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Henig:  MP asks a parliamentary question to the governor of the CBI regarding Iraq’s money in the US Federal Bank


Al-Amarah / NINA / The independent MP from Maysan Governorate, “Raed Hamdan Al-Maliki,” directed a parliamentary question to the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq regarding Iraq’s money in the US Federal Bank.


In a statement, he asked, what is the legal basis for keeping deposits of Iraq’s money in the US Federal Bank / New York? And what are the justifications that called for increasing investment in the possession of US Treasury bonds, which amounted to about (38) billion dollars, and whose money is formed from Iraq’s official reserves?    LINK


Henig:  An Economist for / NINA/: The strategic partnership agreement with France is historic .. Iraq should benefit from it


Baghdad / NINA / – The Economist, Raad Twaij, praised the strategic partnership agreement with France, describing it as a “historic agreement in the full sense of the word,” and Iraq should benefit from it.


Twaij said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that “the strategic partnership agreement with France is a complete openness to the global economy. Iraq must take advantage of this historic opportunity to strengthen its economy and bring about sustainable development.”


He added, “The agreement was comprehensive, its backbone was the transfer of technology in transportation, infrastructure, energy, defense, education, and the research field, and in the field of economy, encouraging the investment of French companies in Iraq, developing the Iraqi private sector, and developing agricultural industries,” noting that: “Such agreements can help accelerate the development of the Iraqi economy.”


Al-Sudani visited Paris on Thursday and Friday at the head of a high-level delegation. He met French President Emmanuel Macron and the French Prime Minister.


During the visit, a strategic partnership agreement was signed between Iraq and France, and a number of memorandums of understanding in the areas of combating corruption, recovering Iraqi funds, protecting antiquities, supporting scientific research and training diplomats.   LINK




Henig:  Deputy: 30% of the employee’s income was affected by the rise in the dollar


5 hours ago


Independent MP Amir Al-Mamouri revealed, on Saturday, that employees’ salaries were affected by 30 percent due to a direct change in the exchange rate of the dollar.


Al-Mamouri said in a press interview seen by “Takadam” that “employees’ salaries were affected due to the continued rise of the dollar, which created real concern among employees,” noting that “the value of salaries in general decreased by 30 percent due to the rise of the dollar.”


He pointed to “the existence of a parliamentary move to pressure the government to return the exchange rate of the dollar to its previous state,” stressing “the need for the government to take action against anyone who causes commodity prices to rise exponentially.”


Al-Mamouri called on the government to “issue immediate instructions to gradually reduce the dollar’s exchange rate and punish anyone who monopolizes the dollar.”   LINK