidden forces trying to undermine government efforts to balance the market.”
Banking Woes
The senior official turned to bank loans noting that bank resources could help lift the economy out of recession if directed toward manufacturing and exports but admitted that the lenders’ resources are limited.
“About 45% of the lenders’ assets are stressed. We should utilize the rest as best as we can if we want to revive the economy.”
The CBI governor announced that the top bank is working to create a mechanism to ease the process of government repaying its huge debts to banks.
The mechanism will in turn enable lenders to repay their debts to the CBI through a variety of ways, namely selling assets held by banks in the form of property.
On the sensitive issue of interest rate cuts, he said that it is still a priority for the CBI along with “promoting monetary and banking discipline.”
Taking an “active role in the interbank market and reforming the banking sector are among the CBI’s strategies to manage the money market.”
Interest rate cuts rates have been a topic of heated debate among pundits and policymakers in recent months as many believe the present interest rates are too high and discourage production and exports. Banks are allowed to offer deposit rates up to 20% (maximum), while the inflation rate had declined to 12% a giddy 40% in 2003.
Seif reprimanded the former administration for turning a blind eye to the plague of unauthorized lenders and financial institutions, saying that weak supervision is responsible for their unchecked and unwanted expansion. “Some of these institutions have 500 or more branches which makes it very difficult for the CBI to control them.”
The government and CBI are “Trying hard to end the activities of the uncertified lenders once and for all.”
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Walkingstik:  Kuwaiti Deputy: the outstanding issues with Iraq resolved and Lucite there is a possibility to write off debt
Author: AB, HH, MK
Editor: AB, HH 2016/01/23 17:3
Long-Presse / Baghdad
Denied Kuwaiti parliament member Saleh Ashour, on Saturday, the existence of pending issues between Iraq and Kuwait, and as he emphasized “no possibility of debt cancellation being imposed by decisions of the United Nations”, he referred to his country’s understanding of the economic situation, which is going through Iraq and the region as a result of lower oil prices.
He said Saleh Ashour said in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The files between Iraq and Kuwait have been understanding them and went to the productive stages and there is no pending issues between these two sides,” noting that “Kuwait does not vary with the point of view of Iraq in the face of extremism.”
He stressed Ashour, that “no possibility of the debt owed by Iraq write off being imposed issued by decisions of the United Nations,” pointing out that “most of those debts belonging to companies and citizens, and the remaining terms of the Kuwaiti government, in addition to the debts of Iraqi Airways, which has been understanding them.”
The member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, that “the Kuwaiti government has agreed to a request by Iraq to postpone the payment of those debts,” asserting that “Kuwait spirit of understanding with Iraq on this file, and estimated the economic situation that Iraq is going through and the region as a result of lower oil prices and the global markets.”
The Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, witnessed great development, especially after resolving many of the outstanding issues, such as, but not limited to, lift the ban on Iraqi Airways, and install the demarcation of the land border, and accepted to postpone the payment of compensation, and the two countries signed three agreements to strengthen cooperation joint, during the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, to Baghdad, in, (the 27th of December 2014 the past), in another sign of the positive course of bilateral relations.