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“Dessert” Notes by Frank26 and Aggiedad77  10-29-15

Aggiedad77:  Family….last night’s “DESSERT” notes…..enjoy   Aloha    Randy

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Thursday Night CC “Dessert” Notes

Frank26:  I have some things to tell you, but what if I didn’t, can I say good night now?….Ok, let’s get started.

It’s kind of silly for me to tell you that you would see two things at the end of our investment

Life on Mars….and water on Mars….how do I know that….and Hillary would be there at the end…how do I know that.

We’ve told you over and over again, the President of America…the last time we did this was in Kuwait and the president was Clinton. Clinton didn’t do jack. Find me something he did and I’ll applaud it.

That is why his wife will finish what he did not, if she is elected.

Let me give you a third thing, read the “Book of Eli” or see the movie. He travelled from the east to the west with a woman by his side who carried his things. He sought an island in the Pacific, him in white….he only communicated in dots.…when they opened his book they understood.

It turns out history is repeating itself, Congress along with Obama have landed a budget deal, but it has been 12 years at least, month after month the US has no budget.

We keep limping along and say that we will declare “this money” for the budget for next month….but we need a budget for the year. Besides Mars and besides Hillary, besides the Book of Eli, that our budget would be settled at this time is beyond all of this.

Clinton managed to balance the budget and more just before he left office…..how did he do this?

No one realized we go into wars to make money. We started to take democracy where the real money is at.

Jack Lew was in charge at that time with what happened in Kuwait. Lew spent nearly a year in Iraq with the CBI and Dr. Shabibi….he said here are the mistakes we made before with the currency….please don’t make these same mistakes again.

IMO…it will come out at 1:1…then free float up to the $4.20 range within a year.

UNCLE, I give up…..the Pentagon is now officially talking about troops in Iraq…timing…..the US budget that hasn’t been balanced in a long time is about to explode, the same way it happened with Clinton just before he left office.

IMO…you will now see President O go to the Middle East…..timing…..just my opinion.

Sitting on my blue couch….maybe he will go to Qatar or Saudi Arabia and check out the oil situation. When did he go to the ME? When first elected and embarrassed himself bowing to kings there. IMO….he will go to these countries but pay attention to the timing.

Indonesia was with President O last week. When they left their Rupia went up in value a little bit. You know why? IMO…..what we are seeing take form now….is a new federal reserve.

We will always be in bed with them….but a new one is being formed. IMO…..each country must now rely on its own currency….from now on….no more loans, no more borrowing….no more credit.

Yesterday we told you about the National Unity Card replacing the Ki Cards….pay attention to the wording because the new coalition that has brought this Unity Card has created a new unity in Iraq….giving the citizens this Unity Card.

Will leave you with one more thing…..

We were waiting for a second phone call to come in but it did not come in….I’ve made the decision to tell you about this by removing the identity of what I’m about to tell you.

This information is exciting…..let me state it this way…..right about now…..oil companies are reporting to their investors and backers on earnings…..they are doing the second and third quarter earning reports.

When a very large oil company held this meeting….one of their backers….a large US bank…..at this meeting says…..can we have our report on the “contracts from Iraq”…..the oil people said….NO….sorry we have no report because what should have happened these last months did not…..this is on this company’s public website…..just painting something abstract.

This is our conference call, please take it to God in prayer.

Family, KTFA, when the USA builds the something….like they have built in Iraq…..they will come….the world will follow the US….first this is recorded in history….and will be recorded in the next future.

Dismissed with a prayer.