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Old_Man_River: I can’t participate in the cc’s so If permitted, anyone care to share a little?

Purifiers:  Hi Old_Man River!

In Short, the IQD started to “float” on December the 1st. A Reinstatement of the dinar, or (RI) is the only explanation… and it is moving the last 2 days in a direction that shows proof to those that are heavy investors, and follow this.

Oh… and Frank said that he is “100% sure”…. then he cleared his throat and said…. “in my opinion”… LOL!

(Read the details in the CC Notes when they come out.)

We look for them to announce via news that Ramadi is now secured and then, second… we look for Mosul via news to say secured… then we are on the edge of our theater seats… and look for “A” “new rate”…. IMO.   Purifiers

Here is a screenshot…. we can SEE that the float began on December the 1st.