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Clare:  The Central Bank announces the purchase of gold of approximately 2.3 tons and maintains its rank globally




The Central Bank of Iraq announced the purchase of new quantities of gold of approximately 2.3 tons, which resulted in an increase in its holdings of this metal by 1.79%, bringing its total to (132.74) tons, maintaining its sequence in rank (30) in the order of gold holdings. to the countries of the world.


The Investments Department of the Central Bank of Iraq stated that the purchase came with the aim of increasing its holdings of gold in light of the economic and political conditions that the world is witnessing.


It is noteworthy that gold is one of the most important components of the reserves held by banks and international financial institutions, as these banks and institutions constantly increase their reserves of this metal, because of this measure’s positive impact on the financial solvency of these institutions and the creditworthiness of their countries.


The Central Bank of Iraq,

Media Office,

May 30, 2023




Clare:  Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan: Iraq’s electronic transformation initiative is “promising


5/30/2023   Baghdad


On Tuesday, the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan, Adel Sharkas, described Iraq’s electronic transformation initiative as “promising.”


Sharkas referred to “the importance of trade between Iraq and Jordan,” expressing “his ambition to increase the export of products to Iraq, as they are of high quality.”


He added, “Iraq is moving towards electronic payment, and Jordan has a successful experience in this field, and efforts will be harnessed to support Iraq in order to benefit from the experience in all fields,” stressing “the readiness of the Central Bank of Jordan to cooperate in cybersecurity and everything that the Central Bank of Iraq needs.”


He pointed out that “Iraq’s electronic transformation initiative is promising, in addition to the interest in leadership, which is the focus of the success of any economy.”   LINK