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BuckingHorse:  December 2nd, 2015, 3:16 am  CBI just UPDATED TO 1182 !!!!!   Whats up with THAT !!!    GO RI/RV !!!!

CSHessman:  UN Operational Rates of Exchange updated 12-01-2015 show 1170 for IQD
JustinandDeb: Perhaps positioning itself to drop the three zeros and come out at $1.18??
CSHEssman:  Yeah, thought of that too. But remember, for it to really come out to $1.18 via the exchange rate, the CBI would have to show a value of .84757.

Frank26:  SO ……… WHAT’S DOWN WITH THAT???!!!
😉 ……… Chillax ……… It’s called …….. Confusion.

Yet in this case NOT to purposely confuse right now but a precipitate of the MR’s Steps unfolding.

KTFA   Frank…………. LET’S TALK MORE …… 2NITE……\m/


scarlet2575 :  I strongly believe that the timing of the rv is going to shock each of us. It is going to come out when we least expect it to. Sooner than later in my opinion. They say the middle of the month but i believe they are fooling us. All i know is that I am more than ready for this blessing to happen at any time NOW ! Think about it. Would a burglar tell you a specific time when they are going to invade your home ? No.

Frank26:  Indeed as we have called it for 8 years with You :  In the Still of the Night.   Brokers will see it long before the norm  KTFA   Frank


McDan:  SDR weights

The revised SDR basket will be based on the following weights: 41.73% for the U.S. dollar; 30.93% for the euro; 10.92% for the Chinese RMB; 8.33% for the Japanese yen, and 8.09% for the British pound. These weights are derived from a new formula adopted by the IMF in this review.

According to this new formula, the weights of the currencies in the SDR basket are based on the value of the issuers’ exports, the amount of reserves denominated in the respective currencies that were held by other monetary authorities, foreign exchange turnover, and international bank liabilities and international debt securities denominated in the respective currencies.

http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/sur … 20115a.htm


JJONESMX:  Abadi response to the Pentagon: no need for foreign ground troops
Wednesday 02-12-2015 | 12:49:18

Twilight News Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi / said that his country does not need foreign ground forces after the United States said it would send a special forces unit to help in the fight against the organization of the Islamic state.

Ebadi said in a statement that the Iraqi government stresses that any military operation or spread of any foreign troops, whether private or any other place in Iraq can not happen without its consent and coordination with and full respect for Iraqi sovereignty.

And he informed the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) the US Congress that it started sending units from the US to the rapid intervention of the Syrian and Iraqi land forces, to carry out specific tasks, without revealing the size of those forces.

He said US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, during a hearing him before the Armed Services Committee, US House of Representatives hearing, that the US special forces elements who have begun to spread will be one of the duties raid specific dens to arrest the leaders of the “Islamic State” (Daash).

Carter said that sending troops is at the request of wishing to help them defeat the terrorist organization and the protection of the Iraqi border, the Iraqi government, noting that it will expand the work of those forces within Iraq’s borders in coordination with the Iraqi forces, it will also be assigned to the American expeditionary forces to implement unilateral acts in Syrian territory, including a raid on the whereabouts of the “Daash” and gather intelligence on military targets.

https://translate.googleusercontent.com … zBNrmkQAPQ


Chinese investment set to boost Zim

December 1 2015 at 09:24pm    By ANA Reporter

Harare – The state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Zimbabwe will likely result in the signing of several investment deals, spanning sectors such as energy, mining and agriculture.

The Zimbabwean government has said it is ready to take off after years of economic stagnation and decline.

Several Chinese experts in economics will assist in crafting economic strategies and give a defining trajectory to a country desperate for foreign direct investment.

Jinping leaves for Johannesburg, South Africa, on Wednesday for a State visit followed by the two-day sixth Forum on China-Africa Co-operation.

Zimbabwe’s finance minister Patrick Chinamasa told African News Agency the visit was significant in terms of economic recovery for Zimbabwe.

“As we are aware, our President [Mugabe] visited China last year and concluded a number of agreements, memorandums of understanding. Now the visit by President Xi is going to consolidate and cement some of the agreements and, in fact, to further co-operate with respect to those agreements which are not yet mature for signing,” Chinamasa said. …..