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Reklaw :Good Afternoon, Mr. 26! I was wondering one thing though…’in the ‘olden-days’ of our studies of the MR, it was always stated that this would not be one cent above KW. Was that when we believed it was going to RV immediately or am I missing something here?

Is it because the ‘players’ have changed or has the ‘game’ changed?  Any input from the KTFAlways Family would be appreciated.

Frank26:  A LAVA FLOW is never constant nor predictable ……… It is of its own propagative pace and especially ………… Directional Change.

I have no problem with their ………… Improvements.

Last CC………. The CAPPED RV will be higher than KW.

Aloha Friend    KTFA    Frank
Walkingstick:  Central bank: publishing Chalabi damaged the investigations of money laundering and the cooperation of other countries with us

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -22 November: The Central Bank of Iraq, on Sunday, to continue to investigate the corruption files uncovered by the late Ahmad Chalabi, while noting that the early dissemination of damaging investigations.

Keywords and said during a press conference held at the bank building, said that “the central bank had hoped to be files that were published for the late Ahmad Chalabi secret because they are issues related to money laundering and disseminate the detriment of cooperation with other countries,” stressing that “there are memorandums of understanding signed with some countries not to publish these documents until fully verified. ”

He added Keywords, that “the central bank continuously checks for all files and face inquiries and calls for a government different and some of these inquiries years ago,” noting that “there are circles sent their answers and some have not yet been received and files that were published we have investigated and Grmena different banks.”

He announced the Supreme Judicial Council, on the tenth of November this, for receiving the documents Chairman of the Finance Committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi, and decided to form a body investigative jurisdiction to consider those documents, pointed out that the public prosecutor will appear before the investigative panel to express his requests and Almtabah.anthy (1)



Walkingstick:  Integrity open modern and ancient central bank files in search of a $ 500 billion “hidden”

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse November 22: revealed the parliamentary integrity committee, on Sunday, for the disappearance of $ 500 billion from the Central Bank of Iraq.

A member of the Integrity Committee, MP Adel Nouri, said in a statement, “There are five official regulators monitor the work of the Central Bank of Iraq, established by the State since 2005 to follow up on violations and manipulation of public money.”

He added that “nearly 500 billion dollars disappeared from the Central Bank of the existence of these committees,” stressing that “the Commission will review the old and new files of the bank will be monitoring the performance of the executive institutions of the Iraqi state.”

Nuri pointed out that “to the Integrity Committee will refer those responsible for the manipulation of public money to spend and will follow up the work of the judiciary so as not to accumulate files in the corridors, or the orientation of favoritism Tjt corrupt.”

The Iraqi prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, instructed in (16 November) the current, open an urgent investigation the disappearance of 10 billion dollars from the Iraqi Central Bank reserves under the previous government, which is chaired by Nuri al-Maliki.

Economists believe that the government of Nouri al-Maliki, the administrative and financial corruption and policies that prevailed in his two terms caused the “bankruptcy” of the Iraqi treasury, and resulted in economic and security difficulties still experienced by Iraq in spite of the reforms initiated by his successor, Haidar Alebadi.anthy (1)