Islandg1211: Jack Lew the US Sec of Treasury Guaranteed Iraq’s loans to the IMF. That’s the article that gets framed. He could not have done that without already knowing that Iraq was Article VIII compliant, IMO.
The IMF prefers to RV countries the end of April. I’m still looking at this time frame. Jack’s action supports this.
Doodlebug:  BOOM BOOM BOOM….goes the Warrior’ Drum!  Nice job Islandg and I agree with your assessment.  Also, why was JP Morgan in attendance?
Perhaps there to help with Iraq’s Credit Rating?  Was it necessary to lift the rating up in order for Lew to guarantee?  So many intricate moving parts to this study of ours
Islandg1211:  I can’t stress enough the significance of Jack Lew guaranteed backing of Iraq’s loans to the IMF.
There’s a difference between the U.S. loaning money, the IMF loaning money,  from the U.S. Treasury Guaranting loans. That was the key article yesterday. I immediately posted
“It is done.”
IMO the US Sec of State would not have guaranteed a foreign country’s loan without that country Being in Article VIII.
These bonds deal with Iraq’s outstanding debt to international corporations. They wanted a higher interest rates. Raising the credit rating lowers the interest rate the bond buyers can demand.
Shabibi has always been concerned with inflation and debt prior to RVing. (He got inflation under control, Iran is playing catch up with that.) The bonds and credit rating will help Shabibi’s balance sheet in order to support the new rate.
The loans will help Iraq’s problem of the Budget deficit caused by the lower oil prices.
All these meetings in DC between Zebari, the WB, JP Morgan, IMF’s “Coconut” concluded with Jack Lews guaranteed loans. All this, the bonds that pay debt to corporations, loans to bridge the Budget deficit (which protects the CBI’s reserves from further depletion), improved credit rating (presumably that deal is also getting done) allows Shabibi to move forward with his monetary reform.
About this article that everyone seems excited about, although not saying anything new, it’s again bringing up the importance of Shabibi’s plan. It’s also ending with the need for citizens to use the banking system. Again, a key point that Shabibi has made in the past.
Combining the two articles, we see Shabibi’s monetary reform issues being addressed, and Him educating the public (IMO Shabibi is issuing both the timing and content of these articles, which confirms Frank’s Intel that Allak has resigned and Shabibi is back.)
Moving on to the importance of Iran’s newly cooperative attitude towards Iraq’s monetary reform, their two Clerics, Maliki, Abadi’s reformed technocrat government, and their militias coming home, indicates that Iran Has Now shifted from causing chaos in Iraq, delaying the RV, to supporting it.
I posted a key point in regards to Frank’s comment that 3’s are becoming one, that really the three Clerics are becoming one Shiite voice. If Frank’s Intel is again correct, and Khomenei and Iran have finally done what I predicted and completed their plan of “use him and loose him,” Maliki is done with.
Combine that with the arrests of the Erbil Central banker and the coordinated arrest of the Iranian Central Banker confirms Iraq and Iran are together moving forward with and supporting each other’s monetary reform.
Getting rid of the crooks in the Central Bank is yet another thing Shabibi can check off.
The US has always demanded a fully formed government, a permanent military presence, troop immunity, and the HCL.
Getting rid of ISIS and passing these laws are being Accelerated IMO. The U.S. Serious about completing their mission in Iraq to such an extent the US stated that they would use their military to protect the three Presidents and Abadi.
Doodlebug:  Wow…how would you like to drive to the office one morning and see a bunch of ropes hanging from the gallows…swaying in the breeze…the guilty have to be feeling a little anxiety right about now.
BOOM BOOM BOOM, goes the Warrior’ Drum!

Don961:  Gallows Erected in Baghdad Threatening Corrupt Officials

Baghdad- Iraqi capital, Baghdad, is caught up in a roaming chaos of protests and demonstrations. Movements and banners put up, contradictory to each other, to the extent that the viewer no longer is able to track down who is protesting against whom.
The people of Iraq, since 2011, have been watching protests held at the Liberation Square and in many other streets in Baghdad. Most demonstrations are provoked by the governmental corruption, sectarian division and the absence of public service.
As for the parliament, ministers are protesting against the current parliamentary premiership, demanding the removal of Salim al-Jabouri, the Parliament’s Spokesman, and his two deputies; and the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi.
Protesting ministers only seem to aim at removing premierships from office, while acting on the impulse of desiring themselves and their affiliated parties high-up posts and places of authority, which they can later exploit.
Since July, 2015 large protests moved under the leadership of the Civil Democratic Alliance, and demonstrated nearly each and every Friday since. Protesters were restricted to a single party, until the Sadrist movement leader Muqtada al-Sadr decided to breake into the arena of demonstrations, transforming all his followers into potent protestors who gather across Iraq in masses comprising hundreds of thousands of people.
The marches have made a revolutionary politician out of al-Sadr, after he was a religious figurehead only. After taking a stand in the Green Zone for four days, al-Sadr now comes to enjoy a superior religious authority garnished with a political revolutionary zest.
Moving throughout the social spectrum of Iraq, al-Sadr now has power over the poor, all his followers perceive him as a defender of the underprivileged.
Sadrists (follower of the Sadrist movement), caught up in the heat of the rallies, erected gallows in the middle of the Liberation Square, as to threaten corrupt politicians , which received negative response from most Iraqis and was opposed by both the Civil Democratic Alliance and the Sadrist movement leadership.