KTFA Members “News and Views” Thursday Afternoon


Samson:  Wasit Governor announces the launch of projects listed in the emergency support law

25th August, 2022

Today, Thursday, the Governor of Wasit, Muhammad Al-Mayahi, announced the launch of the projects listed in the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development.

Al-Mayahi said in a statement issued by his office, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “We announce, with God’s blessing, the launch of the first batch of projects that were included in the budget of the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development, after we completed the listing requirements in accordance with the directives and instructions of the Ministry of Planning.”

He added, “The governorate hereby announces these projects to companies to apply for them in accordance with the established legal contexts and mechanisms, and we call on the sober companies that have succeeded in implementing projects in Wasit to submit and compete for the announced projects with high transparency, and without any compliments.”

He pointed out that “the new projects are capable of greatly improving the service reality, and making a qualitative leap at the construction level in the province.”  LIN 


Samson:  Legal expert: Recent events open the door to international intervention in Iraqi affairs

25th August, 2022

The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed that the recent events open the door to the intervention of the United Nations in the internal affairs, pointing to the importance of holding an emergency session of Parliament in order to correct the situation.

Al-Tamimi told Al-Maalouma, “The recent events will be a justification for the intervention of the United Nations and the issuance of a Security Council resolution in accordance with Articles 39, 24 and 34 of the UN Charter, because the disruption of constitutional institutions gives the Security Council a justification for intervention in countries, as they are considered countries where a breach of peace and security has occurred. internationals”.

He added, “Parliament must hold an emergency session in accordance with Article 58 of the Constitution at the invitation of the Speaker, or at the request of 50 deputies, or at the invitation of the President of the Republic, as it is an issue related to security.”

And he indicated that “the council, in the event of its convening, takes the steps by which it dissolves itself after a certain period and grants the government the emergency power stipulated in the constitution until early elections are held without condition or restriction because the country is going through a dangerous turning point and allows unwanted international interference.”  LINK


Samson:  The President of the Republic praises Europe’s efforts to recover Iraq’s smuggled money

25th August, 2022

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, stressed today, Thursday, that the relationship with the European Union is important, and the need to strengthen it in the areas of combating terrorism, economic and climate cooperation and combating corruption

A statement by his media office stated that “the President of the Republic received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, the Ambassador of the European Union to Iraq, Phil Variola, to discuss joint relations between Iraq and the European Union, and the importance of strengthening and developing them in various fields. The support provided by the European Union in the political, security and humanitarian fields was also praised.” and economic

He added thatIraq is keen to strengthen cooperation relations with the European Union on many basic issues, especially combating terrorism and extremism, supporting the Iraqi economy, helping to combat corruption and recovering smuggled funds, and supporting efforts to confront the climate change crisis and protect the environment

For his part, Ambassador Variola reiterated the EU’s commitment to “supporting Iraq and seeking to strengthen bilateral relations in various fields, as well as support political stability and promote development in the country  LINK


DoTalkToMe:  I  know about the 30 days from the end of July. I don’t know anything about 50 days, or when it started.  Can anyone shed some light on this. Thanks in advance.

Sir:  IMO-If you are thinking that it has something to do with the RI, it doesn’t. It’s about manipulating the foreign currency auctions and that’s it.. Removing the corruption!

VenusTwo2:  Iraq election was October 10,2021. October 10,2022 is fast approaching . According to the cc and articles they were given 30 days in August, but was extended to 50 days. We shall see if anything comes of this. They might just drag out some more.


Samson:  7 years imprisonment for “Ismail Mosbeh” with the seizure of his money

25th August, 2022

On Thursday, August 25, 2022, the Karkh Criminal Court issued a seven-year prison sentence against the so-called “Ismail Mosbeh Muhammad Habib” for insulting the public authorities and official departments represented by the Supreme Judicial Council and the courts.

The court stated in a document obtained by the obelisk, that “it was decided to sentence the fugitive convict, “Ismail Mosbeh Muhammad Habib,” to a temporary prison sentence of seven years in accordance with the provisions of Article 226 of the amended Penal Code No. 111 of 1969, for the crime of insulting the public authorities and official departments represented by the Judicial Council. The Supreme Court and the courts during a television interview in 2021.”

The court also decided, according to the document, “to issue an arrest warrant against the aforementioned convict in accordance with the provisions of Article 226 of the Penal Code and to notify the competent authorities of its implementation, while supporting the seizure of his movable and immovable property.”  LINK

Samson:  Economist: Smuggling of hard currency is carried out through private banks

24th August, 2022

The economic expert, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, confirmed, on Wednesday, that the private banks are the only beneficiaries of the Central Bank’s sales of dollars by smuggling hard currency out of Iraq.

Al-Mashhadani said in an interview with “The Information” that “the Central Bank of Iraq’s daily sale of huge numbers of dollars is very suspicious compared to the volume of Iraqi imports,” stressing that “the only beneficiary from selling such numbers, which amounted to 300 million dollars per day, are the private banks that You benefit 20 cents from the dollar and one.”

He added, “The official import data and numbers that are published do not match the numbers that the Central Bank sells daily,” adding that “the Iraqi economy is in a state of depression now due to the unstable political situation, and also the volatile tourism at the present time.”

According to observers in the economic field and currency exchange, the Central Bank auction to sell currency in its current form serves many banks affiliated with influential parties and gives them important profits with which they can face the interruption of financing, especially since the selling differences are large between the bank and private banks. LINK


Samson:  Indian and Chinese companies were the largest importers of Iraqi oil last July

25th August, 2022

The Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO” announced on Thursday that the Indian-Chinese oil companies were the most numerous purchasers of Iraqi oil during the month of July.

“SOMO” stated in a statistic published on its official website and seen by Shafak News Agency, that “Indian and Chinese companies were the most numerous among other international companies in purchasing Iraqi oil, with 7 companies each out of 35 companies that purchased oil during the month of July.” 

She added that “American companies came second with 4 companies, then Italian and South Korean companies came third with 3 companies for each of them, and Russian and Greek companies came fourth with two companies for each one, while the rest were distributed among Spanish, (Dutch-British), Kuwaiti and Jordanian companies. Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Emirati, with one company each.”

Sumo indicated that it “relies in selling Iraqi oil on the main criteria for contracting with major, medium, independent and vertically integrated international oil companies,” noting that “the most prominent international companies that bought Iraqi oil are the Indian Hindustan Company, the Korean Kokaz, the American ExxonMobil, the Dutch British Shell and the Italian Eni.” LINK


Lebanon will be without electricity as of tomorrow.. What is the relationship with Iraq?

25th August, 2022

The Electricity of Lebanon Corporation announced, in a statement, that the corporation’s stocks of “gas-oil” have run out, which will lead to forcibly putting the Zahrani plant out of service on Friday afternoon.

And she said in a statement: “In sympathy with both the statement of the Electricité du Liban on 03/08/2022, and its letter on the side of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance by His Excellency the Minister of Energy and Water No. 2726 dated 03/08/2022, and since the rest of the energy Produced electricity, which is generated only from the Al-Zahrani plant, which is the only plant remaining on the network, as the Deir Ammar plant ran out of gas oil.”

She added: “As the exchange agreement concluded between Iraq and Lebanon, any shipment of oil for the month of August 2022 in favor of the Electricité du Liban (EDL) has not been supplied by the Ministry of Energy and Water – the General Directorate of Oil, and that the Corporation has not yet been informed whether A shipment of Oil would have been supplied to it during the month of September 2022, bearing in mind that the production of electrical energy from the EDL’s factories was recently dependent only on that agreement.

And she continued: “As it is still to date, the actual date for the arrival of electrical energy from Jordan, and the actual date for the start of extracting natural gas from Egypt, has not been determined, pending the securing of the necessary funding for these two projects by the concerned authoritie

And since the Al-Zahrani plant’s storage is from Gas Oil has reached its minimum limit and is about to run out, and in view of this delicate and delicate situation that is beyond the control and responsibility of the entire EDL, EDL reports that the Zahrani plant will be forcibly put out of service on Friday afternoon, 08/26/2022 as a result of the depletion of its reservoir of “Gas Oil”, which will lead to the cessation of energy production on all Lebanese territories, provided that the production plants are restarted as soon as the institution is supplied with fuels as soon as possible.  LINK