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Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, May 01, 2017

The last time we were together, I told you to circle the 25th, the 28th and the 30th of April.

Abadi said that he was going to come out and give us Mosul by the 30th.

On the 28th … Delta showed you something around 2am … basically the GOI was pointing their fingers at the CBI … telling them to open the windows to investors.

That was probably the greatest advancement in our IQD study in a while.

Turns out … Abadi didn’t do it.

BTW – this whole CC is in MY opinion.

When I told you to circle those dates of study … I sympathize with you over your disappointment.  We do not offer you a date … this is a study.

Frank, you said there were no files for May.  I don’t.

So why are we here?  To study.

Tonight, I raise a flag as high as I can for all to see.

That flag says one thing … GIVE ME MOSUL … GIVE ME THE GRAND OLD MOSQUE inside of MOSUL .. and you will see the speed of the MR in a completely new light.

On the 29th-30th … did Abadi give you Mosul?  No.

Did he attempt too?  Yes … twice.

Abadi said that he would give us Mosul by the end of April.

Abadi failed didn’t he?  No he didn’t.  THIS IS WAR … THIS IS NOT A GAME … nor a place for anyone to rant and demand for an RV.

It’s important for you to walk with me into the month of May.  The RV of the IQD is coming.


44 articles in our FINAL ARTICLES thread show you evidence that it is coming.
Iraq also desires to have a currency of pride.

Family … there are NO NEW FILES … we still study together … and how Abadi … SOON … will be able to give you Mosul.

You want an RV of the IQD.

Abadi wants to free his people in Mosul / Iraq.

The MR (Monetary Reform)  is coming.

The latest thing is FREEDOM of MOVEMENT of CAPITAL – that is Article VIII.

By all of the examples … housing … cell phones … electricity … all gone down in value.
All of this while Mosul is battled for.

Some say that “we’ve got it” (Mosul).

There is something INSIDE of the Grand Old Mosque that you must consider.

Inside of Mosul … there are many civilians that are being held hostage by Daesh.

These beautiful people are being used as shield, because the enemy is cornered like a rat.  The enemy is holding the elderly and young children, behind barbed wire, and taped with explosives.  The enemy dares/begs to be shot … and the civilians would be killed at the same time.  How do you explain that?

Indiscriminate bombing would also destroy the Grand Old Mosque.

As eager as Abadi was to give us the RV at the end of April … Saturday night … you saw me post … “FOR ME ONLY FAMILY … A FULL ASSAULT”

What have the articles told you about Mosul?

Does Maliki and Iran have anything to do with the RV?  No – Maliki and Iran have nothing to do with the monetary reform … because the MR is done.

As of today … a FULL ASSAULT (siege) is underway.

Your reason for the RV is NOT the same as it is for Abadi.

Yes, they are nearing the Grand Old Mosque – which is known as the Maliki mosque.

There is a need for revenge for Abadi and the citizens.

Our troops are being very careful.

Abadi wants Mosul … the Grand Old Mosque … and Maliki.

Iran – no one invited you into this battle.   Go home!  Your presence (along with your leader Maliki) — you are dangerous – capable of civil war.

I talked to my Team yesterday for about 3 hours.  It was like an operational briefing on Mosul.  It was a lot … close to 100 pages.

Upon review/prayer … we have filtered out what we want to share tonight.

ARTICLE:  “Daesh have withdrawn from the mosque”

You better run, you cowards!

This area is a concentrated area.  The enemy is up against the wall.  They are hiding in the homes of the civilians.  They grab as many hostages as they can.

The enemy is not afraid to detonate the bombs strapped to civilians so to pass on blame to our troops.

Our troops (Iraqi troops) are walking from house to house looking for the enemy.

As we approach … they blow themselves up.

Daesh fighters withdrew from the Grand Old Mosque due to our advancements.

Abadi loves the Iraqi people.

The other reason why you circled the 28th – is because that was a target date to finish everything – but they didn’t make it.

So Abadi tells us … maybe 3 more weeks.  Give me until the 20th of May.  You haven’t read that yet … but you will.

The FULL ASSAULT began late Saturday night while you slept in your warm bed … the citizens were crying out for life itself.

Cut the head of the snake .. and you will remove these Iranian troops … and the rest of these cowards.

What is the name of that snake?  Baghdadi … (maybe) … but I don’t see him to be the sole issue.  Maliki.

The whereabouts of Baghdadi … cowards turning in cowards.

The troops are doing their very best.

Many of you are become great students.

ARTICLE:  A few hours … penetrates the center of Mosul … rescuing the citizens that are still under occupation.  The article said the liberation will be announced in a few days.

So what is a “few days” in the Middle East?  Not the way you do.

When they tell you that Mosul is liberated … that is the target.

Yes, the 28th was the target date.

How do you define a few days.

Fascinating that President Trump says that he is going to Iraq in April (May) … but he did not give you the exact date of when he is going.  Maybe he will join Abadi.

Is the USA budget connected to the RV in Iraq?

Last night on TeamChat I said … I know they have agreed … they have to vote … but did you see the vote?

Family … there is a FULL ASSAULT to finish the remaining 7% in May.

For the sake of human lives that are trembling … pray for the Iraqi citizens.

We found a video … I sent it to Delta because it was in Arabic.  Looks like a newscast.

Delta says … they are talking about the Grand Old Mosque … that it has been cleared … that it is liberated … and that Abadi will announce that to the citizens.  The video says the Daesh fighters have withdrawn because of the Iraqi forces.

Delta thinks something is wrong.  This video is a month old.


Delta doesn’t know … but this supports all of your conference calls.

Are they STALLING?

Delta believes that the timing to release the video was on the 28th of April.

Are they LYING to us?

No … they are timing this.

They got to get the citizens out of the way.

Daesh is running away … but they are still using the citizens.

Do you think the timing of Ramadan (May 26th) plays into this?  Delta doesn’t think so.

It is time to TEST your strength.

The articles are rather misleading – hard to interrupt.

It’s important for you to be FAIR about this … be FAIR to the citizens of Iraq.
I’m begging you to agree with me.

I told you … my Teams and I spoke for 3 hours … and I got this report … yes family … they have the villages … but the villages need to be cleared of the citizens.

That’s why a FULL ASSAULT is being done inch-by-inch.

Mosul is a very large city … and they are clearing it.

The Golden Brigade is working side by side with our US troops.

I remember when I lived in Germany and I saw the Berlin war … the imbedded broken glass at the top inside of the concrete … crowned with barbed wire … it scared me.  I was a young man.  I can just image how is scares the people of Iraq.

Abadi wants his people.

I know that the IMF / World Bank is demanding these reforms — but you’ve got to be fair.
Nobody forced you into this investment.  You’ve got to allow these citizens to be free first.
Even President Trump didn’t give you an exact date as to when he is going over there.

Give me Mosul … FREE these citizens … give us the Grand Old Mosque.

NO RV until you have Mosul!

Abadi … and the US troops are finding the strength to do all of the reforms.

They need to FINISH and bring the people home … and then give them the power of purchase – which has already started.

The MR continues to flow … doesn’t it?

So … what are you worried about?

The sickness and ugliness is right in front of the citizens … but not in front of you.

They are using the same technique as they did in Sadr city … (smaller area) … in a matter of days we conquered Sadr city.

Now … I’d like to ask you to HELP ME!

You are familiar with the MAPS of Mosul … showing the advancements of the troops.
The Grand Old Mosque is on the west side.

As you look at the left side … you see desert … and in the center you see a grid-structure … and within these streets is where the enemy hides.

Urban warfare … door-to-door editing.

These areas are important to clear for tactical reasons.

It’s important for you to see what we are going to write on this board.

We’re going to draw some SPOKES (which represent the reason why that the MR of the IQD is complete).  But we need this … the heart of Mosul.

SPOKE 1 – Prices 1,000 to 1  … payroll was to be 90% IQD and 10% USD.

SPOKE 2 – Investors that poured in BILLIONS of DOLLARS in the week I was in DC.

SPOKE 3 – Kuwait (debt forgiveness)

SPOKE 4 – Improved Credit Rating

SPOKE 5 – Gold (inside of the reserves – it’s ridiculous for a program rate)

SPOKE 6 – National Reconciliation

SPOKE 7 – eDinars (not for a program rate)

SPOKE 8 – Electricity

SPOKE 9 – Freedom of Capital for investors

SPOKE 10 – 44 Final Articles

SPOKE 11 – US Bases (ever seen a country with as many USA bases?)

SPOKE 12 – Indicative Rate

SPOKE 13 – LL (Long Line)

SPOKE 14 – 3 American Embassies

SPOKE 15 – DEMAND by the IMF & WB

SPOKE 16 – 2% Compliant

SPOKE 17 – Economic Reforms

What evidence do you see family?

SPOKE 18 – President Trump to visit Iraq

SPOKE 19 – 93% of Mosul complete

SPOKE 20 – ATM’s (Lower Denoms)

SPOKE 21 – CBI Int’l Standards

SPOKE 22 – Free Market

SPOKE 23 – USD going down

SPOKE 24 – SBA Agreement

SPOKE 25 – Audit

SPOKE 26 – Swift system

SPOKE 27 – Tariffs


SPOKE 29 – MCP (Multi-currency practice)

SPOKE 30 – IBAN system

SPOKE 31 – Fiber Optics installed

SPOKE 32 – CITI Bank

SPOKE 33 – Lifting the ban on Iraqi travel

Maybe … just maybe Ramadan will be pretty good this year.

This is an EXPLOSION of evidence that the monetary reform is completed.

What are you worried about family?

Put your prayers right here.

Be honest.

Be decent.

Try to understand … we are on a mission to rescue the citizens of Iraq.

I know that you want the RV … I know that you need it … I know that you desire to help others … but one step at a time.

If you were there in Iraq, they would welcome you into their home.

They welcome strangers.

Put aside your need for a date.

Welcome the citizens of Iraq into your home of prayer.

Please God, help these sweet innocent people.

Please pray for our troops.

This is the ugliest part … the most bloody … the most frustrating part.

I pray that you’ve learned something tonight.

Please pray for my Teams and take this call to God in prayer.

Indeed … there are no new files for May.  There is NOTHING new.

Give me Mosul.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

One final word … IMO … in my STRONG opinion …  the MR of Iraq will happen this year … please be ready for it!

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