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Samson:  Gallup Publishes A Poll Revealing The Extent To Which Iraqis Trust The Current Parliament

21st August, 2022

Gallup International Board member Munqith Dagher published today, Sunday, a poll indicating that the current Iraqi parliament has the least confidence, compared to previous sessions.

Dagher said in his blog post, followed by Earth News, “The current parliament has the least confidence that any Iraqi parliament has had since 2006, as the percentage of Iraqis in general who trust it is only 12%, according to the latest Iraqi public opinion poll conducted by the Gallup International Polls, and its results were announced yesterday.“

He added, “The lowest confidence rate in Parliament was in the southern governorates LINK

Samson:  In two governorates, employees close their departments because of the delay in salaries

21st August, 2022

Dozens of employees closed government departments in southern Iraq today, Sunday, to demand the renewal of their contracts and the payment of late salaries.

Shafaq News Agency’s reporter stated, “Dozens of daily wage workers in the Basra Oil Company closed the company’s building to demand the renewal of their contracts,” stressing that they “will not back down until the demands are implemented.”

And in Muthanna, “scientists closed the governorate health department building in order to demand the payment of their overdue salaries for 8 months.”  LINK


Samson:  Parties are pushing towards fighting’… The framework warns against ‘putting poison in honey’

21st August, 2022

The leader in the coordination framework, Muhammad Al-Shabki, warned today, Sunday, of many figures appearing on the media, who put “poison in honey” as if they wanted a fight between the supporters of the framework and the current.

Al-Shabki told (Baghdad Today), “Those who push for confrontation must be confronted by the law, because we cannot reach the stage of fighting with partners.”

On the different political parties and the existing crisis, Al-Shabki pointed out that “even if we disagree politically, the dialogue stage is the path that prevails between us. Therefore, we affirm that the next stage may witness a dialogue that pushes for a solution, especially since the coordinating framework gave the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri the full powers of dialogue with Al-Sadr.” LINK


Samson:  “Al-Jabr and Al-Jubouri” vow to reveal a corruption file that turns things upside down

21st August, 2022

The dismissed governor of Salah al-Din, Ammar al-Jabour, announced on Sunday that he will reveal files of financial corruption for all politicians without exception, calling for international protection for him and his family, while former MP Mishaan al-Jubouri hinted that he would also reveal corruption files.

Al-Jabr said in a tweet on Twitter, which was followed by Shafak News Agency, “I demand international protection for me and my family because what I will say will turn things upside down in Mesopotamia.” He added, “I will speak with explicit names and numbers, and I will not exclude anyone from them, and if I lose my life, Iraq and its oppressed people are more valuable than it (this video is of my innocence of Abu Mazen in front of you).”

In turn, former MP Mishaan al-Jubouri said, in a tweet commenting on al-Jabr’s tweet, which was followed by Shafak News Agency, “If Governor Ammar al-Jabr fulfills his promise and reveals what he has and I take a similar decision and reveal everything I have, I am sure that the Sadrist revolutionaries will go to other headquarters.”

Al-Jubouri pointed out that the revolutionaries “will not leave it (the headquarters) before overthrowing large heads, which will lead to a comprehensive change that will save Iraq from the grip of a tyrannical and corrupt group.”

On May 19, a parliamentary source revealed the dismissal of Salah al-Din Governor Ammar Jabor al-Jubouri from his position by order of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to the House of Representatives.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The reason for dismissal of Al-Jubouri came after the recommendation of the investigative committees in the Council of Ministers, which diagnosed the mismanagement of the province and the waste of public money, and accordingly the committees recommended in their report that the governor be relieved of his position.”

On the same day, the Iraqi parliament voted, in today’s session, to dismiss the governor of Salah al-Din Ammar Jabour al-Jubouri by an absolute majority.  LINK


Sir: IMO-If true, this will surely be the beginning of the new United Iraq. This, if true will unite the Iraqi people and they will be in the streets in every town N-S-E & W with clinched fist demanding arrest more than they are doing today.

This would be the go ticket IMO to implement the RI sense all their bases have been covered and any attempt to swindle new funds will lead to immediate arrest.

Let’s hope that this is true and he and his family are protected from the corrupt. I’m sure Kazemi has all exits covered and justice will be swift, because if true the people of Iraq will settle for nothing less. This will surely be an interesting couple weeks, I wonder if there is files on the SJC ? WOW big article….

Samson:  Media Line: An Iraqi official bought real estate worth $ 100 million in Baghdad

20th August, 2022

A report by the Media Line newspaper revealed that real estate sales in Baghdad are witnessing an imaginary boom in prices, as the numbers in some areas of the Iraqi capital exceeded their counterparts in several Arab and European capitals, making it impossible for families to buy homes

The report stated that “the price of a square meter of land in the Yarmouk area reached 11,000 dollars, and the bids of officials on particularly desirable plots amounted to 16,000 dollars per square meter, while in other areas of the capital, such as Al-Jadriya and Al-Mansour neighborhoods, west of Baghdad, where there are many from the embassies, the price of a square meter exceeds 3 thousand dollars, while the price of a square meter in the Zayouna area, east of Baghdad, is 7 thousand dollars

Such high prices have made it very difficult for families to buy homes. Therefore, many real estate developers have reduced the size of housing units to 100 square meters to make it affordable for everyone. About 70 percent of the 41 million Iraqis live in urban areas,” he added

A close Iraqi government source said, “There is indeed a significant rise in the Iraqi real estate market, especially in the capital, Baghdad, the largest part of it due to the storage and laundering of funds by corrupt officials,” while experts attribute this phenomenon to money laundering operations and the efforts of corrupt officials to keep their wealth as real estate assets instead. of cash in banks

The source explained that “many bank accounts containing large amounts of cash were seized,” noting that “since the Iraqi economy is based on cash, purchase and sale contracts cannot be restricted, so corrupt officials resort to saving their money in real estate

One of the real estate brokers, called Abu Seif, said, “Over several years, one of the officials bought real estate worth more than 100 million dollars, which he obtained from the Iraqi government’s money as a result of corruption and bribery

The owner of a real estate agency named Ali Aswad said, “The Yarmouk neighborhood, which includes the four streets, has been changed from a residential area to a commercial area. The houses there are very luxurious, they have been converted into restaurants, and one meter of them sold for $ 11, indicating that such restaurants are used for money laundering.

In addition to keeping the money looted from the Iraqi people in real estate that can be sold at any moment   LINK


Sir:  IMO-Iraqi people will probably see 1 to 2 hundred trillion dinar recovered by the time all the corrupt are brought to justice! This amount is more than enough to strengthen the dinar but these numbers could easily be a lot more.


Samson:  Al-Kazemi’s advisor clarifies the fate of government revenues, taxes, and fees in the absence of a budget

21st August, 2022

Today, Sunday, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, clarified the fate of government revenues, taxes and fees in the absence of the federal general budget.

Saleh said, “In the absence of the federal general budget, the government revenue side, both oil and non-oil, remains effective and continues to collect automatically without interruption, regardless of the legislative circumstances related to the general budget, based on the provisions and applications of the Federal Financial Management Law No. 6 of 2019 as amended.”

He added, “The collection of taxes imposed on taxpayers, both direct and indirect, continues, as well as government fees and wages collected for the benefit of the state, to work automatically without interruption, and their revenues are collected from taxpayers in accordance with the provisions, regulations and legal systems legislated in the Republic of Iraq.”

And he continued, “Its function is to feed public expenditures, whether in accordance with the legislation of a law for the public budget or what is available from the applications provided by the financial management law in force in how to manage public spending.”   LINK


Samson:  Telecom Egypt and Orange Jordan sign a cooperation agreement to establish a new international route linking Iraq with Europe

21st August, 2022

Telecom Egypt, the first integrated operator of communications and information technology services in Egypt and one of the largest operators of submarine cables in the region, and Orange Jordan, the leading operator of integrated communications services, and a subsidiary of the Orange International Group, announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement to establish an international route New linking the State of Iraq to Europe through the Egyptian and Jordanian territories.

The new path (CAB) CAIRO-AMMAN-BAGHADAD System is in line with the two companies’ strategy towards expanding in providing the latest high-quality telecommunications services to operators in the Middle East, specifically the Iraqi market, based on the distinguished international infrastructure of the two companies through multiple submarine cables, where the networks of the two companies will be merged to provide High-quality, low-latency communications services through diverse and highly flexible paths to meet the increasing demand for communications services in the Iraqi market.

The CAB system is expected to enter service during the third quarter of 2022, and once launched, it will be the most advanced and fast track linking Iraq to Europe, depending on the infrastructure of Telecom Egypt and Orange Jordan. Engineer Adel Hamed, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, commented: “We are pleased to cooperate with Orange Jordan to build the new system, which will enrich the experience of users in Iraq by providing services through a new, highly flexible path,” adding, “We are proud to cooperate with a group Orange, our strategic partner, to develop the telecommunications infrastructure and improve the quality of services provided in the region.”

For his part, Mr. Thierry Marigny, CEO of Orange Jordan, said: “The new CAB track represents a rich addition to serving the Iraqi market. Through this strategic partnership with Telecom Egypt, the company will be able to meet the increasing demand for telecommunications services inside Iraq through new, highly reliable routes linking Iraq with Europe seamlessly,” adding, “Orange Jordan is proud to be part of the CAB cable, which will contribute to enhancing telecommunications services between Iraq and Europe.” Europe and Iraq, confirming its position as a leading digital service provider.” LINK