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JR1353:  ANOTHER EXCELLENT FIND Dr WS!!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

(And I thought the salary reductions were DrA’s doing, solely .. .. this article shows the IMF was asking more of Iraq, than to just keep off the ‘black list’ .. .. Nicely Done Sir!!!

Frank26:  Look at Your notes :   In July IMF wanted DRS to RI……. He said no security yet.

So IMF said ……. While You wait get Yourself INTERNATIONALLY ready.

DRS did and so did A as HOLY MAN approved all ……. FOR HE IS THE HIGHEST COURT OF IRAQ!!!

NOW ………. You will see ……….. NOVEMBER……. Please enjoy………. C U tomorrow on a Powerful CC.


Walkingstick:  Economic expert: reduction of employees’ salaries condition imposed by the International Monetary Fund to lend Iraq

Baghdad-Iraq Press -1 November: an economic expert revealed peace Sumaisem, on Sunday, that the reduction of salaries was a condition imposed by the International Monetary Fund in exchange for lending to Iraq, stressing the importance of transparency between the government and the general public in economic matters to strengthen the links between them.

Sumaisem said, in a press statement, that “when it comes to the economic aspect, there must be clarity in the deal between the government and the general public to strengthen the links between them and the renewal of confidence”, calling for “reveal loan items in front of the people’s representatives, and civil society organizations so that everyone is on familiar with, and to avoid uncertainty in economic transactions. ”

She Sumaisem that “the Iraqi government were not transparent enough subtracting the liabilities related to lending, the economic burden on the citizens, as a result of any loan, and any specific economic policy so far,” indicating that “the blessings of the new salary was a requirement clear and explicit by the International Monetary Fund to lend to Iraq, as demanded Economists revealing more than once everyone knows what the economic burden of loans “.anthy (1)



Frank26:  Correct!  (See Article below)

When I grow up ………. I too want to be a CBI Govenor ……. lol

KTFA   Frank……… This is serious.


Governor of the Bank: Iraq enjoys a comfortable reservoir of foreign currency

2015/11/1 16:42 •

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords that Iraq still enjoys a comfortable reservoir of cash foreign currency.

Keywords and said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News}, that Iraq has a reserve of cash currency, which protect him from falling into an economic crisis suffocating, or the inability of the State to provide the employees’ salaries, and cover the projects, “pointing out that” Iraq reserves estimated at more than 1,500% “.

He said the central bank governor that the issue of deletion of zeros from the currency,will be in the event of the existence of an administrative security stability can the state control over the markets, and the imposition of standardized pricing on the goods.

It is said that Iraq is undergoing austerity due to the financial crisis that has gone through because of the low prices global oil. ended h



SeniorTour:   Each year we look to Iraq to “open the budget” after they work really long
and hard to pass the budget, then “NOTHING” happens after that.  What makes THIS year different?

Frank26:  Because we open ours NOW

Walkingstick  China’s Central Bank to Launch New 100-yuan Note

2015-10-31 10:54:08 CRIENGLISH.com Web Editor: Xu Yaqi

100 Yuan

The sample of the new 100-yuan note. [Photo: sina.com]

The 2015 version of the 100-yuan note is going to be released on November 12, 2015, announced People’s bank of China, the central bank of the country.

For a stronger anti-counterfeiting capacity, the 2015 version will change some patterns of the former 2005 version. The size, main designs and style will remain the same.

The figure “100” on the front side will adopt light variability; on the top right, the original horizontal “100” will appear vertical with a different design.

The concave-convex touch line and the invisible denomination figure on the right side will be removed. Blank space is going to be created on both ends of the note.

The current 100-yuan currency has already been released for 10 years. During this period its circulation and transaction methods have changed a lot, requesting the renminbi to be more machine-readable.

Some lawbreakers also employ high technology to produce counterfeit notes, so the security competence and printing quality should be updated form time to time, said People’s bank of China

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