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Walkingstick:   Abadi Office reveals a tentative agreement between Iraq and the World Bank to implement reforms “articulated”
By admin-mi The 25/01/2016 12:49 |
Saad al-Hadithi said a spokesman for the Iraqi prime minister’s media office, said Iraq’s participation in the Davos Economic Forum was positive and yielded several agreements, revealing an agreement in principle between Allarac and the World Bank for the rehabilitation of Iraqi personnel and implement reforms articulated.
Sabri said, in an interview that “the participation of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a specialist in the biggest economic forum to discuss economic challenges of shares in the Iraqi discuss the economic situation with the participating countries and international companies and the World Bank.”

Sabri said, “The visit draw her goals first is to open talks with the countries and the World Bank and inform them of the economic challenges in Iraq as a result of lower oil prices and the lack of financial liquidity and its consequences on the economy and society.”
Sabri revealed that “an agreement in principle reached between Iraq and the World Bank on the rehabilitation staff in the country and the implementation of reforms and the completion of articulated economic transactions with high transparency and speed in work and contribute to finding new sources of funding.”
“The political and security goals for the visit was fruitful also where he met Abadi, a number of American officials’ and Europeans as well as to meet with Secretary General of NATO, which yielded an agreement in principle on training, equipping and training the security forces as well as intelligence cooperation between the two parties.”
He noted that “al-Abadi did not neglect investment file that count it a lot the government especially after the economic problems facing the region, where he met with a number of global investment companies to encourage them to contribute to the construction and rehabilitation of factories, electricity, energy and other vital sectors.”
The Abadi has participated in Alssayaso Economic Forum hosted by the Swiss city of Davos.
Walkingstick:   Approval of an agreement between Iraq and the GE worth $ 328 million to increase the production of electricity
2016/1/25 15:53 ​​•[Follow-up – where]
announced that the Ministry of Electricity to approve the deal with the US company General Electric [GE] worth about $ 328 million to increase electricity production by a thousand megawatts.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher, today, Reuters, that “Iraq agreed to a deal with General Electric, worth about $ 328 million to increase electricity production by a thousand megawatts, noting that Baghdad will be spent company benefits on deferred payments within three years starting from 2017”.
He pointed out that “GE will provide the necessary equipment and maintenance of the ten power plants in the country,” .anthy
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