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Aggiedad77:  Here are the Dessert Notes from last night’s Bible Study…..as you can see they are rather short and in my ink…..these are notes that I took from Frank yesterday as we talked on the phone….enjoy.  Aloha   Randy
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CC Notes from Tuesday 01-26-2016
These are notes that were shared with me earlier today from Frank.

At the time that Frank contacted me this afternoon he had not heard any reports from TEAMS. Given that lack of information we still know some things that are happening with Iraq…..I mean Iran….why do they have to have such common close names and be neighbors, that’s crazy.
So let’s talk for a bit about Iran….we know that Iran is pushing Iraq at this point….probably something that was unexpected by a lot of people….if you think back to however many years ago when you got into this investment….Iran probably was not high on the radar screen at that time….but certainly things have changed.
We see today that one way to look at things is that Iraq has had their hand grabbed by Iran and Iran seems to be leading them down whatever path they are going right now….you have to be careful….and I think some people on the forum today recognized this…..be careful about comparing one against the other……because it’s like you have an apple cart…..and over there is an orange cart….and maybe they weigh about the same but not much else is the same between the two…..
where Iraq has taken years to get to the point where they are at today….they suffered through sanctions and even tyrannical leadership in the past and even through some recent years….and not to say that Iran hasn’t also suffered with sanctions for the past 20 plus years or so…..but the fact remains it has taken Iraq years to get to this point where we are today….and I’m just really reiterating some things that Frank talked about last night if you were on the Monday night call…..the last 10 years have been a real struggle for Iraq….
But what Iraq is witnessing with their next door neighbor……Iran is going through the same process but it seems like it’s taking them only a matter of weeks or months that they have evolved…..and that has to make Iraq really mad….making them so very jealous….to the point where Abadi, Dr. Shabibi, even the whole government framework has to really feel like they are being pushed aside.
You know all of the world for the last few weeks have been really focused on what is going on with Iran….what does Iran have to offer….what can we offer Iran for their oil…..or for this or that…..to create trade….how do we become a player with Iran….how can we invest in their situation.
Talk about taking the spotlight….and moving it so many degrees by the global community…..the international community…..moving this spotlight away from Iraq over to Iran…..all of a sudden Tehran is in the limelight….that is crazy….and the people of Iraq are seeing this….they know this…..and the ones in power from the Holy Man Sistani on down…..none of them are happy about it.
Frank talked on the phone with me about the example of going to the prom….he’s used that example several times….you have two girls that are getting ready for the prom…..who are you going to ask….who do you want on your arm when you walk through the door into the ballroom….obviously the prettiest girl….the one who turns all the heads….and they are busy…..putting on makeup….they are getting their hair done….they’ve been out shopping and spending Dad’s money looking for the best looking dress….because they want to look radiant that night….and that is where we are….who is going to be that choice.
I hope by the call tomorrow night we will have more intel….and I am sure Frank will have more to discuss by that time….as that is about all that I have to share with you.
I do want to do one thing before we go….I want to reach out to one of our KTFAlways.com forum members, RUAL12…..who stepped out on his own today and offered an opinion of what he saw from the articles that WalkingStick has put out in the past 12-48 hours or so….and I thought he did an exceptional job….that is a hard thing to do…and I give AL a lot of credit for what he did…
It’s tough to read those articles and some of you have even commented on this yesterday and today….they are not the easiest thing in the world to comprehend…probably 99% of those articles have been translated in one form or another and they don’t always translate in the best format…sometimes it almost appears like gibberish….and I’m not trying to talk down about the Arabic language either…..it’s a struggle….
I can remember back in 2009 when I first got involved with this….looking at some of the articles that were put out by the newshounds we had back in those days….I thought….what planet did this stuff come from….it sure wasn’t what I was used to reading at that time….and I won’t say that I’ve gotten good with it over the years….but I guess I get better at reading left to right and right to left at the same time and it all kind of meets in the middle…..and I mean that as a joke….
But sometimes that feels like what you are doing to get to a level of understanding with what is going on….anyway I just wanted to reach out and touch AL….I don’t know if he’s on the call or not….but I want him to know that I appreciate his effort today because I know that was a struggle for him to share…..and I appreciate his effort….and anybody else that has done that…..your efforts are also appreciated.
You know Frank thrives with seeing people interact on the forum….I think it is time for me to be quiet….to close things out with a prayer.
Dismissed with a prayer.