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More Iraqi News Sunday PM 11-22-20

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The Appearance Of Muhammad Salih: Iraq Has A Foreign Reserve Set Up For Effective Supply In The Dollar Money Market

Sunday 22, November 2020 11:28 | Economical Views: 400 Baghdad / NINA / The economic expert confirmed the appearance of Muhammad Salih: “Iraq has a foreign reserve prepared for effective supply in the dollar money market.”

He said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ): “There is a (latent) foreign reserve and effective supply in the cash dollar market, estimated by some in total at no less than 7-10 billion dollars, which is an overstated amount.”

Saleh added, “These sums are the hoard of individuals in foreign currency or their bank deposits in the same foreign currency and are kept with individuals, and most of them are outside the local banking system.”

He explained: “These hoardings are sometimes used in settling large internal transactions, such as dealing with real estate, land, transportation, gold, etc.” /

Expert: Iraq Has A Foreign Reserve Set Up For Effective Supply In The Money Dollar Market

Author: Ahad6 On 11/22/2020 – 1:22 PM 126   The economic expert confirmed the appearance of Muhammad Saleh: “Iraq has a foreign reserve set up for effective supply in the cash dollar market.”

He said in a press statement, that there is a (latent) foreign reserve and an effective supply in the cash dollar market, estimated by some in total at no less than 7-10 billion dollars, which is an inflated amount.

Saleh added, “These sums are the hoard of individuals in foreign currency or their bank deposits in the same foreign currency and are kept with individuals, and most of them are outside the local banking system.”

He explained: “These hoardings are sometimes used in settling large internal transactions, such as dealing with real estate, land, transportation, gold and others.”

Collecting Signatures To Dismiss The Governor Of The Central Bank Of Iraq

Political   Sunday 22 November 2020 | 06:33 pm| Views: 39  The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Sunday, that it is starting to collect signatures to dismiss the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, because the Council is not convinced of the answers given during the hosting .

A member of the Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, said that “the answers given by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq during his hosting of the Council were not convincing .”

He added that “there are moves underway to collect signatures to question the governor and dismiss him during the upcoming parliamentary sessions, against the background of the answers he provided .”

“The matter will take place after collecting the legal number of signatures that allow the presidency to agree to be questioned inside the council, ” Cougar said .

A Government Meeting To Discuss The Mechanisms Of The Central Bank’s Initiative To Finance Projects

Sunday 22, November 2020 17:27 | Economical  Views: 116   Baghdad / NINA / The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers discussed the mechanisms of activating the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq, which includes allocating an amount of (5) trillion dinars to finance economic, commercial, agricultural, service and tourism projects.

The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Hamid Al-Ghazi, during his chairing the meeting of the Diwaniya Order Committee No. (38) on project financing, confirmed that “the initiative will revive the Iraqi economy during the coming period and encourage the local investment process, by investing commercial expertise in various fields, which will contribute to the market movement Local and economic mobilization. ”

The meeting discussed the mechanisms for granting large and soft loans, through government banks, to establish residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural and tourism projects in all governorates, and to amend the final version of these mechanisms, with the aim of referring them to the Prime Minister for approval and direct implementation. / End 5

Al-Sadr Pledges His Entry Into The Elections With The Sadrist Movement Becoming Prime Minister

Political| 05:33 – 11/22/2020  Baghdad – Mawazine News, the leader of the Sadr movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, pledged, on Sunday, that he would enter the elections with the Sadrist movement becoming prime minister. Suspect

Al-Sadr: The Upcoming Elections Will Result In A Sadrist Majority In The House Of Representatives

Sunday 22, November 2020 17:49 | Political Views: 195  Najaf / NINA / The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, said that the upcoming elections will result in a (Sadrist) majority in the House of Representatives and that they will obtain the premiership.

Al-Sadr said in a new tweet, “If life remains. I will follow events closely and accurately. If I find that the elections will result in a (Sadrist) majority in the House of Representatives and that they will obtain the premiership, and thus I will be able with their help, and as we promised together to complete the reform project from within, I will decide that you will run for elections. The reason that led to my oath not to contest the elections will disappear and I will be in a solution of my oath, and that is only to rid Iraq of corruption) and (dependency) and (deviation) ..

O beloved ones, religion, doctrine, and the homeland are in danger, and you are all shepherds, and you are all responsible for their flock. / End .

Iraq Owns 30 Joint Investment Companies With Arab Countries

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad  The Iraq Fund for External Development announced, on Sunday, that Iraq has 30 investment companies with Arab countries, indicating that they diversified in all economic sectors.

“Iraq has 30 investment companies with Arab countries and in various economic sectors,” the fund said in a schedule seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, indicating that “these sectors varied between agriculture, livestock, mining, communications, transportation and oil services.”

He added, “The highest percentage of these investment companies in Iraq amounted to 50%, such as the Arab Iraqi Dairy Company, headquartered in Iraq with a capital of 14 billion and 500 million dinars, the Iraqi-Jordanian Bahaus Company, based in Jordan with a capital of 10 million Jordanian dinars, and the Iraqi-Syrian Company for Maritime Shipping, based in Syria, with a capital of 25 Millions of euros. ”

He pointed out that “the lowest contribution rate for Iraq with these companies was the Arab Company for Saudi Fisheries, where the percentage of Iraq was 0.5%, based in Saudi Arabia with a capital of 57 million and 840 thousand Saudi riyals, and the Arab Company for Petroleum Services in Libya, where the percentage of Iraq’s contribution in it reached 3 It is headquartered in Libya with a capital of 49 million Libyan dinars, in addition to the Arab Shipbuilding and Repairing Company (ASRY) in Bahrain, where the Iraqi shareholding amounted to 4.72%, with a capital of $ 170 million.

Number of observations 227 Date of addendum 11/22/2020

Parliament Oil: Iraq Must Negotiate With OPEC In The Event Of An Extension To Reduce Production

Energy   Economy News _ Baghdad  On Sunday, a member of the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee, MP Ghalib Muhammad, called for negotiations with OPEC + to reduce Iraq’s share of production cuts, in case the reduction was decided to be extended again.

Mohammed said in a press interview, “Iraq is one of the countries that depend on oil in its general budget entirely, and therefore any defect in changing the price of oil or reducing it by one dollar affects its economy,” stressing the need for “Iraq to adhere to OPEC decisions because it is any loss.” It will have a greater impact than other neighboring oil-producing countries. ”

Muhammad added, “In the event that OPEC + decided at its next meeting to extend the reduction for another period, Iraq’s failure to comply with that will affect its economy in particular and the world in general and also lead to a greater loss of its financial revenues as a result of lower global oil prices, as we witnessed last April.” “.

Muhammad indicated that “Iraq can agree with the neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Kuwait, which are members of OPEC, by helping it to obtain an increase in its oil production more than what was previously specified for him, considering that Iraq’s economic situation is currently not good,” stressing that “the agreement would It gives stability in global oil prices and the possibility of higher these prices in the future. ”

OPEC + agreed in April to reduce oil prices after they fell to less than 20 dollars, and the agreement includes reducing oil production by the alliance by 9.7 million barrels per day and 300 thousand barrels per day.

The reduction decision began from the beginning of May for a two-month period, followed by another agreement to reduce production cuts to 8 million barrels per day until the end of 2020.

And implementation of a third production cut will begin, by 6 million barrels per day, which is two million barrels less compared to the previous agreement, which starts in early 2021 until April 2022.

Iraq’s share of the reduction was 1.061 million barrels per day, while the reduction of Russia and Saudi Arabia amounted to 2.508 million barrels per day, and the rate of reduction of the UAE amounted to 722 thousand barrels per day.

OPEC and allies led by Russia, in the framework of what is known as OPEC +, was scheduled to raise production by two million barrels per day next January as part of a gradual easing of unprecedented supply cuts, and in light of the decline in prices, OPEC + will discuss its upcoming meeting on December 30. The first of next January, postponing the increase or even deepening the reduction.   Number of observations 62 Date of addendum 11/22/2020

Finance Launches November Financing For All Institutions

Money   and business  Economy News _ Baghdad  The official Al-Sabah newspaper reported, on Sunday, that the distribution of employees’ salaries will begin today.

The newspaper stated, “The Ministry of Finance launches financing for the month of November for all ministries and departments, and the distribution of salaries will start from Sunday.

The Ministry of Finance announced, on Thursday (November 12), the launch of employees’ salaries for the month of last October, after Parliament voted, at dawn that day, on the borrowing law to cover salaries.

Number of observations 179 Date of addendum 11/22/2020

Blasharat Will Brief The Security Council On Developments In Iraq Next Tuesday

Time: 11/22/2020 15:03:59 Read: 1,963 times   (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The representative of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blasharat, will brief the UN Security Council on the country’s developments next Tuesday.

UNAMI’s statement, of which {Euphrates News} received a copy, stated that Blasschaert “will provide a briefing at the UN Security Council session on developments in Iraq and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).” Blasschaert’s briefing can be followed at 6 pm Baghdad time.

The session will be broadcast live on the website {click here } and the full text of the UN Special  LINK

Parliamentary Demands To Replace The General Managers In The Important Ministries

Pratha News Agency63 2020-11-22   A political source revealed, on Sunday, that there are parliamentary demands to replace the general directors in the important ministries.

The source said, “There are many general managers in government departments who have taken over their posts for a long time, and there are others who are lagging in their work and do nothing but obstruct transactions and projects.”

He added, “Many deputies are calling for the replacement of these directors in important ministries, such as oil and electricity,” noting that “they have threatened to reveal the names of these directors to the public opinion in the event that new blood is not pumped into these sensitive positions.”

Minister Of Agriculture: Saudi Companies Apologized For Investing In Iraq, Find Out Why !!!

Pratha News Agency154 2020-11-22   The Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Karim Al-Khafaji, revealed, on Sunday, that Saudi companies “apologized” for investing in Iraq, while noting that three neighboring countries had submitted requests to buy the Iraqi barley crop.

The official Al-Sabah newspaper quoted Al-Khafaji as saying, “Saudi companies have expressed their desire to establish cattle breeding stations on an area of 10-50 thousand dunums in the governorates of Muthanna, Anbar and Najaf, but the Ministry of Resources confirmed its inability to provide sustainable water for 50 years, so the companies apologized.” Saudi Arabia from implementing this project. ”

On the other hand, Al-Khafaji affirmed that “one trillion and 800 million dinars will be distributed within seven days to pay the farmers’ and farmers’ dues from marketers of wheat and rice crops in the deficit financing law, which represents the entire remaining amount of farmers’ dues, and has been allocated within the financial deficit financing law approved by Parliament. After paying 800 billion dinars as a first payment. ”

He added, “The ministry will pay farmers’ dues for the barley crop through the proceeds of selling and exporting the crop through public auction during this week, in the amount of 700 thousand tons.”

Pointing out that “Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have submitted requests to buy the Iraqi barley crop, and the auction will be entered into, which will be awarded to the country that offers higher prices than others.”

Kurdish MP: There Is No Guarantee Of An Agreement Between Baghdad And Erbil

Pratha News Agency66 2020-11-22  The deputy for the New Generation Movement, Yusra Rajab, confirmed, on Sunday, that there is no real guarantee that the regional government will implement any agreement signed with Baghdad.

Rajab said in a press statement that “the regional government is stalling in order not to deliver oil and revenues from border crossings to the federal government, and there are no guarantees that it will implement the content of the 2021 budget agreement.”

He added that “any agreement between Baghdad and Erbil must be proven under the auspices of the United Nations, in order for the regional government to abide by it, because in its current position it does not want to deliver a single barrel of oil or the proceeds of the border crossings.”

The leader of the Kurdish Change Movement, Piston Faeq, revealed in a previous statement that more than 100 signatures had been collected to discuss linking the region’s employees with the center directly, just like the rest of Iraq’s employees, confirming the presence of large numbers of space employees in the region’s institutions

The Exchange Rate Of The Dollar Against The Dinar

Pratha News Agency104 2020-11-22  The exchange rate of the dollar on the main stock markets rose slightly, while it stabilized in the local markets today, Sunday (November 22, 2020).

Al-Kifah Stock Exchange recorded 124,900 dinars against 100 dollars, while the exchange rate yesterday was 124,850 dinars per 100 dollars.   As for the exchange rate in the local markets, it came as follows:

Sales price: 125,500 dinars per $ 100.   Purchase price: 124,500 dinars per $ 100.

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