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KTFA: Samson:  Hungarian Prime Minister: Europe Has Lost 4 Governments Due To Sanctions On Russia And They Must Be Lifted


22nd September, 2022


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that if sanctions against Russia are lifted, prices and inflation will fall immediately in Europe, and its economy will have a chance to recover and avoid recession.


At a meeting of the ruling coalition of Fidesz parties and the Christian Democratic People’s Party, Orbán stressed that “if the sanctions are lifted, prices will immediately fall by half, and inflation will also go down. Without sanctions, the European economy will recover and can avoid the imminent recession,” he said, reiterating that sanctions are the cause of economic problems, the energy crisis and inflation.


He pointed out that “when these sanctions were imposed in Brussels at the beginning of the summer, the European bureaucrats did not promise to do so, and promised that the sanctions would hit Russia, not the Europeans.


Since then, it has become clear that the imposed sanctions do more harm to Europe than Russia,” he said, calling on members of the ruling coalition to “do everything in their power to have Europe lift these sanctions no later than the end of the year.”


The Hungarian Prime Minister has constantly criticized the European Union for its anti-Russian policy, noting that “there are thousands of sanctions against Russia, but they have not shaken Moscow, while Europe has lost four governments and is suffering from a deep economic and political crisis.” In addition, the EU countries missed the opportunity to mediate the conflict in Ukraine, because they could not guarantee the implementation of the Minsk agreements.  LINK


Samson:  Lebanese banks suspend their work indefinitely after a wave of depositors’ intrusions


21st September, 2022


The Association of Banks in Lebanon said in a statement, on Wednesday, that Lebanese banks will remain closed indefinitely, noting the continued “risks” facing employees after a series of raids on banks last week.


The association said in a statement: “As a result of the intensive contacts made by the association with the concerned authorities, and because the risks still befall bank employees and their customers… the banks will keep their doors forcibly closed at the present time, especially in the absence of any measures or even reassurances from the state and security authorities. All with the aim of ensuring a safe working environment.”


The banks had planned to reopen their doors tomorrow, Thursday, after a three-day closure announced last week, after a total of seven banks were subjected to raids by depositors seeking to obtain their savings.  LINK