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Aggiedad77:  Family here are some things to think over as we work our way towards a new tomorrow……things in Iraq are being generated at a never before seen speed……they are amending laws…..from what Frank is seeing much if not all of this process is complete….

The Parliament received the 2016 budget from the COM this month and although the bozos in the Finance Committee tried to bellyache that it was “late again” this is one of the earliest times Parliament has gotten it in their hands in recent years….

Now let’s see how the Finance Committee bozos will try and delay work on this.

I’m thinking that PM Abadi’s earlier threat to Parliament hangs over their heads….get this stuff done or I’ll come and take it back and do it myself….

I have the clout to do that…”EO”…..so we saw Parliament vote today to stay in session in November rather than take a break…probably wise choice on their part….yes the Oil Minister Zebari spoke today too about the HCL…..

Baghdad and the Kurds need to reinstate the agreements they had and learn to live by them….well what they truly need to do is agree on how to count…..how to count barrels of oil exported….find a common counter and live by what that counter tells them.

They need to scoop Maliki up off the back alley that he is crouched in now and put some Gorilla tape on his mouth….and then put the wraps on his thugs as well…..

I believe that would sure put Dr. Shabibi considerably more at rest and with greater faith in their efforts with security.

I’m believing…..IMO…..as big as we’ve seen September and October to be…….”We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”…….

November is going to be like no other month we’ve seen to date in Iraq…..

I pray they have great news to share and shout with the world….I think today I saw Frank mention the word “stampede”……that reminds me of days spent in Calgary in the past….stampede indeed…..as the Iraqis have moved into November 1 let the stampede begin in earnest.   Aloha   Randy

Aggiedad77:   Here we have Dr. Saleh speaking of the Iraqi economy in similar fashion that we’ve heard on the CC’s in the last week or so….(See Article Below)   stressing a unified security system while trying to focus on salary funding both for current employees and retirees as well….

They need to make sure they have the people with the right skill sets in the correct seats on the bus to further the economy on its road to improvement….

Meanwhile they must put an end to money smuggling at all levels, bringing those found guilty of associated crimes to justice…..this is all an integral part of the banking reform that is an ongoing process for them at this time…..

Saleh is optimistic that Iraq can pull itself from the lower levels of the scummy pond so they can emerge in clear waters and a brighter future.  Aloha   Randy

Frank26:  So am I.………. So is The Internationl World.

Walkingstick:  Saleh: optimistic of finding solutions to the problems of the Iraqi economy

10/31/2015 1:06

BAGHDAD – Al-Sabah

said economic expert, Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh: Although the image pessimistic Iraqi economy, I am optimistic about finding solutions to the problems of the Iraqi economy ailing solutions through inter-governmental action would have an impact on the Iraqi reality is reflected in some of the paragraphs of the proposed government program, which includes anything from those processors may be effective for the advancement of the Iraqi economy based on the pillars of the establishment of units, creating the market (record companies) to generate measures to facilitate the establishment of companies, after suffering in the past for its creation was the last for many months.

Salih stressed in a lecture during Tadhaifa in the House of al Muhyiddin cultural Iraqi economy and solutions to problems appropriate to address these problems and attended by «morning» that the failure of the state to monitor economic sectors properly and responsibly led to the emergence of an alliance (Wicked) between the commercial and banking sectors depends on the speculation in the market to achieve the outrageous profits led to smuggling Iraqi capital out of the country are ugly. Many sectors, such as manufacturing and real estate sector and turned into money for speculation to reap quick and massive and guaranteed profits.

He pointed to the important issue is that the superstructures threaten the collapse of the structure of the flabby state mainly the existence of four and a half million employees and various titles, attributes and professions assigned to thirty-two percent of the budget of the budget and growing up We arrived at six thirty this year, while the number was in the (2003) 750 thousand employees. Plus three and a half million retired. He believes that these numbers cumbersome but fatal to any country in the world.

The people with the mentality of economic expert, experienced and skilled team some flaws and failures in the Iraqi economy, which he found different from humanitarian and economic universal values ​​marked by the difficulty of exporting Iraqi goods, as well as the introduction of hard currency for the country in exchange for easy import and transfer of funds currency hard out of the country.

and the opinion in favor of the need for the banking system reform, development and the promotion and creation of a credit culture of the market and ensure that are based on a number of issues most important to improve the conditions of social living and the unification of security services and fund pension and the system of social protection and improving labor market conditions

and after some attend the interventions reflected the interest and Mtaavathm the performance of economic and traditions prevailing in the country’s large and dangerous and the failure to find solutions and processors deteriorating economic reality in the country for many years.



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