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Henig:  Seizure of 47 million dinars denomination of 50 thousand dinars counterfeit and printers in Babylon and Salah al-Din


Baghdad Today – Baghdad


The intelligence agency in the Ministry of Interior announced “the seizure of 47 million dinars denomination of 50,<> dinars counterfeit currency and printers used to print currency in the provinces of Babil and Salah al-Din.”


The intelligence agency said in a statement received by (Baghdad Today) that “the intelligence agency’s detachments, based on accurate information, were able to arrest a person who is trading in counterfeit currency in Salah al-Din for the crime witnessed and in possession of (47) million dinars of (50) thousand dinars.”


The statement pointed to “the seizure of three color printers and thousands of papers prepared for printing inside his house after following the accused from Babil province to Salah al-Din province.”   LINK


Henig:  How much did the Chinese giant import black gold from Iraq?


Publish Date:16.02.2023 | 12:59 GMT |


Today, Thursday, the Chinese Embassy in Baghdad announced the volume of oil imports from Iraq during the past year 2022.


“In 2022, China imported 55.49 million tons of crude oil from Iraq,” it said in a press release.


She added that “the value of oil imports from Iraq amounted to $ 39.04 billion, an increase of 47.49% on an annual basis.”


Source: RT    LINK




Henig:  Pictured. Revival of hanging gardens in Iraq


Time : 2023/02/17 00:07:43


{Miscellaneous: Al-Furat News} The Central Bank of Iraq is witnessing in the design of its new building hanging gardens that bring to mind {hanging gardens} one of the seven historical wonders of the world.


The capital Baghdad will be on a date with the implementation of the first listed hanging gardens in Iraq, which will decorate the roof of the base of the new central bank building, designed by the late Iraqi international architect Zaha Hadid.


Becoming the first green roof in the country will reduce the temperature of the roof and air inside and around the building, which in turn will increase the efficiency of the cooling system and reduce energy consumption.  LINK


Henig:  IMO: Try doing this on a program rate. These cats are positioning themselves for a new Renaissance.