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Dew7:   This all sounds so exciting! I would like to hear Delta on the EID subject. Thanks teams and Frank for all the great updates!


Frank26:  He thinks there are two left in the year.

One this month with the last one in December.

DELTA and I talked a lot yesterday.

Hence why I wish to SHARE tonight ………. More.      KTFA   Frank


Moneytalks1:  HI Frank,

A lot of people have forgotten about this. The high today went above .98U.S.

Talk about timing!!! Also, I am extremely excited about this month. AS you would say, “let’s open up the KRACKEN!!!”

US Dollar Currency Index (.DXY :Intercontinental Exchange US)
* Data is delayed
97.92 USD
Last | 11:18:00 AM EST

0.76 (+0.79%)

90.33 100.39

52 week range


Frank26:  No we did not forget this ……… For 1 needs the other.

IMO ……….. 1 to 1 with controlled free float within 1 year up to 4+.


What You doing tonight?………… Lets Talk as I SHARE…….KTFA Frank


Moneytalks1:  HI Frank,  Not that you guys “forgot” about this, but it hasn’t been mentioned on the forum for quite a while..probably because the U.S. dollar has been going down. Interestingly enough, back in March when the U.S. dollar was at an all time high, wasn’t that when Shabs got the green light from the IMF to lift the zeros from the exchange rate-or was that just pure coincidence? The dollar just started to climb after Obama signed the budget and maybe it has something to with Iraq?   Thanx


Aggiedad77:  Interesting that we see some here who seem to believe that Chalabi wasn’t suffering from any kind of disease….(see article below) ..but we also know well that heart attacks and such can strike suddenly when least expected….it will be interesting to hear what the autopsy has to say for his death…..I hope whatever files he had were preserved in some way, or as has been mentioned…..were copied just in case of an event like this.   Aloha   Randy

Walkingstick:   Zamili: Chalabi has corrupted files and wait for the medical report, which will show the reality of his death

04/11/2015 03:56

Zamili: Chalabi has corrupted files and wait for the medical report, which will show the reality of his death
Direction Press / Agencies

The head of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary of quitting, Wednesday, the Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, has a major corruption files, while noting that the parliament waiting for the medical report, which will show the reality of his death.

Zamili said in an interview that “the Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi has the files, and especially with the arrival of the budget to the House of Representatives,” noting that “these files are important to include the corruption of political figures and political blocks”

Zamili and added that “the parliament awaiting the forensic medical report on the death of Chalabi and the fact of death, which will show whether natural or other,” pointing out that “Chalabi was good health and not suffering from the disease