KTFA CC (Notes by Denaridori)

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KTFA Monday Night CC (Notes by Denaridori)
Frank26:  Good Morning to You KTFA FAMILY ………
What we delivered yesterday was not easy ……… Yet Essential IOO.
Your questions are good and I will answer most of them tonight post BIBLE STUDY CC.

Please continue to ask and post them.
May I Kindly offer this :   Why only hear ……… No RV in January?
Yet not listen to what we said about the 1st quarter of 2016?
I said IRAQ messed up IMO on the 1/1/16.
Never said the 1st quarter was flushed down the toilet.
Then fortified it with USA and Britain busting down the doors at the UN for a request of a frightful tactic that simply SCARES THE HELL OUT OF IRAQ……….. SANCTIONS !!!
Now ………….. To consider that this FEAR is backed up by ….. TWO ……… More months called FEBUARY and MARCH………….. Is Wonderful………. Not a wasteful delay.
I LOVE THE LAVA FLOW ………… I wish I could make it easier on some with less hope. But my TEAMS and I are fascinated by this journey. It prepares us for the next one.
Then there is the desperation of some GOI’s suggestion about their own IDEA of a MR ……….. LOL !!! That was as dumb an idea ………. As I am ……….. :))
Anyways ……….. As I said ……. Very Proud of our posters today……… TY.
C U 2night …………. Let’s Talk ………………. Let’s Roll ……. 😉
KTFA:  Frank26: Here are the CC NOTES from DENARIDORI………. Please enjoy ……… Please re-think.
KTFA CC – MONDAY, JAN. 4, 2016  By Denaridori
Frank26:  We’re going to start talking about the IQD investment….
The last time we were together, Family, was when I called an Emergency CC on Friday. Was it an emergency? I thought it was. If any of you thought that I shouldn’t have entitled it as an ER call, ‘m sorry…especially on the 1st. Everybody calls me…people call to say nice things, people call to say not nice things…I suppose I should have called it just a CC.
I give you my word not to ever call it an ER CC – if I want to talk to you other than our normal meeting times, I just call it a CC ….I think that Friday CC helped a lot of people because that following Saturday, many saw what I was telling you…Many saw it and just walked right by it…I was surprised.
Remember I was telling you about a month ago, I started to get net reports them. WE are copied and pasted. In fact, HI! I would love to say some names of those people with us – there are a lot of gurus listening to us right now. A lot of gurus listening…I’m not going to take that as a bad thing.
My name is Frank, and I’m actually honored because we see your names on line with us …we see the pattern and it’s not on Tuesdays. It’s usually on Wednesday ‘s. There’s two people on the internet on Thursday and Friday – I’m not going to say that they’re repeating, let’s say their studies are parallel as our studies. This is not the time to be champions of intel – God bless them – but there are…90% are just talking and God bless them. But we have found one – I shouldn’t say two – that’s almost word-for-word.
Remember when we told you it was going to be from RI to an RV. This individual started using those words. So, we’re just curious..you see, We kept quiet on Friday and I told you 1166 – 1182 – and 1190 …they did it the next day too! A lot of people said, Oh no!! They lowered the value (rate). Just like the article came out and we told you it would say this is going to be bad for the citizens. –
What was the first thing? 2% compliant with the IMF
What was the other thing? Raise the value of your currency!
IMO, FAMILY – MY OPINON ONLY – MY OPINION….that was supposed to happen on January 1, 2016.
There’s no drama here…I’m pausing for a very, very good reason…so let’s continue.
So what happened the time before that when we got together on Friday, Dec. 31st – we got together on Wed., the 30th – What did we talk about? SECURITY WAS REALLY IMPORTANT TO YOU AND YOUR TEAMS…..Do you think we saw evidence of that Security from Wed. to today? — Yeah, I believe security is doing well.
Family, I want to show you on that night – the 29th or night of 30th… I want to show you the Wall Street Journal – ISLAMIC STATE FLEES KEY CITIES. We had our conference call with you and we told you security was very important for this to happen for us. All together…1…2…3… FALLUJIAH!!
The way we told you about Ramadi and Mosul…and you found out about it…and you’re going to find out about it very soon. Well, look at the WSJ on Saturday. What did we tell you Abadi would do with these 3 cities. IRAQIS HOIST THEIR FLAG AS VICTORIOUS OVER THE ISLAMIC STATE IN RAMADI.
Your notes should show you that a flag should be planted…and in different cities. We told you that Wednesday and I showed you 2 pages from the WSJ – How will we know there’s security, Frank? Abadi will PLANT THE FLAG AND WILL LET YOU KNOW.
We also tried to teach you – and by the way, this review is important to go through these files….and listen….for you gurus who are from other places that you represent, I pray for you – and you pray for me – IMO, our job is soon over. It’s soon over. I ask you to please to tell the truth in all things…don’t exaggerate, don’t lie or try to get attention. This is so important right now.
We also try to teach you a sequence of military..how the military appears and the security of the middle east . Look at your notes from EXACTLY A YEAR AGO….around September almost to date…We told you that the USA is about to imply a new middle eastern policy in Iraq. Remember that? So you saw the coalition form…the policy wasn’t the coalition forming LOL — (Start over.)
Repeat: We tried to teach you the sequence of how the military will deal with the security in Iraq. I believe that victory as we’ve been telling you is only for the Iraqi family and when Abadi planted the flag it was for their victory. We think that a new policy in the middle east BY the USA was established right around Sept of this past year….and the new policy wasn’t about the new coalition was formed, but on a new attitude the USA would have as to how we would approach the middle east.
Then, you saw the new attitude. We gave Iran …we let them out of the doghouse. The new plan in the ME took effect and allowed our security to really become rampant as you can see in the WSJ and the articles walkingstick brings up.
I want you to know this Fallujiah is something you’re going to be reading about because all these victories of all these cities will bring forth the monetary reform. Other reforms are going about their business right now…yeah It’s the new year. – Well, why didn’t they tell me? Why are you so vain? They don’t have to anything – not a single thing and they’re not, are they?
And many gurus are coming to KTFA to find out what they’re saying so they can go back to their place so they can teach…because they have gained the confidence that 3 days later whatever we say…there it is. But there is one guru, IMO, right now is saying TOO MUCH. We’ll cover it tonight…won’t mention the name, but I will cover it because I THINK WHAT THEY’RE DOING IS DANGEROUS. We know when to put a ceiling on whatever we’re telling you….IMO, others should consider that too. This is MILITARY – you don’t need to be a champion of that.
The battlefield of advances, as we told you, each victory is in Iraq at that moment. Therefore, we said to you, we’re very happy about the 1ST QUARTER IN 201
As you listen tonight…you’re going to say – that must have changed. No….nothing has changed. Our intel has not changed, but you’re going to learn a lot of things tonight you did not know.
There is one guru who does know…and we’re surprised about…that has talked about one of our files that we were very surprised that anyone would have the nerve to talk about it. I believe you understood me Wed. night…because I believe, you know, Squirrel! – Because I believe Friday when we talked, you were COMFORTED with the understanding about the 1166-1180-1190…that’s so important. IN fact the very first we started this conference call that’s so important.
We told you they’re looking for the TRIFECTA on the 31st-1st. What was that trifecta? We were looking for the tax and tariffs…and we were looking for lower denom’s? We we don’t need to look for the LD’s right now – other things are happening that’s so important for the MR.
Everybody was hoping we’d see this on the 31st -1st…Let me try that again. EVERYBODY was HOPING we would see something on the 31st-1st. E-V-E-R-Y-0-N-E on this planet had expectations for the 1st of 2016.
They had contracts…I don’t want to hear the stuff about retroactive. I know…
but are you serious?
A long weekend, at the beginning of the year – a perfect opportunity.
Are you serious?
So, we had an ER CC on that Friday – they didn’t do it on the 31st-1st …our RI to RV…they’re still in the RI. So, what happened. T’s only getting them closer and closer. But shouldn’t they have done it on the 31st? — Yeah.
Security is evolving…it’s telling us exactly where we’re at at every moment, not only in Iraq, but in all of their policies and all of their reforms. The battlefield is going very well, family.
I want you to remember on that Friday ER CC – we wanted to tell you THERE’S A SELL RATE and an EXCHANGE RATE. Yes, there is…The sell rate is inside of the country at 1182 and when citizens go into the banks …and there’s also the 1190 exchange rate when you go into the kiooffs(?)the brokers, money-lenders. Because the difference between those 2 numbers is the profit for the broker.
Well, if I were a citizen and didn’t want to buy it from a broker, can I just buy it from the bank…yep, but you’d buy it at 1182. This would encourage their citizens to come into the bank, right? –Boy, you’re smart! —
I understand, there’s 2 RATES…you say it’s a PARALLELL RATE? Yeah – You know that ER CC on Friday night …yeah….walkingstick put out a big giant article saying it’s a parallel rate. Yeah….we like to give you words you’ll see the next day…why? Because it reminds you of us and tells you we’re on the right track. You know when you find a penny and another penny and another…So, if you find the keyword and the next keyword…you remember where it came from, don’t you? LOL
Frank26:  You’re gonna love this CC….So, now that you understand that there’s a dual rate and we gave you a comparison about what Venezuela once did with 4 rates, you understand what the ERCC was about.
The American dollar since we had that call is going UP AGAIN…It keeps going…one month low, one month high, etc. Coincidence, I’m sure….right? LOL
There’s so much…like this page right here…let me tell you the trifecta, we said, was turning into a TETRA…what was the 4th part? OIL – Yeah, I know way back in the first week in Sept you told us the price of oil was going to go drop dramatically and then go back up in the middle of January 2016…and we all said – Bah! — So, Sept, Oct., Nov., Dec, I was made to look like a fool and I guess I deserved it because I shouldn’t have given you that information too early.
So, it turns out after the ERCC, the following day the barrel of oil was $32 after Friday’s CC. Then the following Saturday it went to $36 and then Sunday $37 and I think today it’s $37 point.something. GOING UP – just like we told you.
All of this, look at your notes, I know it’s confusing because there’s so many things going on, but they all lead back to one central point. We actually thought a barrel of oil would hit $20 but because IN MY OPINION ABOUT JAN. 1ST 2016, it’s started faster than we thought. We thought at least the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week of January. It’s going to get to about $40-45 before the 1st quarter 2016 is over with. – Are you all listening…it’s going to go to $40-45 before the end of the 1st quarter in 2016.
Saudi Arabia was asked by the USA to reduce the price of oil so we could CHOKE OUT ISIS…It worked, but then SA just a few weeks ago said it’s time to get our price back up…Okay – then I gave you a list of those countries and who was on that list. – IRAN?
Yeah…So, IMO, Iran got really, really angry that they’re not going to make the money when their sanctions were lifted….. but you do have to punish them because Iran sent missiles they should have…So, Iran didn’t like that and said, hey, you killed one of our clerics. – Well, you do know that this holy man of yours that was living in SA with us was basically here to cause trouble, you know. No he wasn’t. – How dare you! You don’t kill a holy man! –You’ve gotta point (ha) ME brother, but we did. – I know! – Tell you what…just pay them anything – I don’t care, give them a bottle of booze.
You! Get to Saudi Arabia’s embassy – get out their and ransack SA’s embassy here in Iran…and they did. Why? Well when you don’t make the money they were promised were and they push back—you killed one of our holy men.– We killed him a while ago. – Who cares, you killed him!
Well, what do you want? — RAISE THE PRICE OF OIL…That’s it! And tell your king he’s a bozo. Listen we’re the house of Asad…you don’t talk to us that way…Iran – up yours! –Infidels (they’re not infidels) Whatever! They start yelling at each other verbally, but it was to cover up the truth, IMO, that OIL NEEDS TO GO BACK UP NOW.
So, Iran says tell your king with what he did with our cleric guy is really frowned upon…Oh, shut up!! Okay – tell your king we’re really pissed of because the price of oil is so low and we’re using this other thing as an excuse…Is that okay with you? —Oh, shut up…I don’t want to talk to you.
And sure enough, SA and Iran don’t want to talk, with their oil, that is….even though they’re sitting in a tree, K-I-SS-I-N-G…Iran says, Hey! We’re going to put a ceiling on our production. –Hold on, let me figure that out. Who you saying that to? — You, Saudi Arabia. – I thought so…let me figure this out.
Iran is mad with us because we lowered the price of oil, wants us to raise it back up so that they can start making money, especially in this first quarter… But Iran is saying they’re going to put a CEILING (a stop) to the production of oil.
And they’re already shipping to everybody….China and all. But if they’re going to put a ceiling to the production of oil, that means that the DEMAND of oil will go UP…and if SUPPLY IS LOW, the PRICE GOES UP! Dah! Okay – is that what you want us to tell the king? –Okay! I don’t want to talk to you guys….bye!! LOL
SA depleted their reserves to help the USA to deal with the killing and the removing of ISIS. They did a good job! As far as what the king did…Hey—we don’t know nothing, man! We don’t speaka the English, Lucy…go splain Lucy…LOL I don’t’ know nothing. LOL
So, the royal family in SA was upset maybe within their own house…within the accusations of Iran, and Iran just wants to go to war with anybody. They don’t care….Look at that camel! He looked at me wrong…blow him up! LOL Boom! There, you see. I exaggerate, but isn’t it true…they want to pick a fight with anybody and that’s why I call them the End Times.
We have a new policy – I know it’s in my notes here, Frank– we’re more western friendly, we’re more business savvy, you know. LOL – So the King of Saudi Arabia –Abdul Salam ? – Bless his heart…You all know – it’s been in the newspapers — the man has A alzheimers. It’s been in the newspapers…His family made…Oh, I better n….it’s nothing new.
So, they made a decision to DECREASE THEIR SUPPLY, INCREASING THE DEMAND AND THE PRICE… Our teams feel that at one point – ONE POINT in 2016 a barrel will be between $50-70 dollars. IMO, that’s when we are deeper into the RV. The barrel of oil actually hit a new low of $32 a barrel…and we even told you we didn’t think that was the bottom, but because of something IMO they did NOT DO ON JAN. 1ST…we now have to raise the price of oil. And, it’s ON TARGET, ON TIME, REHEARSED, PRESENTED, THEATRICALLY.
BTW, by next weekend, Iran will forget about Saudi Arabia. SA is a Sunni government and the cleric they killed was a Shiite from Iran. He was executed..it caused a lot of problems. But this Shiite was outspoken..he was part of the march that caused a lot of problems out there. Granted, it is VERY HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY unusual for a ME to kill a ME brother.
I believe the House of Saad and their regime will move forward. I believe the king will be taken care of, but this is an opportunity – and it was presented before Jan. 1st, 2016 – you’re reading about it today and ….this.
WSJ today – SA BREAKS WITH IRAN AND IT FUELS A CRISIS. In all honesty, IMO, this is so we could have the fuel to avoid the monetary reform crisis…again this is IMO.
Now, the thing is, that IMO, they didn’t take advantage of this…and IMO, there are going to be some serious consequences if Iran doesn’t complete the monetary reform within the first quarter of 2016. I’m talking about some serious repercussions. You think that Iran is a problem???
Iraq messed this up – messed this up – this monetary reform and watch hell reign upon your country. Watch the anger of the international world that sacrificed so much to get in a long line waiting for YOU. You think ISIS was a problem? You think ISIS was a problem to mess up this MR of your currency that so many …into.
Meanwhile, the battlefield is going very well, family. Iraq…IMO, I had an expectation from you on Jan. 1st, 2016 and you disappointed me. And, if you do not do your MR with your currency in the 1st quarter of 2016, there will be a revolt of epic proportions against your country.
If you think all those 20+ years you were under IMF sanctions …..mess this up, Iraq. I DARE YOU.
Do you know how many politicians took a cut in salary 1/3 of their pay??? Actually, mess this up CBI…mess this up Allak.
The House of Saad is strong…the price of oil is going to climb dramatically.
BTW…is this going to be bad with our investment with the Iraqi Dinar? — Let me put it this way …what’s going on with Iran and Saudi Aravia…it’s the opposite of security, but I believe in a few days it will be forgotten. This is Iran’s way of saying…what’s the matter with you, man…I want to make money. I thought on the 1st we were going to make money…what happened?
I’m going to leave 4this alone, but I don’t want…You see that cleric wasn’t innocent. He was part of a bombing in a mosque that was intel, but, you know what? He chose the wrong king to do this with, and, unfortunately, SA reacted to the point what they did not. SA will move internationally for their own because they know what this cleric did. As far as Iran…hey, it’s Iran, for God’s sake…they just want to kill everybody.
I’ve learned that the more I teach, the more questions. This is more about oil….because IRAN IS ABOUT TO COME ON BOARD….and Iran was one of the 5 founding companies of OPEC…Iran found a way to make money….not waste a lot of time. There’s a lot of ugliness in these reforms and not always what’s told to you. This ugliness has helped oil to go UP in the 1st quarter in 2016 – the way we told you – 2 birds with one stone because OIL HAS FINALLY DONE ITS JOB. – Let’s roll!
This oil may be not directly with the monetary reform but much to do with oil that will be the FUNDS with the 2016 budget. Don’t touch my money, says Iran. We were supposed to start making money by now, IMO….Chasing trouble is the mantra of Iran. These actions were not unexpected from Iran. THESE ACTIONS WERE NOT UNEXPECTED BY IRAN…everything is calculated! A snake is a snake…then why did you let him in your home, your bed? TO MAKE MONEY WITH OIL!!
I told you oil the whole world runs and is made by oil…oil does not run away from its true price and it’s going up…mission accomplished. Look for $42 next week for a barrel of oil.
Now, this next part…why don’t pray…(guide is for about what we’re going to say). The tax and tariffs we know have not been implemented…not active…and we also know there’s not much product at the border.
But I want you to know something. Yesterday, Sunday, THE GOI….there was a ratification of the 2016 budget yesterday afternoon in Baghdad in the GOI. They ratified the 2016 budget and THEY ALL SIGNED IT….which is they passed it. RATIFICATION SIGNED AND PASSED YESTERDAY. Is there an article about it? No.
The 2016 budget law…you’re being introduced to something new….please write down. The 2016 BUDGET LAW IS NOW GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED AND IMPLEMENTED. And, until we have the budget law, you will not have a budget for 2016.
Now, guess where this budget law needs to be put…and we think we’re going to see it this week. – Wait a minute, Frank…what did he say? ….BUDGET LAW? I don’t know about no stinkin’ BUDGET LAW…what are you talking about. The Budget Law is what activates the 2016 budget and we believe within the next 72 HOURS THE BUDGET LAW WILL BE PRINTED IN THE GAZETTE.
Ready for this? Guess where the budget law is? INSIDE THE 2016 BUDGET….NO!! So when they announced they introduce the 2016 budget because of that law? Yep – Is that why we don’t have a budget yet? — Yep! –the budget’s coming? -Yep!
This new budget law, family….will be put into the Gazette, but I want you to know what we found out today. THERE ARE NO TAX AND TARIFFS RIGHT NOW..at the borders or anywhere, not until this new budget law is IMPLEMENTED…MEANS INTO A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT FORM AND THE GAZETTE IS THE UNIVERSAL TYPE OF NEWSPAPER USED. Well, what is the ETA …what’s the estimated arrival of the 2016 budget law….no it’s inside the budget. Okay – when will we see the budget of 2016. Like we said, WE THINK THIS WEEK. It’s a new law that APPROVES THE BUDGET….it’s right on the heels…they just signed it yesterday and for them to put it in the Gazette.
The new budget law that has the T & T’s (Tax’s and Tarrif’s) in it….WHAT?? I said, the NEW BUDGET LAW THAT HAS THE TAX AND TARIFFS IN THE 2016 BUDGET…that’s what’s going to MOVE IT FORWARD.
The budget is NOT PART OF THE LAW…these are 2 separate entities…once is a law that’s activated once it’s put in the Gazette. In other words, we have two cats with the same tail. You mean you have one cat with two different tails…whatever! LOL
This budget law brings in the new budget of 2016 – I understand – and the other one IS THE BUDGET THEY SIGNED YESTERDAY….the one that was NEVER SIGNED BEFORE…by the president. There were articles that said he never signed it. – That’s right! How did we miss that? — I don’t know…that’s your problem. LOL You see, family, that new budget law, IMO, it’s been approved but IT NEEDS TO BE IN THE GAZETTE. So, let’s see what happens this week –they approved it, ratified and passed it.
Do you know why the taxes and tariffs are inside the 2016 budget, family? Because the price of oil and the T & T’s are kissing cousins. We just have not seen all of this…it’s the 4th…1st, 2nd, 3rd…that’s why I thought…I better tell them….that this is where we’re at. And the following day, there’s the article. Parallel rates, we have a sell rate, and established at 1190 is that sell rate and we’re WORKING ON THE EXCHANGE RATE! Wasn’t that a cool article?
That night I told walkingstick…go ahead, put it out. And, it’s from GOI …How ya doing? Well, we’re working on the budget and the funds for the budget and we’re also looking and studying the exchange rate for the budget. Walkingstick – put those articles up so we can read them again. – When I say MARK 1, MARK 2, MARK 3…you should consider saving them.
So, we didn’t get our trifecta…no, we’re getting the tetra-hedro….And whatever nonsense and whatever drama that they gave you for raising the price, it is what we told you. I’m not happy they did not raise the exchange rate on Jan. 1st, because IMO they were supposed to.
The budget itself, to be approved and put in the Gazette…these are the steps now. I wanted it the week before the end of the year. Why didn’t you tell us? There’s so many things I can teach you. There’s so much time I can give it to you so other gurus can take it to their sites and teach it.
Oh, no, no, no, that’s not being a jerk…that’s me telling you the patterns as we’ve been studying it for almost 3 weeks now. And there’s ONE GURU out there that is almost saying EXACTLY – they use our RI-RV almost word for word, which is okay, but remember when I talked to you about the House of Saad….I fear that this guru overstepped his boundaries and started giving a lot of details that he shouldn’t of…but that’s just my opinion.
It will be put in the Gazette and it has the T & T’s in it which is what they’re going to add additional to the oil revenues…You see, we know that…ADDITIONAL TO THE OIL REVENUES.
You also will not see any grants, loans, tax and tariffs…these are the weapons that will fuel the 2016 budget. Grants? — Yeah.
So, from the 31st to the 1st…to me, it was a bummer. Maybe it’s a formality step – these steps we’re telling you, I don’t know, but I do know they are progressing and I’m happy and I know they’ve got the first quarter LEGALLY with the 2016 CONTRACTS WITH THE IMF AND BIS FOR THE 1ST QUARTER.
This budget law that the internet doesn’t know about yet…and if they do, God forgive me, great…This budget law is a specific, article #24, that tells of the ADDITIONAL FUNDS THAT WILL FUEL THE 2016 BUDGET. Pretty cool, huh? And the additional oil funds and T & T’s all have discussed, it but without any of this in the Gazette, all of this is just frozen. They cannot activate the 2016 budget without making it formally announced and that’s why, in all honesty, you have not seen the budget. So you know what to look for, okay?
I think the budget and tax and tariffs are twins…I think they’ve both been ratified and approved and both have been approved…and I think now we need to see it in the Gazette…and this part of the Gazette is no big deal…that’s the easy part …just see it in the Gazette.
You know, kinda like the ERCC we had with 1166-1182-1190….that information had to be given to you in order for you to understand the budget. The activation and implementation in the Gazette is needed to move forward. This budget is LOADED….I keep telling you…My God, it’s full of stars!!
An article said that the GOI is working on 2016 Budget to implement the gas and oil rights to the citizens THAT WILL NOW BE OFFERED TO THEM. —Holy Shiite!! Did you just hear that? — This budget ….what did we tell you? How many times did we tell you…family, THE HCL IS IN THE BUDGET….Yeah, whatever. Hey, Frank…does it have a rider? — Yeah, it has a rider. TA-DA-FRICKIN-DA!
So, how’s the budget now? — Well, we’re working on the budget …Well, they actually came out on Friday or Saturday – yeah, we’re looking at the 2016 budget and STUDYING OUR EXCHANGE RATE. – You mean a little extra something to jack that up.
Well, we projected our budget to be 105.8 trillion dinars but recently we took it to about 120 TRILLION DINARS..but our recent figures have almost jacked it up to….Wouldn’t you girls like to know…? LOL So, inside the budget not only is there a law that will activate it but once it’s put in the Gazette, but inside is the 4th part of the HCL….How many times did we said, THE MOMENT YOU SEE THAT HCL, it’s because THERE’S A RATE CHANGE.
(READING)How do you plug the budget deficit? –It was agreed to a legal oil and gas resources and EQUITABLE – even distribution and the wealth of the Iraqi people! Come on!!! And Sally’s gotta a ticket to ride! LOL Good God almighty – IT’S FULL OF STARS!!! Oil blowing up exactly what we told you in order to fulfill it in the first quarter. LOOK FOR THE BUDGET LAW. The devil is in the details….
I’m going to talk to you about the dong…but I don’t want to tell it to you just yet because I have to take you to another file. I have seriously thought about this…we don’t know, and I prayed about it, and here we go because you need this.
I told you…it used to be 3 days before intel changed…and I told you it’s almost every day, but it’s become, I even told you, quarterly – It seems like every 3 hours we learn something new out of Iraq every day.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you were looking for the RI and RV on Jan. 1st, but I’m here to tell you – and I really want you to pay attention. There will be NO RV IN JANUARY OF 2016 of the currency of Iraq, IMO. IMO, the USA and Britain are now at the United Nations.
IMO, they want to put more sanctions on Iraq…they want to slap the handcuffs on them because iMO they missed a very important date and as I started this conference call…mess it up, Iraq….And all hell will reign upon your country.
So, those that are in charge, and you thought all 12 families were from the USA…? So, IMO, this is more of a THREAT…it’s not so much a push..It’s not like they really will put sanctions on them…it’s like putting Allak around the neck and throwing him against the CBI wall and kicking him in certain parts until he can’t talk any longer while I ask him…WHY DID YOU MISS AN IMPORTANT DATE, YOU IDIOT. Dr. Shabibi told you what to do…IMO You know…Tell you what…you feel what’s up against you?
Do you feel that threat up against you? Mess it up again …and we will put sanctions on your country and we will throw you deeper than an abyss that you could never see the light from. You think Iran is mad??? WE ARE THE ONES WHO ROLLED THE DICE AND HAD TO GET IN BED WITH THOSE SOB and you’re going to MESS US UP? You’ve got another thing coming to you, sucker.
So, IMO – these are more punching him in the stomach, wherever – do what you’re told to do…and the two mighty forces that put 6 + 6 = 12 or less than a baker’s dozen …are at the UN…SAYING LET’S PUT SANCTIONS ON IRAQ BECAUSE THEY’RE STUPID and they’ll always be stupid. – You guys really want to put sanctions on them? — Shut up – Well, why are you here – Shut up – So, yeah, put 548 sanctions on them…..makes sure Abadi gets no cookies….wipe out all their banking..Oh, those granTs and loans…FORGET ABOUT IT! The LD’s…BURN ‘EM…You think you were in a hole.
So, it’s more about the US and Britain…that are POWERS THAT NEED TO BE OBEYED!! Because it’s time, Allak, and Dr. Shabibi told you what to do….and so did the IMF, if that matters?
The president didn’t sign the budget…price of oil isn’t going to support us. I wanted the 50k’s, you know…100k’s….Hey! — All right. As silly as I am in role-playing, that’s what it is.
Allak, IMO, IF HE DID ANYTHING B AD…he stepped on the heart of Iraq’s future. You don’t do that. Because the monetary reform is going to progress with or without negative people…Maliki or Allak or anyone complaining, but it’s a lava flow…you don’t stop the lava flow…you don’t stop this monetary reform. You don’t tell 12 – SORRY!!
IMO, the IMF is PISSED OFF! — How about those rates…they DIDN’T WHAT??? OMG…The IMF is angry and that’s why I’m sharing this that you don’t know about are occurring…Then, maybe you don’t know anything. If you do, good for you. It’ll probably be all over the internet tomorrow…it probably is already. LOL – I asked God not to be so cocky.
The IMF said to Iraq – You know that 1.2 – 1.4 billion we were going to give to Iraq in loans and grants..HELL NO! And that’s why you don’t see them. – And this just happened yesterday? — No, it’s been happening for a few days.
1-1-16 IMO was the date they missed and that’s why I tell you there is NO RV IN JANUARY….and that’s why I tell you to look for the BUDGET LAW in the GAZETTE. THEN WE CAN CONTINUE THIS MONETARY REFORM with still 2 months left in the 1st quarter of 2016. This monetary reform lava flow, kindly, please, you, me, just get out of the way cuz it’s coming.
The IMF is standing very fast on this. I mean, you also needs to know there is no justice law, no amnesty law, national guard law….it was just recently said that they’ll talk about it in February. None are in the Gazette…they’re a no go. All of these we need in the 2016 budget.
If…if….if…we see sanctions…cuz (Oh! Man! LOL) I think the sanctions they’re talking about right now would be monetary sanctions. What did Iran say? — Don’t touch my money! Leave it alone…I’m a middle eastern! Whatever! — We touch your embassy! – Shut up!
The MONETARY SANCTIONS — Sanctions means you can’t do anything with the world, and if you have MONETARY SANCTIONS – whewww!!! LOL What that means is they don’t even own their banks….hmmm…
Anyways, let’s just watch the oil prices to go up IN THIS MONTH, the budget law IN THIS MONTH, and let’s see how Iran deals in distributing oil to the rest of the oil because many of these other CURRENCIES IN A BASKET ARE LOOKING FOR BACK-UPS that would come from the RELATIONSHIP from all of these countries BUYING IRAN’S OIL. Whew! There I said it!
Iraq is not trying to mislead anybody…we gurus just don’t know what the heck we’re doing, though these conference calls set things in order, praise God! Iraq is not trying to mislead or hiding anything more. Here’s the truth: They’re telling the citizens and Saudi’s in more detail…and what the other guru is doing is dangerous. Anyways, they’re not misleading, they’re informing their citizens everything that happened yesterday and happened today – the citizens are listening.
You may say – how come you don’t hear about that? —Do you LIVE in Iraq? Do you have friends, family or military that can tell you what we’re telling you? Do you read everything? Do you get the morning newspaper from Iraq – well, 24 hours late? Do you keep up to date with everything? Do you watch United NN and watch all those television stations? —You don’t?
I can tell you IRAQ IS GOING ABOUT THEIR MONETARY POLICY JUST FINE WITHOUT TELLING YOU ANYTHING…It’s not like we have to have our morning newspaper to know about our monetary policy…but they’re telling their citizens left and right…and if you’ve got family, friends, or military out there – they’ll tell you, won’t they?
So, overall, to conclude our conference call, I believe this last file that we shared with you – these threats with the US and Britain from the UN…I believe they’re JUST THREATS…because we’re hurting ourselves too. And, if you apply those sanctions on Iraq, it’s going to hurt the war against terrorism.
Please pray for our brother, aggiedad, who has pneumonia. He’s not going to do the bible study tomorrow. Let’s start at 8:00 pm and I’ll do the bible study. I believe when the blessing comes, many will become god-like. I fear for myself…I fear for my own actions. Study Judges in the Old Testament, Chap. 8-22 and Judges 9:57.
Let’s talk about the VIETNAMESE DONG.
First of all, the Dong is the little brother of China. China should have given the VD the ability to grow in its exchange rate because in all honesty, from 1990 the economy in Vietnam has exploded. They have specific minerals – they do have a special niche. Ports, manufacturing…Vietnam never attacked anyone…Vietnam was attacked.
They’re a peaceful country and doing very good, but China refused to give help for 20 years to raise the value of their currency – the last time was in the middle of the 90’s just before their economy exploded. Unfortunately they’re very selfish, they’re communistic, they’re pigheaded and think they’re better than everybody else…
So, they never raised the value of their currency which, in turn…man, they took advantage of their tax and tariffs. They didn’t pay as much for things imported and vice versa…they’re China, what do you expect? And they take care of North Korea more than their little brother, Vietnam. That’s not cool.
The US got involved going into this new millennium and in turn our ….has grown even bigger. So, the USA says to Vietnam in 2011 – Hey, your big brother is not paying attention, is he? Nope….nope, nope.
Hey, your big brother we told to take care of their currency and to take care of you but they refused to do it. Yep.. And that’s why we’re doing business with you. So, why don’t we talk?
This was in Oct. 2011and the USA goes over there…and you saw Pres. Obama going to the middle east a lot. And we kind did some negations with them…one of the things we said…Guys, it doesn’t look like you’re going to get much help from the big brother so here’s what we’re going to tell you because you know, LOL, we’re the IMF…give me 5. LOL…The IMF is going to tell you to go away from a fixed rate and float your currency. —Vietnam says I don’t know if we can do that…do you know what China would do to us. I mean, that’s how they keep us on a leash.
So, 2011-12-13-14-15 they remained frightful. They didn’t do anything. Just recently – a month and a half ago there was a G-20 meeting….LOL …Then the US – I mean the IMF (LOL) – says why don’t you remove your fixed rate for your currency and make it a float…wink, wink. – We’d love to do that based on our economy and reserves…we’d love to do that. But come on, man, you know we can’t.
After the meeting and all these year, today this morning the VIETNAMESE DONG WENT FROM A FIXED RATE TO A FREE FLOAT. And this past week the Dong actually went up in value.
The article I think you’ll see it today or tomorrow…that says they went from a fixed rate to a MANAGED FLOAT…it’s okay – it’s a float, against the USA. For what reason? — TO BE MORE FLEXIBLE! LOL – You mean a change in rate, huh?
Christopher posted RUETERS – JAN. 3RD – Vietnam will announce a central rate for the dong /dollar starting each day on Monday shifting from a FIXED RATE to A LOT MORE FLEXIBILITY.
TA-DA!! It was yesterdays…but nobody on the internet had it (excuse me) – and Christopher…why didn’t you bring it to us yesterday? So, Vietnam just announced a new monetary policy – have fun with it!! If it turns out that you already know the things I talked about…good for you. If it turns out that you’ve learned some other things, good for you again!
Dismissed in prayer. (To have understand removes fear and doubt.)