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Samson:  Basra, the official working hours are suspended from Thursday to Monday


2nd August, 2022


Today, Tuesday, Basra Governorate announced the suspension of official working hours due to high temperatures for three days.


The governorate said in a statement received by (Al-Oula News) that “it was decided to suspend the official working days on Thursday, Sunday and Monday due to high temperatures.”


Samson:  Kurdistan Region suspends official working hours next Monday


2nd August, 2022


According to the official holidays approved by the Kurdistan Regional Government, next Monday, corresponding to the eighth of August, will be suspended in government institutions and departments in the region.


The region will suspend its official working hours on the tenth of Muharram in the Hijri calendar each year on the occasion of the Prophet Musa bin Imran and the Children of Israel from Pharaoh, in addition to the anniversary of the killing of Imam Hussein bin Ali, grandson of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad bin Abdullah at the hands of the army of the Umayyad Caliph Yazid bin Muawiyah in the year 61 AH.




Samson:  The New Generation: Saturday’s Demonstrations Will Include All Cities Of Kurdistan


2nd August, 2022


The leader of the New Generation Movement, Salah Daoud, revealed, on Tuesday, the date of his demonstrations, which the movement’s leader, Shaswar Abdul Wahed, called for.


Daoud said in an interview with the “Information” agency that “the demonstrations will take place next Saturday and in all cities of the Kurdistan region, and their goal is to deliver a message to public opinion that corruption in Kurdistan has reached very large stages.”


He added that “the main objectives of the demonstration are to fix the date of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament elections on their scheduled date, and the other thing is to denounce major corruption operations in the region, theft of wealth, poor services and high tax rates.”


The cities of the Kurdistan region suffer from poor services, high fuel prices and delays in the payment of employee salaries.


Sir:  IMO – Finally the people of the Kurdistan Region have grabbed their family jewels and are going out into the streets to demand the corrupt step down. They are no longer afraid because they are United with the rest of the people of Iraq. Not only are they going to see things change at a rapid pace but the whole world will see. This is huge people, a United Iraq! Game over for the corrupt as a new Iraq is being born right before our very eyes. Kazemi is a wise smart man and he knew all he had to do was show the people just who’s who and the people would rise up with clinched fist. Kazemi didn’t do this a lone thought, he had a few good patriotic true Iraqis leaders and the good people of Iraq.




Samson:  Iraqi political parties call for the dissolution of parliament and the formation of a new government


2nd August, 2022


Today, Tuesday, Iraqi political forces called “change” raised several demands and called on the United Nations to support them, including the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the formation of a new government, revealing their intention to establish an inclusive national conference.


These forces included “the Iraqi Communist Party, the National House, the Social Democratic Movement, the Iraqi Nation Party, the Nazil Take My Right Movement, the Faili Movement, the Iraqi House, the Wa’ad Party, the Sons of Two Rivers Party, the Consultative Council, and the Tishreen Democratic Movement.”


The forces said in a statement read by the leaders of those parties, in a joint press conference, seen by Shafak News Agency, “10 months have passed since the October 2021 elections, and the influential political blocs have not been able to address the deepening political crisis for years, and even insist on the approach of sectarian quotas. ethnicity, and a conflict of narrow interests. She added that “this led to the Parliament’s inability to perform its constitutional duties, and the continuation of the state of political obstruction, whose negative effects were reflected on all of our people, and now threatens societal peace.”


He continued, “In light of the current political and field developments, the forces of democratic change met today, Tuesday, and discussed the course of the escalating events, and affirmed their firm position on the process of comprehensive change, by peaceful means, that leads to building a civil and democratic state based on citizenship and social justice.” The “forces of change” stressed that “they were not and will not be part of any conflicts that do not serve the interests and aspirations of the Iraqis.” She added that out of concern for the path of democratic construction, we call for the dissolution of the current parliament, and for the President of the Republic, independent representatives and national forces to press for this.


It also called for “the formation of a government that enjoys political and popular approval, and whose mission will be to initiate practical steps on the path of change, including holding the killers of the demonstrators accountable, revealing the fate of the disappeared activists, moving major corruption files and bringing the corrupt to justice.”


The Forces for Change stressed that one of the duties of this government is also “to take concrete measures to confine arms to the state, and to benefit from the financial surplus to improve the lives of Iraqis.” She stressed that “the government takes it upon itself to work to ensure the fulfillment of the requirements for holding fair and impartial elections, under UN supervision, including: the application of the parties’ law, to prevent corrupt parties and parties with armed arms from participating in the electoral process, and to ensure the independence of the High Electoral Commission.”


These forces called on the United Nations Mission in Iraq to support the aspirations of the Iraqis to achieve a real democratic political system of government, and to sponsor the dialogues of its national political forces. And the statement continued, “In this sensitive circumstance, we believe that the peaceful change project requires concrete measures, foremost of which is a review of the interpretations of the Federal Court, regarding (the largest bloc) and the quorum of the presidential election session, and the violation of constitutional timings.”


In order to achieve this, the forces’ statement says, “We sincerely call on all forces, parties, national figures, popular protest movements, unions, unions, organizations and social actors, to unite efforts and work to preserve the path of peaceful change that responds to the aspirations of our people, in a stable homeland. and flourishing.” “We are in the process of preparing for a comprehensive national conference, in order to form a national front for the forces of change,” he stressed.  LINK


DallasDude:  Here’s your sign right here..this is exactly what needs to play out so the citizens can get their entitlements and we can get ours…if you will..


Jerry1971:  The dissolution of Iraqi parliament is getting steam within the political parties hopefully Sadars party can join the band wagon soon  and force Halabousi to finally dissolve this useless parliament and make way for Pm Kazemi to be the reinstated for the reminder of this year which will thus enable him to carry out all the required reforms for the Iraqi people in any case exciting times ahead. IMO


Samson:  Al-Anouz: Early elections are the only way to solve the crisis


1st August, 2022


The head of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Muhammad Al-Anouz, confirmed today, Monday, that adopting the decision of early elections is the only way to resolve the crisis.


Al-Anouz said in a statement to the official agency, which was followed by (Al-Oula News), that “the people’s supreme interest is in peaceful expression and the adoption of the early elections decision, as this is the safest way to resolve the current crisis.”


He added, “With this, the rights of all parties will be guaranteed and democracy will be upheld as a means to address crises.”




Samson:  Expert: Iraq Loses 10 Billion Dollars Annually From Its Oil Revenues


2nd August, 2022


The oil expert, Nabil Al-Marsoumi, warned on Tuesday of the continued loss of oil revenues in Iraq, reaching more than 10 billion dollars in the coming months.


Al-Marsoumi said, in a Facebook post seen by / the information / that “the volume of Iraq’s exports of crude oil last July was 3.3 million barrels per day, with a value of 10.6 billion dollars, and at a price of 103.6 dollars per barrel, and this means that Iraq’s total production of crude oil after adding Kurdistan’s production and the oil allocated For domestic consumption, it did not exceed 4.380 million barrels per day, while Iraq’s production quota from OPEC Plus for the month of July is 4.580 million barrels per day.”


He added, “Iraq is currently producing less than its production quota by about 200,000 barrels per day, meaning that the lost oil revenues resulting from Iraq’s inability to produce its full production quota amounted in July to about 575 million dollars.”


He explained that “the most important reasons for this decline in Iraqi oil production and exports of crude oil are attributed to the weak ability to export Iraqi oil to the south through the ports due to the old sea lines that were established in the seventies and the deterioration of two marine lines feeding the docks from the export station, which forced an oil company Basra to reduce pumping rates to the sidewalks by 25% from 70,000 to 54,000 barrels per hour.


He pointed out that “storage facilities in Basra, refineries and power stations are being filled, as port data showed that crude oil stocks in southern reservoirs have reached 6.8 million barrels, or 72% of the total. Its total amount of 9.5 million barrels. He pointed out that “replacing the old shipping lines takes about two years from signing the contract, and in light of this, Iraq’s production quota within OPEC Plus will rise from the current month of August to 4.651 million barrels per day, which will widen the gap between it and the current production to about 271 thousand barrels per day and will be reflected This is due to lost oil revenues, which will rise to 870 million dollars per month and 10.444 billion dollars annually.   LINK




Samson:  Kurdistan Region Integrity refers nearly 140 corruption cases to the judiciary during 2022


2nd August, 2022


The Integrity Commission of Kurdistan Region renewed, on Tuesday, its invitation to the Judicial Council in the region to form a court specialized in looking into cases of financial and administrative corruption, revealing at the same time that dozens of corruption cases have been referred to the judiciary during the current year.


The head of the commission, Judge Ahmed Anwar, said in a press conference held today, “We stress the need to form a court dealing with corruption cases in the region,” calling on the Supreme Judicial Council to take the corruption file seriously. He added that it is possible to send 200 to the judiciary during the current year, pointing to the low rate of corruption in the region. Judge Anwar said: We have a strategic plan to radically combat corruption


The Chairman of the Integrity Commission reviewed the statistical issues of the Commission’s activities during the first half of 2022, saying that we recorded 548 cases during this period, noting that 138 cases were referred to the judiciary. He confirmed that 799 cases with the authority are still under investigation.


Judge Anwar considered that the sentences issued against those convicted of corruption cases are light, and do not rise with the size of the crimes they committed, so we ask the judiciary to expedite the formation of the competent corruption court. He continued by saying that during the past five years, 72 people of high ranks were referred to the courts for investigation in cases related to financial and administrative corruption, including 6 ministers, 6 deputy ministers, and a member of the Kurdistan Parliament.