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We told you that Dr. Shabibi is ready to launch the monetary reform of their currency from the reinstatement stage into the revaluation stage. This stems from the meeting on the 10th. So this meeting was where they came out to declare we are ready to add value to their currency by removing the 000’s from the citizens and also from you…they introduced the 50k and will introduce the 100k next year.   ...this whole process is speeding up so much now…we told you the LD’s came over from the US…we told you that Dr. Shabibi was moving these LD’s out into the banks.

Now they announce to us we are going to start our taxes and tariffs next month…because we have started this process of lifting the 000’s and we have decided on a float.   I have no problems with how they will do this it is brilliant…it is nothing like what happened in Kuwait.  …1166 is a program rate…Then the IMF yesterday changed the rate from 1166 to 1500…Iraq’s goal is to leave the program rate…  I like they came out and tell us they are going to raise their value…looks like a float sometime next month…these are the end times.