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Speaker Of The Russian State Duma: 5 Reasons Why The Dollar Is Losing Its Positions More And More


26th July, 2022


The Speaker of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, explained that there are five reasons why the dollar is losing its global positions more and more.


This came in a post that Volodin published on his own channel on the “Telegram” application, where he wrote:


“5 reasons why the dollar is losing its position more and more:


  • The dollar has no cover of real goods or resources

After the withdrawal of the United States of America from the Bretton Woods agreement, the dollar was no longer tied to gold, and the US dollar press became unrestricted, hence the huge US national debt, and the record inflation that is associated with Biden’s name.


2- Using the dollar as a tool of political war


Unlawful sanctions, payment restrictions, and theft of foreign exchange reserves do not add confidence to other countries that their money will be safe.


3- Geopolitical changes


The unipolar global model has exhausted itself, and there are increasing demands for multipolarity in the world. As a result, there is a growing demand for an alternative to the dollar. Evidence of this is the increase in mutual settlements in local currencies.


4- Washington’s unwillingness to admit its mistakes and then work to solve them


5- The cyclical nature of history


There is a recurring historical pattern: each world currency has its own period, about 100 years. Replace the Portuguese Real with the Spanish. Then the Dutch guilder, the French franc, the British pound and the US dollar dominated. The latter will be exchanged for a new currency. We can say today that that currency will not be the euro, which is losing more and more as well, but the currencies of countries with sovereign economies.


At what speed will this happen? Unanswered question. But it is clear that the process of declining the position of the dollar around the world has begun and can no longer be stopped.”   LINK




Samson:  Russia Will Abandon The International Space Station After 2024


26th July, 2022


Russia announced today, Tuesday, that it will withdraw from the International Space Station project after the year 2024.


The new head of the Russian Space Agency “Roscosmos”, Yuri Borisov, said that his country will abandon the International Space Station after 2024, provided that a Russian national orbital station will be established.


At a press conference, Borisov stressed that Russia is working within the framework of international cooperation on the International Space Station, and will, of course, fulfill all its obligations to partners. He stressed that the decision to leave the International Space Station in the specified period “has already been taken.”


Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree relieving Dmitry Rogozin from the post of Director General of Roscosmos Agency, and appointed Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov in his place.






Samson:  America’s Strategic Oil Reserves Fall To Their Lowest Level Since 1985


25th July, 2022


Data from the US Department of Energy showed that crude oil stocks in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve fell by 5.6 million barrels during the week ending July 22.


According to the data, the crude stockpile in the strategic petroleum reserve fell to 474.5 million barrels, the lowest level since June 1985, according to what was reported by “Reuters”.


And the administration of US President Joe Biden had approved a plan to withdraw from the strategic oil reserve, according to which the United States would release nearly one million barrels of oil per day from its reserves for a period of six months, a historical volume that confirms the White House’s concern about high energy prices and lack of supplies in the wake of the Russian invasion. for Ukraine.   LINK




Samson:  America sells an additional 20 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve


26th July, 2022


The White House announced, on Tuesday, that the administration of President Joe Biden will sell an additional 20 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve as part of a previous plan to sell 180 million barrels


The Biden administration said it would sell an additional 20 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve as part of a previously announced statement aimed at calming oil prices


The administration said in late March that it would release one million barrels of oil per day for six months from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is located in caves on the coasts of Louisiana and Texas   LINK




Courtesy of Dinar Guru


Frank26   A paradigm shift has occurred with [Iraq boots-on-the-ground FIREFLY] and the citizens of Iraq.  They are no longer vulnerable.  They are no longer sitting and moping, ‘Oh, Maliki is taking over.  Oh, Iran is going to take over.’  No.  They are fighting and they are ready to fight to protect their country and the CBI…


Petra   Article:   “3 conditions presented by al-Sadr to reconcile with al-Maliki.. Get to know them”.  Sadr just laid down the gauntlet! Think of it, he sends these 3 requirements to Maliki (and the citizens of Iraq) for him to step up and face the judiciary for all the crimes he has purported to have committed. If he does not, then in all the eyes of the people and their justice system, he is considered guilty…What a brilliant chess move by Sadr…



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