7-FA:  Why are the chinese awarding deals in iraq? hmmmmmm

Siemens acquires $ 310 million deal for Maysan power plant

Siemens has received a request for the supply of key components and long-term power generation services for the 8 MW Maysan power plant in southern Iraq.

“The Chinese construction company Citic Construction Limited has awarded the contract worth 280 million euros (about $ 310 million) to Siemens Germany,” the Siemens website said in a report.  LINK

StephenMac63:  Sounds to me that China will be doing a lot more than just the power plants…heres my take, China bidding for a very large project such as infustructure building, roads, buildings, hospitals ect and then subcontracted the electrical portion to Siemens.
Kinda like Haliburton winning gov contracts and sub-contracting the sheetrock installation to an independant contractor. The Gov usually bids for the whole project, rarely will they piece-meal a project to completion….that would be Haliburton’s headache.


Iobey777:  WOW!! The articles today are just fascinating!! Showing they are using the MC (Mastercard) for payments of salaries, showing that Kurds new leadership wants to put relations with Baghdad ahead of their desire to be separated from Iraq! That Siemens contract …WOW!!! IMO..it’s all looking VERY GOOD for our investment and for the revealing of the new RI rate!!


Wednesday Night Dessert CC:

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DinarDiva1:  Frank Thank you for dessert! But can we assume since we are planning a CC next Monday we aren’t expecting the RV sooner but later ?

StephenMac63:  He has said before that he would still do a CC after the RI…besides, we never know when to expect it, could be tonight, tomorrow next week, end of month…….my guess is that less than 5 people in the world know when this will pop and I dont know if they hang out in DinarLand

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