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Clare: :  Washington’s first comment on the election of Rashid and the assignment of Al-Sudani




We look forward to a cooperative relationship with newly elected Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid and Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani to continue working together side by side through the new government to create jobs, combat climate change and ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS.   LINK


MilitiaMan:  We look forward to the plan working smoothly from here on out too. imo  ~ MM.



Popeye7:  It looks like this is how it will play out, and the Iraqi’s will benefit from it… Kazami set the table so to speak, and he knows his job is done… The process continues to benefit the people of Iraq, as well as re-funding the world’s coffers in order for this economic system to continue… It will soon be time to eat, and enjoy… PS.. Remember the world is watching, and this includes Sadr’s group… Better not mess it up.. And Imho, they will not.. Lot’s to be thankful for folks… God bless


Margarita:  Frank was totally right in his call the other day.  I think having the international pressure finally made them kick their govt into high gear.  My only concern if is Kazemi is out….do the white papers go out along with him?  Those were his baby…although he NEVER implemented them fully. Hope they do the reinstatement very soon.


Daytrader:  The White Papers are law.  They were included in the EFSL.  (Emergency Food Service Law) IMO


MilitiaMan:  That is how I see it as well. They are in stone and from the looks of it that stone is about to be turned… imo ~ MM






StrangerSolo:  with the Iranian control Iraqi Prime minister? Are we going to see the RV at all now?


RVAlready: Stranger, I am sure Iran and the UN were in the loop. This is a win, win situation


Samadhi:  seems like people are afraid to believe it is going to happen this time. I say just have positive expectations and go with the flow


RVAlready:  Iraq came very close to being taken over by the UN. And Iran came very close to losing their gravy train. I think they both know who is in control now.  The UN let them play their games for a year, and then enough was enough.


Still Waiting:  So are we waiting to see if the pro Iranian Prime minister acts in Iran’s interest? If he doesn’t a Sadr led insurrection is likely?


RVAlready:  If Sadr was upset, you would have heard by now…I  think this was all a back room deal, with everyone involved, as is usual for Iraq.


Ivantulafitov:  Definitely agree about a backroom deal those guys replies we’re very fast in the media and everything else as soon as he was elected the nomination was in the nominee already said hes got his cabin it lined up that was really fast they are… Definitely had it planned in advance


CharlieOK:  rv: I tend to agree with you on the backroom deal. The lack of riots, the lack of news about Sadr being upset, no news about more than usual Roman Candles coming into Iraq from Iran, in the context of this very late date, makes it seems like they all know the end game.


Yada:  Believe Sadr knows he can still wield his force with this government than with a UN appointed one. This way the UN can not do anything to them while they settle their differences…. At this point, with the president in place. The rest is just appointments


RVAlready:  Of course, the entire last year could have been stagecraft, all planned in advance. We will never know….makes you wonder if world events are not scripted in advance, and we just watch the movie


RVAlready:  They told us it would all be over real quick, and they delivered.




RayRen98:  What’s Next for The Iraqi Government


The Information” publishes the texts of the constitutional articles related to the election of the President of the Republic and the assignment of the Prime Minister


Article (70)  first: The House of Representatives elects from among the candidates a president of the republic by a two-thirds majority of the number of its members.

Second: If none of the candidates obtains the required majority, competition will take place among the candidates who obtain the highest number of votes, and whoever obtains the majority of votes in the second ballot shall be declared president.


Article (71)

The President of the Republic shall take the constitutional oath before the House of Representatives, in the form stipulated in Article (50) of the Constitution.


Article (76)

first: The President of the Republic assigns the candidate of the most numerous parliamentary bloc to form the Council of Ministers, within fifteen days from the date of the election of the President of the Republic.


Second: The Prime Minister-designate shall nominate the members of his cabinet within a maximum period of thirty days from the date of the assignment.


Third: The President of the Republic assigns a new candidate to head the Council of Ministers, within fifteen days, when the Prime Minister-designate fails to form the ministry within the period stipulated in item “Second” of this article.


Fourth: The Prime Minister-designate presents the names of his cabinet members and the ministerial curriculum to the House of Representatives, and is considered to have gained its confidence, upon approval of the ministers individually, and the ministerial curriculum, by an absolute majority.


Fifth: The President of the Republic assigns another candidate to form the ministry within fifteen days in case the ministry does not gain confidence   link


Iraqi parliament elects Abdul Latif Rashid as new president