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Navy1851: Frank, this one is for you….I have been around long enough to understand that everything you write has three layers to it, how that is interpreted I would love to learn one day! That being said, when you brought up the word, DEMAND, in big, bold, blue lettering…..
I can’t help but feel that this was meant for more, is this possibly a KEY WORD, or is there something of importance or a level of understanding on this you can expound on please!? I don’t post much, but over the course of the last little while it has been on my mind even while I work.
I feel, you like myself and every other involved with this country feels we should demand them to get in gear and instead of burning rubber at the line to finally hit the strip! I see all article about organizations, countries, and especially not just the citizens but clergy and politicians almost demanding the same of the powers who control this to actually make this happen!
I feel a sense of urgency not just internationally but more so with those who have this in their hands….really it comes to life or death! Sink or swim, not just for Mosul and the battle there, but more so with the battle in this MR!

As far as I can see, this is the mood I am seeing and feeling.
Any light you can shed on this subject and possible KEY WORD would be more than appreciated! All you are seen and unseen on this KTFA team, and Team26, even though we may never meet or know each other, from the bottom of my heart, I express thanks and want you to know your efforts are never looked passed and never taken for granted. With a grateful heart, I thank you all!  Navy1851
Frank26:  Hmmm…………. Fascinating. You are.  Do You remember this ? “……. To Lead is difficult because the FAULT and DEMAND falls on …….. Me.”
Yes ………. That post You speak of was layered. But sadly it backfired on Me. I should have tagged it a different way. When I was challenged on the usage of such verbiage I did not defend myself because it would have been a futile effort.
But apologized to some because it was due to them. Not sure if I will ever share this because it is a DEMAND from a House of 12 for a 7 of last year that failed in the 7th of a 7th. In other words ………. They failed a promised goal of July 2015.
Really angered the wrong Families so they took their remote control of OIL PRICES andDEMANDED 1/1/2016.
Guess what ………. They #[email protected]% that up too. Sooooooooooooooo ……….. International suitors by some miracle (LOL!!!) found a much prettier situation with and in ………. IRAN.
Soooooooooooo ………. These badly needed investors RAN from IRAQ to IRAN.

Do You remember this ? ………. “The consequences to You IRAQ will not be political nor of military but ……….. Financial Punishments”. Yup You do ………… TA DA.
Sooooooooooooo……….. A RUNS to the International World to give them what is DEMANDED of them not by You or me but by Time itself.

Do not worry nor try to figure us out ……… LOL we don’t even get it right sometimes LOL !!!
But as for this KEYWORD ………… It replaced …………. EXPECTING.
Indeed it is from a DEMANDING arena with DEMANDING POWER to Bless or ……… DAMN.
EX: Who do You think lifted the sanctions on IRAN so FAST and has made IRAN look and smell so beautiful to the International World? Causing IRAQ to become fire red jealous?
You may as well answer………… Sasquatch for they too ………. Are never seen.
Maybe ……….. Just maybe I will talk of DEMAND tonight after our Business Promo CC.
IMO ………… The FIRST KISS from IRAN was more than enough to cause the INTERNATIONAL WORLD to desire an AFFAIR with IRAN whereas they know they are all married ………. I mean in a RELATIONSHIP with IRAQ and ………. Well …. Maybe I will talk tonight.
My Aloha ……… Is Yours \m/    KTFA   Frank
Terry43:  I will take a stab at interpreting Frank’s ‘tongues’ here:
Iraq missed both the 7/7/15 AND their 1/1/16 deadlines for moving the Monetary Reform ahead; so now, the lifting of sanctions on Iran – with Iraq seeing Iran moving on to do all the things that Abadi has been doing for many months now – to provoke Iraq to ‘get the lead out’! Get off the pot! Quit talking the walk and start walking the walk! [Take your pick!]
Toyvp:  Thinking about the ice bucket challenge and others like it I would like to put out a challenge and this one goes out to IRAQ
I challenge you to make the whole world happy by changing the value of your currency to reflect it’s actual worth, Quit dragging your feet or kicking the can down the road just a little further
There is nothing to be afraid of it will help your country and other countries as well.
So in saying this let’s see if you can meet this Challenge…..