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Aggiedad77:  Privatization of Rafidain and Rasheed Banks…..it’s been coming..(see article below)  ….hardly “keywords” idea…..IMO…..something that is a part of the MR process that is coming from Dr. Shabibi…..and the rejection of USD being used for salaries…..of course they can’t and won’t do that…..

They seek what……remember…..”National Rate Position” and also….remember……”capped rate higher than KW”….these banks are being “poised”…..just as we saw a week or so ago that Warka is being “poised”……they are being prepared for what is to come…..the “National Rate Position”…..

The BEST is yet to come….soon….I believe….soon.   Aloha   Randy

Walkingstick:  Economist: rejection of the central bank for the distribution of salaries in dollars “correct decision”

BAGHDAD / … considered the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on Monday, the central bank rejected a proposal to the employees’ salaries or part of the distribution of the dollar as a “correct decision”, among that raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar needs to be other economic steps

Said Antoine’s “Eye Iraq News”, that “the central bank when he refused a proposed employees’ salaries distribution or part of the dollar was a” correct decision “, saying that” we have a national currency and the distribution of the dollar affects the sovereignty of the country and will create many distortions in the market and will face accountants, bankers have great difficulty Regardless salaries. ”

He said economic expert that “the direction of the central bank for the privatization of the Rafidain and Rasheed and restructure will improve the Iraqi economy to contain those banks to big problems hampered its duties,” stressing that “we miss banks meet Ttalaatna economic reform and therefore must banking system reform in accordance with the adopted global system because it represents the backbone of the economy. ”

The Central Bank, rejected a proposal for the distribution of employees’ salaries in dollars, noting that the dollar can not be a substitute for the national currency.

The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords revealed that the Rafidain and Rasheed, “Asthoman” 80% of banking sector assets in Iraq, noting that the two banks are suffering from several problems, he explained that the Central Bank is moving to privatize the two banks. It ended 12



Walkingstick:  Ulkipaia: can not issue currency without a cover of gold or the dollar

11/24/2015 0:00   BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi

counting researcher d. Hamid Ulkipaia modern edition of the class »50« thousand dinars normal procedure intended to restructure the national currency, and to facilitate the shopping process currencies and traded in the local market, pointing out that this is not about politics


He Ulkipaia that this measure will facilitate the calculations in a country like Iraq disappear in it credit card and Visa card prevailing in other countries, where forced people to carry cash and attendant risks.

He pointed out that this measure is part of a project to restructure the currency, pointing out that it is long overdue fact that the need has become urgent for the issuance of the biggest and high Akiem categories such as 100 and 200 thousand dinars, similar to neighboring countries and the world and put them circulation has been suspended as a result of rising incomes Mayshl banks and people work to end either.

In a question »Sabah» whether there are stocks of the dollar offset the new currency Ulkipaia explained that the lack of possibility of currency issuance in the countries responsible unless offset by stocks of the dollar, gold or cash reserve pointing out that at the time of the former regime was printed banknotes without that there will be a stock of hard currency from the fact that the country was trapped and has no contact with other countries.

The academic pointed d. Falah Thuwaini that the aim of the new edition is to reduce the quantitative content (numerical), saying not all modern edition is a new cash issue increases the amount of money supply, explaining that if it were printed will alone billion dinars from the category of 6000 dinars, or 10 000 dinars, or even 25 000 dinars possible that this billion itself is to be 50 000 class or 100 000 dinars, adding the possibility that there is a Ward acceptable to lead such a move to inflationary expectations in the case of a new version for multiple purposes to Aadamh up or cover concern appropriately.

The central bank, It said in a statement, Al-Sabah received a copy of it, that «for the purpose of completing the Iraqi banknotes structure and the development of high-class value in trading.

The issuance of cash and paper of class 50 000 dinars using super quality of the quality of the printing paper with a number of signs of security, technical and compositions to prevent counterfeiting .

also revealed to the parliamentary Committee of Economy, yesterday, for the issuance of class 100 000 dinars cash currency early next year in order to market need to handle them, pointing out that legal action properly and in conformity with the laws of the central bank.



Walkingstick:  The central bank rescued from collapse of the Iraqi dinar

Saad Jabbar Sudanese Tuesday November 24.2015 at 00:00

Suddenly and without warning other opens fire weapons machine guns and aiming his arrows against the Iraqi Central Bank of unlawfully and singing his accusations that what Allah revealed by the Sultan without hard evidence or knowledge of the simplest principles of economics and money ..

that the Central Bank of Iraq is not a new phenomenon It is an Iraqi financial institution established and available where the expertise and energies of financial and minds of specialized matters of finance and economy and otherwise believes it is the most important or he wants to ride his head ..

Central Bank of Iraq has worked since the fall of the former regime in the (2003) to build financial reserves to be a strong cover and Sanda Iraqi currency and kept the value of the Iraqi dinar, despite all conditions and volatility also remained the Iraqi dinar exchange about the foreign exchange rate in the forefront of the dollar maintaining a balance despite attempts by some of the traders and manipulators who do not care about national interest supreme as far as what matters to them overeating pockets profiteering Sacred ..

It is Here we see that the abuse of the Central Bank and some private banks is ill-intentional and deliberate the banking industry promising in Iraq, especially since the country’s future on attracting foreign investment stage and downright domestic or foreign investor can not take a risk unless convinced that the Iraqi dinar strong and robust economy and its banks sober nor We believe that an Iraqi who loves his country accept that damaged the reputation of the banking industry ..

noticed that after the exposure of the Egyptian Tourism serious setback, especially in Sharm el-Sheikh resort on the background of the fall of the Russian plane claimed the artists and performers Egyptians to Sharm El Sheikh and each according to his own way to deliver a message to the world that the Sharm el-Sheikh were safe and Tourism in Egypt List ..

Imagine that one of the accusations that the central bank was under the disappearance of the title (10) billion dollars, but it turns out that what was said just a lie I want from which to bring charges not only where the response by the central bank formal statement refuted these rumors altogether.