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Aggiedad77: (See Article Below)   Interesting news on Maliki……so as with a snake….Maliki has no leg to stand upon……the reforms have been announced, they have been agreed upon by Parliament, and President Masum has given a head nod….

Maliki is doing that final dance a snake does when you cut off the head….the squirming and twisting like it is trying to get out of it’s own body.

PM Abadi comes on strong at the same time as Maliki is throwing his temper tantrum, stating the reforms, they are in place and moving forward….meanwhile the Sunni’s appear to be restless with Abadi and his reforms at this time….

Oh well….time marches on.    Aloha    Randy


Walkingstick:   Maliki: I still vice-president, and I’m not the leader of necessity

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that he was still vice president, pointed out that the three deputies resorted to the judiciary against Abadi decision to cancel their posts, and was considered an open mandate given by Parliament to him is contrary to the principle of separation of powers … as Abadi stressed continuation of reforms and the fight against corruption all aspects of the state, but Sunni forces Union expressed dissatisfaction with them.

London: The leader of a coalition of state law, one of the ruling Shiite alliance components former Vice President Nuri al-Maliki that the posts of Vice-President of the Republic has not been canceled, and still in the process of discussions, considering the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi cancel those positions unconstitutional.

He pointed out that the posts of Vice President of the Republic has not been canceled, are still under discussion and legislation because it is a constitutional issue, explaining that the President of the Republic can not keep himself without a deputy and at least one, as stipulated by the Constitution and the law, and was Abadi canceled recently positions of the three Vice-President of the Republic Maliki and Iyad Allawi, leader of the National Coalition and Osama Najafi, a Sunni leader of a coalition united for reform .. In addition to the cancellation of the three posts of Vice Prime Minister also.

He added that the decision to dismiss the Vice-President of the Republic is unconstitutional, “and we went to the judicial channels” against him .. He explained in an interview with Channel “Alsumaria TV” Iraqi, and followed up “Elaf” Last night, that “the vice president complained and the case found in the Federal Court but the judiciary did not He issued his reign so far. ”

And the reforms initiated by Abadi, on the ninth of August (last August), al-Maliki said that “reform packages this where no legal force” .. pointing out that “the House of Representatives when he authorized the prime minister on condition that the reforms is contrary to the law and the Constitution.”

Maliki said “open mandate given by Parliament to the Prime Minister contradicted the principle of separation of powers, and I think that other blocks will be prompted to withdraw the mandate until the situation is back to their bases” .. adding that “to say that the State of Law coalition wants to bring down the government is not true, because the coalition wanted Back to the due process of law. ”

On the synchronization of the position of the rule of law his leadership in the withdrawal of the mandate of Ebadi to hold his reforms with the prime minister’s remarks recently about the emergence of “Commander of necessity”, and whether he meant, al-Maliki said that “the coalition’s position did not come as a reaction to that statement and description found in it” .. stressing said “I did not need or commander of a dictator and did not strike or change the constitution.”

And on the reasons for reluctance to break up yards sit-in protest between 2012 and 2013, the provinces of West and North Sunni military, al-Maliki said that “platforms sit and attitudes that were supportive of the cause of the scourge, which entered Iraq,” pointing out that “the process of the sit-in was a cover for each mobilization and mobilization done by Daash in Anbar desert, “he said.

He said al-Maliki, saying, “If I made the decision to cancel the sit-ins, even if directly and military were rescued Iraq from Daash, but we are late in so as not to say that we hit the protesters” .. despite that the security forces attacked a sit-in Hawija spend in Kirkuk during his rule, which led to the killing and wounding more than a hundred people.

Abadi Egypt on reform
But Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed last night continuation of reforms and the fight against corruption in all aspects of the state. This came during a meeting with Abadi, a group of civilian activists, which took place in which to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and the situation taking place in the country.

Having heard the views and narratives about what the country faced the challenges and issues of reforms and the fight against corruption, in addition to a number of topics that relate to many of the files that belong to the Iraqi arena.

He praised the high and respect their commitment to the law during demonstrations, and answered their questions, and stressed the need for the continuation of their meetings to get out in order to serve the country and achieve prosperity for its citizens in light of the difficulties of political, security, economic and financial challenges, as quoted by a press statement by his press office, read the text of “Culture”.

Abadi stressed in closing its determination to continue reforms for the advancement of the country and the fight against corruption in any of the detailed aspects of the state.

For his part, Jassim Hilfi activist who participated in the meeting that the group assured the activists Ebadi Ptzepehrthm they are continuing until the implementation of their demands, which revolves around several axes, she said:

Reform of the judiciary in accordance with the legal and constitutional mechanisms, away from any influence of partisan and sectarian, because it alone can ensure judicial independence and fairness. Take serious measures to reform the structure and the work of independent bodies. Provision of services and the need to upgrade them and hold negligent in. Open the files of corruption and punish corrupt and bring them to justice and work to recover public money that
loot. independence of the state media and the liberation of the Iraqi Media Network dominance of political parties.

The delegation stressed the other extremely important issues such as the need to focus on the arts and culture, and to move away some of the security authorities from provocative against demonstrators procedures by preventing the entry of audio devices in the demonstrations and the importance of protecting the right of peaceful demonstrators to express their opinion, as well as serious attention under the auspices of human rights and to stop security and political violations and arrest procedures outside legal contexts and the need to activate the law (Where did you get this), and the separation of administration from politics and the importance of changing the ministerial structure because of its failure in the services file management and make the government whole reform government away from the party quota system, which led the country to a standstill.

Congress Sunni forces not to assert their belief in reforms
For his part, the Sunni Iraqi Forces Union said that his deputies are not convinced Abadi reforms because they see it as merely administrative and austerity measures. Union confirmed at the conclusion of a meeting of his deputies in Baghdad last night on the need to adopt a scientific method method to extract and evaluate the government’s performance away from the political attitudes and influences .. He explained that he had expressed support for the Government of Abadi and reforms that promised to achieve them through a grant parliamentary mandate.

But he pointed out that three months after the mandate, “We made a scientific and systematic questionnaire to explore the positions of the members of the Union of Forces reforms promised by the prime minister through scientific questions is far from any political position of the movement of the fact that the reforms a requirement turnout nationally was expressed by peaceful demonstrations and supported by civil society organizations and tribal and religious authorities. ” He explained that he has been the completion of the referendum process which reflected the vision and evaluate the Iraqi forces Union Congress, a revealing step will give us an indicator in determining our position on the issue of keeping or withdraw the authorization granted to the Prime Minister. ”

He said Sunni forces union in a press release, read the text of the “Culture”, “The survey resulted in a lack of conviction all the deputies Forces Union reform measures carried out by the Prime Minister because she had an administrative and austerity measures did not touch the demands of the Iraqi people in general and the demands fans of the detainees are innocent and displaced people and the displaced in particular. ”

The Abadi and within the reforms launched by the ninth of August packs (last August) has canceled the positions of the three Vice-President, the Vice-Presidents of the three government also exempted 123 Deputy Minister and Director-General from office were referred to retirement .. and also decided to reduce the number of ministerial posts to 22 instead of 33 by abolishing the three positions of deputy prime ministers and four ministries and merge eight ministries and make it all-four. He also cut the salaries of senior officials and the abolition of the majority of Hamayatem elements and bring them back to the security forces.

And these reform steps came after weeks of demonstrations in Baghdad and several Iraqi areas, during which protesters demanded the fight against corruption and to hold corrupt and an end to the politicization of the judiciary and the provision of services, especially water and electricity.

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