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Aggiedad77: Family here are notes from last night’s CC….I apologize I was not able to clearly hear all the questions that were asked so only captured those that I could. Please enjoy. Aloha   Randy

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CC Notes from Monday 01-18-2016

Frank26:  Let us start the second part of our conference call. DELTA will be joining us Family….you know it has been a while since he has been with us…..so let’s you and me start talking about the Iraqi dinar investment that we are involved in…..what do you think….are you happy….are you sad….what’s your mood right now based on the things that you know.
Me personally I’m ecstatic….I praise God I am really happy….because the things we are seeing now in front of us….no hearsay, not rumors, not guesstimations, but the things they are showing us and then you can go and verify them….
Well these are steps for a Monetary Reform of a currency for a country. If not, someone is wasting a lot of time….and a lot of money to accomplish something like this.
The last time we were together Family….in fact if you look at the notes that aggiedad did for you on the last time that we were together….at the very bottom it says…..and…what is the IMF doing…and what was the answer….they are doing the math….they are doing the new math of the CBI….remember that…that was the last thing that I said to you.
Alright that is good to know…..do we have any evidence that math has been done at the IMF that has been given to the CBI that in turn is being given to their banks by the CBI….yeah I think so.
Look here, do you see this….this is a deck of cards….now I’ll show you that you are seeing the ace….they are in numerical order because I just bought the deck….now the reason I bring this deck of cards out is because I want to tell you something….see that….the ace of spades….now watch….if I reach under here…..what I should show you is the ace of spades right….whoa…what happened where did it go….ok again….see this is the 5 of spades….oh dear it is the 6 of spades….but the 5 of spades is still at the bottom of the deck….that is known as slight of hands….known as magic….trickery….deception…..slight of hands.
Family there is no slight of hands in the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar right now…..it is going about its business doing a very masterful job….to be honest with you….IMO….I think it is very masterful.
Tonight DELTA is going to come in and he is going to tell you…which you have already figured out by the way….congratulations….now I know Martin Luther King Day today….a lot of playoffs on Saturday and Sunday….but two days ago….actually three days ago but we didn’t release it…it was two days ago that WalkingStick puts a notice out from the CBI on our forum….what did it say.
Basically the CBI was telling the rest of its banks, brokers, and traders and everybody that we are now going to start to deal with currency from other countries….big deal….we already deal with th Euro, the USD….no we don’t….we don’t….no…we stopped doing that….that’s right you guys passed a law….I forgot….after the 1st right…yep pretty much.
Ok…if you don’t deal with any foreign currency….why are you going to deal with any foreign currency….you see this foreign currency represents international representation….it represents different countries….and each one of these countries has the same system for banking….now we in Iraq…..we don’t have that banking system….well we do now…but we’ve never had it before…in fact when it arrived nobody really knew what it was and we just left it in the corner for a week until someone unwrapped it and said…oh look….so we can apply this system to our banks…
CBI…..yep….to accept foreign currency from around the world….yep…..and we can give them our currency for it….yep….you do know we are at 1180 right….yeah….I suppose we could this at 1180 can’t we….oh yeah….but 1180 is a program rate….hold the phone….so….you aren’t going to do anything with a program rate…..it’s a PROGRAM RATE…..you can have a low rate….but a program rate is like handcuffs….
You mean I can be like Zimbabwe and still be international…..please stop talking about Zimbabwe…..ok….you mean I can be like the Dong and still be international….sure…..so the Iraqi dinar can be international at 1180….NO….it’s a program rate…it is a handcuff….it’s not even internationally recognized….that must be removed….ok…..when are we going to remove it….come on….we don’t give no dates….we don’t give no rates.
But you are working on the mathematics to remove that 1180….yeah….why do you ask silly questions….because everybody else does….alright then….they are not silly questions they are studious questions.
Iraq you are under an 1180 program rate from the IMF….that is a sanction…that is a handcuff…it has nothing to do with a rate that is internationally recognized….not even wanted…..now you can walk out of your environment you know….out of your niche into an international world at 1180….but you might as well try selling your bonds at 1180….well that didn’t work….well neither will….ohhhhh….is our homework almost done…..are your laws almost done….ummm….we got about 122 of them…you passed the majority of those laws….those laws were mainly little trivial things for the provinces…..the laws that we are talking about….you are doing them right now aren’t you…..yeah….but I mean we kind of already got them…no…no….you are doing them now aren’t you….yeah….tell me when you are done with the laws…..because we are done with the math.
Hey IMF….yes CBI….you do know that we have a lot of reserves don’t you….Central Bank has enough of our currency……yeah we are the ones that did the math behind it….besides you can’t really use your reserves right now anyway….but you know that because you are at 1180….who in the world is going to give you any profit…that is why we set up the foreign exchange with the banks right now…..because you guys are about to move your reserves.
Look at your notes Family we told you plenty of times….they actually have liquidity….it’s just that the liquidity has no value….therefor they have no liquidity.
Bonds…come on….and besides it is the same thing what we just said right now….bonds and anything else that you want to offer the citizens and outside international at a program rate it is beyond stupidity….the only thing these bonds are going to be used for is maybe PLATFORMS….certainly not for the citizens….certainly not for the international world.
Remember the last time we were together Family I told you there seems to be a lot of leaking going on….well….there is a lot of leaking going on…what are they talking about man….about changing the exchange rate….do you see that…remember how we give you KEYWORDS…this is a KEY SENTENCE…..CHANGING THE EXCHANGE RATE….four key words…it’s all over the bloody place….you go into the bathroom somewhere in Iraq and it’s grafetti on the wall in the toilets…it’s everywhere…..THEY ARE CHANGING THE EXCHANGE RATE…..
What are you doing next Friday….let’s go beat somebody up….no….no….let’s just go and join the Holy Man and the protesting….we don’t protest….ok the demonstrations or whatever they want to call them….ok….I go….and they are doing this because they are joining up with the Holy Man who sits there and says…Give us the reforms you liars….you promised me on January 1st….you lied…you lied.
You see the key is that they admitted there is a change coming.
One of the things that one of our TEAMS told us is……Frank they told us they are lost due to corruption….I said….say that again…..Frank they are telling us that they are lost….where….the CBI…yeah….they say they are lost due to corruption.
It is really important that SECURITY continues to dominate….and we believe that the laws that we are looking for that we believe will bring the new math….is also going to bring in a lot of SECURITY….the SECURITY was actually done physically….now it is being done lawfully.
As far as the riots go….or demonstrations or whatever….it really is important…..I don’t know of any articles that teach you these things….that’s actually good intel for our TEAMS and we mingle among them.
You see….do you remember 2 weeks ago I told you that it was actually being done….the US and the IMF were talking to the UN about putting more sanctions on Iraq again….now I will admit I don’t think I saw any articles that would back this up….but that doesn’t matter to me….we know what we are reporting to you….and that is why…..IMO….on Fridays there will never be any riots, any killings, anything stupid like burning buildings….but they do demonstrate every Friday with the Holy Man….trying to get their story across so they know what they want…and what they want is the reforms. Now why is it they don’t do anything bad on Fridays….because if they did…more than likely they would put sanctions on this country again.
I also think the laws have a lot to do with it….look the Amnesty Law…the Amnesty Law is important in order to arrest Maliki….in order for certain ministers not to be arrested and be protected…and I told you about the Hydrocarbon Law….it’s in the budget…ready to come out when the math makes it work….I like that….I never knew…IMO…of any other budget that had the HCL in it…..this is the first one….and this is only the second budget in the last 12 years that I have been studying Iraq that I actually saw the budget before the year started….the other one was back in 2003 before we went there…..the Investment Law….the Conscript Law…I think is already done….but all these laws there is a plethora of them….like 122 of them….most are done…..
There are a lot of petty laws….trivial laws…but these that I just mentioned…..these four or five…these are the backbone of the laws that I think will create the final STABILITY that we need in the CBI….because the CBI has been stable already with the counterfeiting….
I think they did a good job by replacing the k’s…..the 10’s, the 25’s, the 50’s, the 1’s….replacing with the ink blots….I’ll bet you anything that was from Jack Lew…from our side our people…..you see the Kurdistan people wanted their language to be put on the new currency….but we already printed it….we don’t care do it….ok and that worked out fine along with the new printed ones that they just did with the k’s that were to replace the corrupted currency of counterfeiting….it was just terrible.
So let’s hope for these laws….write that down….that combination….the laws will bring in the final SECURITY that we are looking for that will eventually allow the new math from the IMF to come to the new budget that will then trigger and open up a lot of things in that budget and one of them being the HCL.
Can they walk into an international world at 1180…..yeah….will you do business with them….will the international world do business with them….in my strong opinion….of course not…and on top of that there is a lot that needs to be paid back now and its being done…..if it’s not done in accordance with……see they came up with this path, this roadmap, this IMF blue print, these steps and if they….it’s got to go that way and if not Iraq can suffer. I remember telling you that they would implode in January….they are not imploding because of the things they are doing are just are just absolutely phenomenal….I’m really proud of their steps.
You see I told you when I first met you eight years ago that Iraq is like a company that you bought a stock from called the IQD and it is going to pay you a dividend called a rate change….it’s like a stock that you buy….you buy low and sell high….and that is the key to success on any floor.
So there is no way in the world that I’m going to buy any more at this ridiculous price….I need to sell it….and that is why all the banks and brokers have been told….get ready you are going to have a lot of foreign currency coming in and we are going to be able to sell our currency for it….we can make money now….we don’t have to use another countries money…..you think they are going to come in and exchange their currency for our currency at 1180….NO….well then why the heck are we doing this….get ready because there is a change a coming….well when is the change coming….STOP IT.
You know what the Shiites and the Holy Man want on Fridays….give us the corrupt ministers….can you just imagine all the bad ministers…all the bad guys…..they are probably pinching underwear….no don’t send me out there….but they are not….IMO….they are actually giving them a form of protection so the citizens don’t kill them…..because the citizens them….let us take care of them….let us speed up the reforms….let us make it a judge, jury and whatever….give us the corrupt ones…the Holy Man even says…give me…give me…pay attention to the Holy Man…..we want to do this right says whoever is there doing the work right now.
The laws that are coming are also very important for the Taxes and Tariffs….there we go again with the T&T….I thought we had the codes, I thought we had the math….I thought we had all of this….yeah and believe it or not there are laws that protect the borders….let’s not be ignorant…..let’s not be stubborn….every day we learn something together. I’m not here to tell you…look you missed this….I’m here to tell you look we are learning this together…..I’m not an expert at this.
So the immunity for ministers is important…..they said they would return back on the 19th right….here’s what I say….horse hockey….that’s Iraq’s story….they didn’t go anywhere….well the article says they did Frank and that they will be back on the 19th….fine…if you want to believe that why do you come and listen to me then.
You know what they have been working on…laws….lots of laws.
I want to tell you something Family…there is this thing about China that I would like to talk to you about….when I first met you I told you that China was very stubborn and they refused to raise the value of their currency….the IMF tells them but they don’t and they take advantage of imports and exports….ok that has been established over the last 8 years….and you have read about it and saw it on television and now you understand what that is all about.
Now here is the next thing that I want to tell you….just recently…in fact I remember Thor asking….do you think China will join the AIIB….that is the Asian International Banking society….and I said…well I don’t know but they should….whether or not they want to conform to those standards….I don’t know….well lo and behold….guess what China was just accepted as of two days ago as part of the AIIB…what does that mean.
Before we get into that let me tell you a story….you remember about two months ago and I showed you a video about cyber warfare….now the thine is that if you remember that is a very spooky one hour program that we brought to you to and explain what China is doing with computer around the world.
Well it turns out that last night on 20/20 there was a program that was on television and it talked about a company called Salvo…that made these propellers…windmills…turbines that turn and collect electricity for the power plant for that local area….oh it wasn’t 20/20 it was 60 Minutes that reported this…..this company was working with another Chinese company to build these windmills….that was some nice profits and they started making some nice returns….but after about a year or two they found out there was a problem with one of the programs that ran the windmills….they figured it out and discovered this is not even one of our programs….what is going on here….
it turns out that China decided they were going to steal everything they could from Salvo in order not to pay Salvo for their services….moralistically that is wrong isn’t it….in a communistic country there are no morals….everything works…and only one has one voice….the government….so it turns out when they traced this back they found a very big building with a lot of rooms and people working every day hacking companies in the US….practically every company in the US has had everything hacked and stolen by the Chinese, things they have worked to protect all these years in order to make a profit…..China is parasitical…..in fact they are worse….China does not have morals and could care less.
China for decades refused to raise the value of their currency…why….because they get away with murder with their imports and exports…..yeah but that is not far….you think we care….all communist countries will tell you that…what do I say that Iran tells you….UP YOURS.
Two days ago they lifted the sanctions….hey we lifted your sanctions…UP YOURS….lift them or don’t lift them you think we care….well you guys gave us your nuclear stuff, we are hugging, we are buddies….UP YOURS….American infidels.
And China….they feel even worse….China comes out and says we are against it….our laws say we do not steal technology from other countries especially foreign countries….no….no…shame on us….we would never do that….we have laws…..shut up…..you were caught red handed….Red China….but now you belong to the AIIB.
What do you want to do with your money…..at what rate…what do we say now…..going to tell us up yours….see you are a part of the AIIB now….when you hurt us its going to hurt you just as much….welcome to our world…..because your cyber warfare was sickening…..now we can influence your money….because you never obey….but you have no choice now.
China and their banks Family dominate solely by volume…not by technology.
I am very pleased with what we are seeing….I am pleased with all of you and applaud you because I asked you to go and study the 3 pdf files so you will understand the roadmap….and lo and behold you did…many called me and said Frank I’m trying to figure this out…what do I do and we did it together on the phone….I’m proud of you….I don’t post much any more do I.
Two days ago when WS put that article out from the CBI announcements….telling all the banks…..hey guys we are about to do a little exchange move here and we want you to go ahead now and start doing foreign currencies with an exchange rate that we will tell you about….WHAT….yeah…..that is amazing.
And then the question that my TEAMS has…..are they Article 8 compliant right now….because if you look at your notes from the last time we were together we hinted in that direction….we suggested to look in that direction….to think about it….to investigate it….because you see there were only 2 things that were required to lift Article 8….number one was to be 2% compliant….shoot that was done a long time ago….what was number 2…..to lift the value of your currency….well the value of our currency when we turned in our homework was 1182 and you guys took it to 1180….now that is an increase in our currency and you did that for us….we did the 2% compliance….but you raised the value….it is still a program rate but you raised the value…..
Did we qualify for Article 8 IMF….and that is where we are at as a TEAM….we don’t know…..but there are so many things that seem possible….but we can’t run to that conclusion just yet….it’s all very fascinating…..and then for the IMF to say hey guys you are going to do a 3.1% increase in 2016….they actually told them between 3 and 10 percent….but not at no 1180…..there’s a lot of leaking going around.
International foreign currency around the world says Iraq to them….get ready…..get ready for us.
I want to talk to you about planting a flag but I may not have time tonight.
Family what Iraq did….right now we are combining Iraq and Iran…..what Iraq did in 12 years….IMO….Iran will do in less than one year.
Iran’s implentational Day is a significant day….it is a day they say that prepares them to rejoin the world economy…yes what Iraq did in 12 years Iran is doing in less than one year….but how is that possible…..you see Tehran may say to the world “UP YOURS”….but they are not terrorists….yet….so we picked the lesser of the two evils…we decided to help Iraq….we angered Iran because we made them mad back in 1980 and that was why the captured our embassy because we went to Saudi Arabia and not to them….
But know it is Tehran not terrorism and that is why they have the faster growth to get to where they want to….also look at how their sanctions were literally lifted overnight…why….because of deals you don’t know about….
IMO…..were there any deals with Iraq….NO….it was total conquer….bring down the statue and slap it with a slipper…total conquer and then on top of that it was Marshall Law which takes about 10 years to get through everything.
How about Iran…no….they were intact….their government intact…their banking structure intact…their school structures intact….their industry intact…..even with sanctions their nuclear proliferation was intact…
So again, I see Iran and the IMF sitting in a tree KISSING…..because they need each other….and we need each other too….they are not terrorists….they are just a pain in the butt and so is China….they are just a real pain in the wallet….and we are in cahoots with them……and you are very well of many things with China and Iran…and Iraq for that matter….you’ve become well educated haven’t you Family….
Name me one other sanctioned country……someone said North Korea…..well they are communist and that is cheating…..might as well mention Cuba and Laos…..Turkey….now there is a good example….but they have very little sanctions on them….Burma is sanctioned….what I was looking for was Syria….so it has to get to that point where it is that serious like in Syria where they will keep handcuffs on them for quite a while
We are ok with Iran…..they let go of their sanctions two days ago, the majority of them, and then two days ago the CBI puts out an announcement that tells the rest of their banks to get ready to deal with international foreign currency…..oh it’s just a coincidence.
Iran is also collecting about $100 billion from frozen assets all because of this nuclear deal we the US is doing with them….I don’t know about that….I think there were just a lot of favors to be done in order to be where we are now with Iran and with Iraq….and for that matter with China too.
WS put out an article that is on page one of our current thread and it says…..”An Invitation to Link the Iraqi Dinar to Global Economies”…now if they stay at the program rate, just like with bonds and other things they have tried, no one is going to anything with them at that rate….so for them to tell us they prepare to enter the global economy and then to tell their banks…get ready banks to deal with this global currency because we don’t use any foreign currency except our own now….this is amazing.
This report that WS posted says…..the importance of linking the Iraqi dinar to the global currency…..and then if gives a whole report underneath it….here’s another line…..noting that the importance of the introduction of the Iraqi dinar to the global markets is what they are doing…..here’s another one….in a market economy theory it is to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy and thus achieve the monetary value of the dinar against the global currency…..well it isn’t 1180 Family….
Finally….this report contributes to reduce hard currency emerging from countries where traders will be able to import goods in Iraqi dinars…..I’m sorry….that is HUGE…hold on….one more….this what they are doing will be linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy which leads to obliterate the need for an auction of hard currency….that’s it….I might as well drop the phone and walk out like Elvis Presley….(hey Frank there is only room for one Elvis here…LOL)…..are you kidding me.
DELTA: Greetings Family…I haven’t talked to you since last year so Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. There is a lot information going on…one of them of course is the announcement from the CBI and like Frank stated we don’t think it will be 1180 or 1182…..but you do remember basically the same announcement that came from the CBI back in December telling all the banks to get ready….
I’ve had a chance to read this in Arabic now and I’ll be honest with you it is very interesting….the first announcement back in December was talking about the rate that came out the 1182 and 1180….but this announcement that came out two days ago doesn’t have any rate they are just basically telling all their banks to calculate numbers based on the numbers from the CBI…but this announcement gives no numbers and they are being told to do this based on international standards….this is very important information.
I came to talk to you today about one of the reports that came out from the IMF on the 12th…..this concluded all the meetings between Iraq and the IMF.
Before I go to the IMF report this article about linking the Iraqi dinar globally….this guy I believe is the President of the Iraqi Stock Exchange and he talks about linking the dinar globally….they have to do this and they know it….this guy knows what is happening and understands that the government and the CBI are about to do something and we should all understand this…..
This article that WS posted is amazing and we should be very happy about the report….this person speaking in this report acts like he’s been coming to our CC’s for years….he says that when you see the Iraqi dinar being linked globally then you will see a lot of investors getting in…these investors are wanting to see a commitment from Iraq….they want to see that the Iraqi government is really serious and that they are not just wasting time.
Moving over to the IMF report….this report is one of the best reports we’ve seen from them….they basically meet a couple of times a year with Iraq and then come up with a report…but this report is totally different and I will explain it to you…why it is different and why it is so important and why we feel that this is our year no matter what.
Number one we all remember when oil prices dropped and the Iraqi government started having trouble making salaries….one thing I want to share with you concerning oil prices is that when we see it in the $40-45 range, Iraq is only getting $20-25 for their oil…..then we told you several months back that Iraq needs $5-7 billion dollars a month to survive….to pay salaries and other things…and the oil prices unfortunately have not balanced out….so they had no other basic solution other than going to the IMF and the World Bank….
Now the WB did give them about $1.2 or 1.3 billion dollars….but again that is not enough….they need more…and they expect to get more from the IMF…..the IMF had a meeting in November in Jordan and they basically put some conditions on Iraq in order for them to help them….so basically the report from the IMF that we saw on the 12th of January….this was done in November.
The IMF is working with the Iraqi government, helping the CBI to move forward to Article 8…why and what is Article 8…..Article 8 is going to make the Iraqi dinar international….but they have some kind of benchmark they have to do….they have some due dates they must meet…for example they say by the end of February they must amend the Investment Law and they have to do the Anti-Money Laundering Law…those two basically are done a while ago and already in the Gazette….
So why is the IMF stating this on January 12th….it is because this report was originally written in November and at that time I believe neither of the two laws were in the Gazette yet…..so we believe those two laws are all done and the IMF is asking the government and the CBI to remove the MCP….the MCP is concerned with the street rate and the CBI rate being within 2% of each other…..the movement of the rate from 1166 to 1182 and then 1182….so what we’ve seen is the CBI trying to unify the exchange rate and the market rate or street rate….this assures another compliance with the IMF.
Then if you look at I believe it is Article 19…the bullet point…the government is going to gradually remove the restrictions on the exchange rate and go international….so this first benchmark is the end of February as they work towards going international.
Now we know Iraq is way behind….because we know they were ready to move forward to Article 8….but it is only a one way street and you can only move forward you cannot go back….so we do believe that what the CBI is doing now with all these announcements and things they do is to get ready to release the rate.
I would like to state too that we might see the rate changing before they move to Article 8 because remember the IMF has given them all this homework for them to do in order to move forward to Article 8….then they will have about four reviews with the IMF to follow up and see what is actually going on.
Family I would like to tell you that right now Iraq is in big…big trouble economically….they are facing big issues…there is no money….no liquidity….oil prices continue to be down….the IMF basically wants them to start making money from non-oil related sectors…
We all know for them to do that they have to move to a market economy and let the private sector take control of that….but there is one problem…the market economy and the private sector cannot move without movement or freedom of capital and that IMF report is telling them what they need to do to remove these restrictions….you have to come up and have a true rate to the Iraqi dinar and you have to show the IMF you are ready now to move to Article 8.
The IMF is expecting Iraq to be in the international economic global market in the first half of 2016….but that doesn’t mean they have to wait until the end of this time period to make their move.
The IMF report also says about the date and rate they will not publish…so there is some confidentiality of things here, but we do know that Iraq has to move forward in order for them to do that.
This report tells Iraq exactly what they need to do…Iraq right now has to move as fast as they can, otherwise things will collapse….the nation of Iraq will collapse if they don’t move forward.
Thank God that the IMF is in control of the Iraqi Monetary Policy…this contract signed by Allak and Zebari is an official contract between the IMF and the Iraqi officials.
A big Iraqi banking conference was supposed to take place in January but it got postponed until March….and we do believe there is a high probability of seeing the Iraqi dinar going international by the end of February or first of March.
Frank: You stop and think about what the other statement they made, the hair on my spine just stood up….look Mahamoud said, linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy leads to the obliteration of a need for an auction of hard currency….I mean that has been our dream hasn’t it DELTA to remove the auctions.
DELTA: Absolutely Frankie and the reason they can’t remove the auction is all their imports and services is in dollars and since the dinar is not recognized internationally….this is what is hurting Iraq….so if you look at the picture Iraq is right now is more anxious and ready to move forward to Article 8 with their currency more than us now….look at this article if you read the whole article about linking the dinar globally…this is what we’ve been telling everybody for so long…..but right now when you go international and you recognize your currency….you don’t have to do all those auctions….
You basically would be able to buy stuff and do so internationally through your own banks…if they don’t move forward they face disaster…so this IMF report is clearly stating what they must do and for us it is really good news this is our year…..they have to move forward and this article today is confirming what we told the Family a while back.
So something interesting has to happen and it is in their best interest to move as fast as they can.
Frank: You know something DELTA…this I think is the very first time I say this…..and I am moved….IMO…..to say it….I agree with you I believe that 2016 is the year in which Article 8 will be lifted and they will be removed from a program rate…whatever the rate is….I don’t know….I’m leaning towards 1 to 1…but if we do not see oil go up soon….and I’m looking to see it go up at least by the first week of February….
They are going to have to consider using that eraser like when they looked at the 10 cents then the 40 cents and now maybe even the 1 to 1….it’s possible we may have to look at something a little higher and forget about the whole concept of letting it free float…no we need the money now…that is enough of that nonsense….we got a lot of money printed…but the problem is it has no value….that is why we have no liquidity.
I believe that 2016 is the year we are going to see a change in the program rate of the Iraqi dinar and I believe the same thing is going to happen to the country of Iran…IMO….solely because the fact that 2 days ago 2 significant things happened to both of these countries at the same time….the CBI tells the banks get ready we are going international and Iran tells the world get ready we are going international because they just lifted our sanctions.
You can call it coincidence….I call it a nice plan that they are following.
DELTA: You remember Frankie that I talked on this subject and really believe that Iran and Iraq are really connected and remember when I told you a while back that the Board of Directors of the CBI…they have 3 or 4 directors high ranking officials that are very sympathetic to Iran. Why is it too that the western nations like the US and European countries are so willing to give Iran whatever they want.
Why was this deal struck so fast, all feeling that they had to agree so quickly with Iran. The only thing that comes to mind is it has to also be linked to the Iraqi dinar. Even with Maliki why do you think he would delay things when Shabibi was ready….don’t you think Iran knows the plan….IMO…Iran is well aware of the UST and other treasuries in other countries holding dinar….IMO Iran is aware.
Frank: I just said before you came on they are about to release $100 billion frozen assets for Iran and that is why….IMO….Iran can run with their Monetary Reform much faster than what Iraq had to…Iraq was under a Marshall Plan….they were under a program rate….the Iranian Rial….no that is a completely different story….they had no war….they didn’t have to rebuild their banks or their industry, their government….they have everything they need.
They landed with their feet running….and that is why they were so cocky in December and I have the article where they said we are going to lift the value of our currency on June 1st 2016…..I thought you can’t do that…but the more I studied and realized…..good God these guys are much farther advanced than what Iraq was with their reforms….and then on top of that….they got stuff that we want and that is your point DELTA….as much as I hate to say it….where do you keep your enemies Family….at a distance….of course not…..you keep them right at your chest…you can feel their heart beat, you can smell their body odor (YUCK)…..you can count their breaths (Here’s a mint)…..that is intel you want about your enemy.
It is so ironic that in today’s war…cyber war we don’t go to war we instead kill each other financially now days instead of doing it with human lives. It is amazing we have gotten this close with our enemies because of the high technology of this world.
I dislike the fact that we are involved with China, Iran, and even Iraq, but I understand the need of it and I also know there were many deals that were done that I have to just be ignorant about….that is all there is to it.
DELTA: Absolutely Frankie…the Iranian Rial is already Article 8 compliant…the only reason they stopped using it was they were under sanctions….but it should be very easy for them to go international….
I do believe that it was in December that the Central Bank of Iran was stating by the middle of 2016 the Rial might go up in value….their stock market went up something like 1,000 points as soon as the announcement was made the sanctions had been lifted….so we know a lot of things are going to happen…the point behind all of this is what does the US gain from this…what does the European Union gain…nothing….profits will be made faster…even Iraq announced that the lifting of the Iran sanctions will make Iraq prosper….is this like letting the cat out of the bag…how will Iraq prosper…I do think this is all really big what we are seeing right now and we continue to keep watching what is going on.
Frank: I think this announcement is so big I can’t even measure it….think about it….they are not using their currency….they just told their banks….hey guys it’s possible we are Article 8 compliant because we go the 2% and our rate went from 1182 to 1180…that’s an increase…..it’s possible they are doing the math to finish this and take it to 1 to 1 or whatever rate….it’s possible….so we better get ready….start getting ready to receive international money…..the Mexican peso….the Canadian Looney….whatever currency…and when we get this currency and we exchange it for ours we are going to make a profit…..and the banks say to the CBI….what profit is there at 1180….look just be patient there is new math coming…but right now we gotta put our socks on because the shoes are coming.
DELTA: I read an article a while back that I translated to the Family….we have to work with whatever we have right now…..but by the way the international rate is under study and as soon as we get the report and we get the answer from the international community about the rate then we will let you know how much it is….so this is what they have been telling the banks…..so we have the IMF report if you haven’t read it go look for it and read it……definitely this is the year that Iraq has to move to Article 8 and when they move to Article 8 it won’t be at 1180….Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world today….but remember they have had to spend a lot of money for the army to defeat the terrorists….they do need to move quickly now IMO…..and thank God they have the backing of the IMF and the WB…and I do believe it will be faster than what a lot of us might think.
Frank: This guy in the article that WS posted I think he finally just decided to confess what he knew.
I have a file that we wanted to talk about it is a study on double-dipping but I am going to save it for tomorrow. I think it is the right time to talk about it because you see the speed that the IMF is going through with the Iraqi dinar is what is going to prevent double-dipping….the IMF….we should not be so cocky…we should not be so vain that we think we are going to pull one over on the IMF. The IMF knows about double-dipping and they know about all the currencies…who’s in what basket….but I also feel from this study we have here they are not going to allow double-dipping which in turn to us can only be equated to one thing…the Iraqi dinar is first and that is why they are beating it up like crazy right now….and we are going to stick to our guns and they have a contract they will fulfill in the first half of this year.
Family if you want to ask us any questions go ahead and post them.
Oh by the way DELTA many of the Family did go and study the pdf files and a number saw and realize Articles 18, 19, and 20 and saw that it talked about replacing their exchange rate…this is all wonderful.
Question: Will we ever be able to exchange Rials for USD’s.
Answer: Our reserves have the Rial in it….if we cannot exchange it what is it doing in our reserves. I remember this it came from another site and is garbage.
Question: An article today from the CBI encouraging the private banks to push loans to the private sector isn’t this evidence of them being out of Article 8.
Answer: It’s food for thought….what is going on….as soon as they pass what the IMF wants they will be Article 8…remember a long time ago the IMF told them you have to implement the tariffs and lift the 000’s…and now the IMF looks like they agreed to that…Iraq has basically to lift the 000’s….
Now we know what is going on an that is why you don’t see the Iraqi dinar in any bank in Europe because if they don’t do the currency reform they will never see Article 8….we do believe the currency reform and the rate and then they will be Article 8 compliant…..first the rate then Article 8…..they are under review…they have to do certain things in order to get Article 8…A + B + C = Article 8….order…order must be done in order….the currency reform….lift the 000’s….revalue the currency….then IMF will agree to move them to Article 8….
They have clearly move all restrictions from the IMF report…..don’t be surprised to see it revalue but not be international….if you hear it is 1 to 1 tonight, don’t expect that to be seen or accepted in Wells Fargo right way…it will take time…..they already are collecting 000’s by using the 50k, making it easier to phase things out….Iraq is moving as fast as they can….but don’t be surprised if you don’t see the rate at your bank right away….it will be coming.
To summarize where we are at DELTA give your opinion of where the Article 8, new math, etc….will they take all six months.
DELTA: No, they do have till the end of June to finish…but I think by sometime around March or April they should be done. They will have another banking conference that will be different than before….before I forget in that IMF report they said they have to remove the expression “exchange rate”….investors want to see that Iraq is serious about moving forward….they want to see benchmarks and no delays going forward….they should be moving very fast….be relaxed we are very close,
The CBI knows this, the government knows this….even Abadi has stated he wants this done as son as possible….he wants to pay international banking with his own currency and not have to dip into reserves…..to survive Iraq needs to comply and gain Article 8….they have to do something to make the dinars more than a dollar so look for something higher…..look for the market economy….all these investors and companies when they see Iraq is serious they will flood Iraq with construction and money….they wait on one thing…revaluation and Iraq moving forward. Be patient, 2016 will be our year. Love you all.
Frank: Love you too, talk to you tomorrow.
Family that was DELTA’s opinion and here is my opinion….I agree with DELTA….this is the first time since 2008 that I believe the program rate will be removed with mathematics that are being calculated now and that things will be turned around in this first half….
I still believe the price of oil will turn around by sometime in February….the price of oil can be manipulated with the blink of an eye….but are they ready for that….I don’t think that is a scare tactic they use now….I do believe they use sanctions as a threat.
I will leave you with this….tomorrow after the Bible study I am not sure I even want to talk, but on Wednesday yes.
We are Christians here at KTFA….take the Holy Bible Revelation Chapter 6 Verse 6 as we pray in closing.
Walkingstick:  An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
1/19/2016 0:00
BAGHDAD Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
stressed global stock representative in Iraq Osama Mahmoud importance of unifying laws and legislation governing economic action, pointing to the importance of linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy and thus achieve a monetary value to him in front of the world’s currencies, which in turn will give the power of the economic process within the country.
He said in an interview «morning»: that the Iraqi economy at the current stage needs to be clearly defined, pointing out that the laws relating to the economic aspect is still pursuing regulations socialist formula in the economic management of the sector, while economic and trade process pursues an open economy approach or the so-called (the market economy) .
He noted that this duplication of inevitably the economic file management will produce an economy is uncertain, Dhi different results, and here you must know that all the major industrialized nations rely open market that adopted in the production processes and import and export operations theory, and therefore, the state of commercial exchange between the countries process It must be built on a unified economic system.
Mahmoud said, an example of the reality of the Iraqi economy, it continues to rely on letters of guarantee granted to the traders to complete the import of goods operations, and this means limited to Iraqi criticism within the banks, and then prevent the spread of the Iraqi dinar in international markets, and the result was to weaken the value of the dinar and the inability to use it outside the borders of Iraq, noting the importance of the introduction of the Iraqi dinar to global markets.
He continued by saying that the most important results of the unification of laws with economic applications in a market economy theory is to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy and thus achieve the monetary value of the dinar against the global currency This in turn will give the power of the economic process in Iraq.
He said that the entry of the Iraqi dinar investment and thus can any investor to keep the Iraqi dinar as an investment in the currency market, there is no harm in raising the ceiling of printing the local currency as long as there are cash lid covers the domestic currency trading volume in global markets, also contributes to reduce hard currency emerging from Country, where traders will be able to import goods in Iraqi dinars, as well as an end to the black market phenomenon the fact that traders do not need to buy hard currency to finance their business operations.
Mahmoud said that linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy leads to obviate the need for an auction of hard currency, which will determine the dinar exchange rate universally Iraqi against a basket of world currencies, helping to rewrite the business model of the private banks, instead of banks reliance on letters of guarantee and daily quota of hard currency given to it by the central bank on which the banks in achieving their profits, the introduction of banks investment as a project In the major internal and external business processes to take an active role in the country’s economy in the Renaissance.