Rommy: The Iraqi citizens want and need the new lower denoms to replace the old worn torn notes.  Not to mention, the monetary reform they have been promised with purchasing power!  Where is that news CBI?

:  Are we in that time… The situation with Iran serves as a deflection of their moving forward with this monetary reform… Articles keep coming out declaring stability, and headships of other nations continue to visit Iraq in order to declare their intention to invest… Now is just as good a time as any… IMHO…


Samson:  The government proposes $ 60 a barrel for the next year’s budget

21st July, 2019

Informed sources, on Sunday, the determination of $ 60 as the proposed price of a barrel in the budget next year. 

The sources said in an interview with “Al-Mawazin News” that “the first proposed price of a barrel in the budget next year set between 56 to 60 dollars.”  “The adoption of this price is consistent with the price of oil in world markets.”

She pointed out that “the choice of final price will be after discussion with the House of Representatives and ministries.”   LINK


Samson:  Democratic reveals the formation of joint committees between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve outstanding problems

21st July, 2019

MP revealed the mass of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Ahmed al-Saffar, on Sunday, the formation of joint committees between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the outstanding problems, noting that the committees will discuss the oil file and revenue and budget and Article 140 and others.

“The visit of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government pleased Barzani to Baghdad is a step in good faith,” Saffar said in a statement.

He added that “the provincial government is serious in engaging in dialogue with the federal government to resolve all outstanding issues, the first step taken by the provincial government with the beginning of the receipt of its powers.”

He pointed out the yolk that “the visit came to open the door of the formation of technical committees, because there are topics you need to specialists and to information,” he added, ” The technical committees that the parties to be formed to discuss oil’s revenues, budget, salaries and arming the Peshmerga during the war Daesh Article 140 and others.”    LINK

Deutsche Bank Collapse Has Begun! A Major Stock Market Crash Will Devastate The Entire Planet!

Published on Jul 21, 2019


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