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Walkingstick:  Kurdish government delegation arrives today to Baghdad to discuss outstanding issues and to discuss oil and gas law
PostDateIconSunday, December 31 2 / 11:59 January 2016
Arrive today to Baghdad with a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government to search files and the outstanding problems between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil .ozkr Kurdistan Alliance MP Ares Abdullah told {Ambassador News} “The government of the Kurdistan region and the delegation will visit Baghdad on Wednesday to discuss the relationship between the province and the federal government’s problems, expressing hope to reach the two parties to the agreement to Halhh all outstanding problemsincluding the enactment of the oil and gas law.
“The meeting of the three presidencies and political leaders and leaders of the blocs said during their meeting last Thursday on the need to create an atmosphere on the part of the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to continue the dialogue and solidarity to defeat Daash, terrorism and reception an official of the provincial government delegation to Baghdad to discuss and resolve the outstanding issues between them.

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Walkingstick:  Legal representative: the approximately {40} a law in the House of Representatives is ready to vote
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} parliamentary legal committee member Hassan Turan said that “approximately the {40} a law exists in the House of Representatives is ready for a vote.”
Said Tauran told {Euphrates News} on Sunday, said that “the issue of the legislation of laws is not about number, but the quality that have a basis in the service of citizens, and have a direct impact on the political process.”
He added that “a lot of Off laws; because of the political blocs agreed upon, such laws {amnesty, and oil and gas, the Federal Court, and others}.
“He stressed the need for the adoption of broken laws, surprising of the meeting of leaders of political blocs, which was held a few days ago, which stressed the need for the adoption of broken laws, and there are present at the meeting the leaders are the same Margulwn of these laws that serve the citizens.
It is said that “the parliamentary legal committee attributed the earlier blocking the approval of laws to political differences, and the absence of political consensus between the bloc in the House of Representatives.” Ended h
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