Iggy:  I do believe we need a RI before a RD?… i would think it should be coming before the lower denominations come out…imo

Doodlebug:  Walkingstick told us the following the process: “Re-denomination, coupled with a Revaluation…. taking us into a Reinstatement.”~ Walkingstick

Makes sense with Iraq’s three zero notes. Redenominate them while giving them a new rate so they can be introduced to the world. We Watch, We Wait… We Won.


MilitiaMan:   Kinda says it all.. imo.. Talk about loud…….

Samson:  Parliamentary Committee: Adoption of the law of oil and gas can solve these problems

14th July, 2019

The Oil, Gas and Energy Committee of the House of Representatives on Sunday confirmed the adoption of the oil and gas law to solve all the problems related to oil and gas.

“The adoption of the oil and gas law in the current session of the Iraqi parliament can solve all the problems related to oil and gas,” said the deputy of the committee, Aram Naji, told Mawazine News.

He added that this problem and the dispute has become constantly repeated with the whole process of approving the federal budget, so this law should be among the priorities of the current session of Parliament.”  LINK

Samson:  Russia and India give up the dollar

15th July 2019

Russia and India have agreed to adopt their national currencies instead of the dollar in multi-billion dollar arms deals to avoid the risks posed by US sanctions, the Bloomberg news agency reported.

According to the agency, quoting sources, India would be able to pay the first batch of two warships built by Russia to India, according to two sources familiar with the matter in New Delhi, while another in Moscow, aware of the preparations, Ruble and Rupee, under an agreement reached by the central banks of the two countries.

Bloomberg said the new mechanism could open up billions of dollars worth of weapons contracts to be implemented in national currencies. Russia’s arms exports last year amounted to $ 19 billion.

Russia is the second largest exporter of weapons and military equipment in the world after the United States, and its exports accounted for about 58% of South Asia’s arms imports from 2014 to 2018.

The United States is pressuring India to cancel a deal of more than 5 billion dollars to purchase the Russian air defense system “S-400”, which is planned to be supplied after 2020.    LINK


Samson:  The European Union calls on its international partners to fulfill their obligations to Iraq

15th July, 2019

The European Union’s foreign affairs council called on its international partners on Monday to honor the financial commitments they made at the Kuwait conference on Iraq 2018 “in time”. 

The Council also called for “improving the business environment in Iraq and creating a basis for a more sustainable and diversified economy in line with the commitments made at the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq in February 2018.  The European Union reiterated its unwavering support for Iraq’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity, The need for economic and financial reforms to attract more investment and support.

On the other hand , he stressed the EU determination and its member states to continue his efforts in the framework of the global coalition against the so – called organization of the Islamic state (Daesh) and the support of the Iraqi authorities to counter the “terrorist” threats continued to this organization and the strengthening of the justice sector and reform of the police. ” He also expressed his full support for the work of carried out by the investigation team on the strengthening of accountability for the organization of crimes (Daesh) and cooperation with the Iraqi authorities in the collection and analysis of evidence in line with the UN security Council resolution (2379).

In the same context, the Union confirmed its intention to continue to provide support for Iraq with regard to the reform of the civil security sector m Through its advisory mission hello dialogue recently revolved around immigration.

He stressed the importance of working with the Iraqi authorities to enhance cooperation and the exercise of their obligations relating to the return and acceptance of its citizens with full respect for the rights. In light of current tensions in the region, the EU stressed the importance of “the countries of the region and all international actors to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and the policy of constructive engagement with its neighbors fully.”   LINK

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