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Samson:  Officially, Iran announces the start of dealing with the Russian ruble

20th July, 2022
The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Ali Salehabadi, announced today, Wednesday, the start of financial transactions between Iran and Russia in the national currencies of the two countries.

“Since yesterday, we started financial transactions between Iran and Russia in Russian rubles and the Iranian riyal,” the official Iranian news agency IRNA quoted Abadi as telling reporters after a meeting of the Iranian government.

“From now on, the ruble will enter the country’s foreign exchange market and find a presence,” he added. He pointed out that “with this, the volume of transactions between Iran and Russia will gradually increase, and with this work, the euro and the dollar will no longer be decisive.” The governor of the Central Bank of Iran revealed that “other currencies will be added to the Iranian market.”

On Tuesday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called, in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, for the use of national currencies in the relations between the two countries instead of the US dollar. Khamenei said, according to his official website: “I agree to the policy of substituting national currencies in exchanges between the two countries and using other currencies instead of the dollar, and the dollar must be gradually removed from the path of global transactions, and this is gradually possible.”

Both Iran and Russia face severe sanctions from the West and are trying to find ways to circumvent these sanctions and conduct trade exchanges.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the meeting, “The sanctions are harming the West in the first place, and the result is problems such as high oil prices and the food supply crisis.” Putin accused the United States of using the dollar to ban and loot other countries, noting that “this ultimately harms them and weakens global confidence in this currency and motivates countries to use alternative currencies.”

For his part, the CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company, Mohsen Khojasteh Mehr, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Russian “Gazprom” company worth 40 billion dollars, describing it as “the largest foreign investment in the history of the Iranian oil industry.” “The National Iranian Oil Company does not disregard any investment opportunities with Gazprom and other Russian companies,” Khojasteh Mehr added. He continued, “This memorandum includes the development of the Kish and North Pars fields, an increase in production in the South Pars field, and the development of 6 oil fields.”

After the entry into force of the nuclear agreement with Iran in early 2016, the Russian company “Gazprom” signed a memorandum of understanding to study and develop a number of Iranian oil fields, but it did not take any action in terms of implementation.  LINK


Samson:   Khamenei to Putin: The dollar must be removed and the Americans removed from Syria’s oil fields

19th July, 2022

The Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei described, on Tuesday, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as a “dangerous bloc”, stressing at the same time the removal of US forces from the oil fields in eastern Syria and the removal of the dollar from international transactions.

This came during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Iranian capital, Tehran. Khamenei said, “world events indicate the need for both Tehran and Moscow for more cooperation.”

Regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war, Khamenei said, “If Russia did not initiate what it did in Ukraine, the other side would have launched a war against Russia,” adding that “the West opposes Russia being strong and independent, and NATO is a dangerous bloc that has no limits to confronting it.”

“If Russia had not stood up to NATO in Ukraine, war would have broken out later, under the pretext of Crimea,” he added. On the Syrian issue, the Iranian guide stressed “the need to address the issue of America’s occupation of the oil fields in eastern Syria by removing them from there.”

“We oppose military operations in Syria and it is necessary to prevent them,” Khamenei said. He pointed out that “Western countries, especially America, have become weaker than before, and despite their efforts and spending, the impact of their policies in our region has become weak.”

Khamenei called for “the removal of the dollar from international transactions little by little, and this is possible.”  LINK


Samson:  Iran announces a new round of negotiations with Saudi Arabia and praises the Iraqi mediator

07/20/2022 11:16:41

Iran announced today, Wednesday, that “five rounds of negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Baghdad have made progress.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said in his weekly press conference, “The holding of five rounds of negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Baghdad made progress, and the Iraqi mediator played a positive role in them, their continuation and the transmission of messages between the two sides.”

Kanaani added: “The results are pushing us towards an upcoming round of negotiations with Riyadh. The atmosphere is positive, and we hope to achieve a new result for the resumption of relations with Saudi Arabia, and Iran welcomes any step towards it in the region and meets it with positive steps.”

Kanaani said: “We welcome the Emirati statements regarding dispatching an ambassador to Iran. Our relations with the UAE continue, and they are good, and these statements foretell a new atmosphere in the region.”  LINK

Samson:  The seventh European sanctions package against Russia will enter into force tomorrow

20th July, 2022

The Czech delegation, which holds the presidency of the European Union, announced that the European Union will adopt the new sanctions against Russia tomorrow, Thursday, and announce them in the Official Gazette, to enter into force as of its date

The Czech delegation wrote on Twitter: “The Council of the European Union will approve this package in a written procedure that ends tomorrow at 10 am. The sanctions will enter into force after they are published tomorrow in the Official Journal of the European Union

On July 15, the European Commission proposed a package of measures to enhance the effectiveness of European sanctions against Russia, including banning the import of Russian gold, increasing control over the export of dual-use technologies to Russia, and increasing control over the freezing of sanctioned Russian assets  LINK


Samson:  Iraq is the third largest oil exporter to the Chinese government in a month

20th July, 2022

Data from the General Administration of Customs showed that Iraq became the third largest exporter of oil to government refineries during the month of June of 2022.

The administration said in its schedule, which was reviewed by “Economy News”, that “Iraq exported 3.20 million tons of oil to the Chinese government refineries during the month of June of the current year 2022, equivalent to (23.36 million barrels) and equivalent to (778 thousand barrels per day),”

Indicating that “these exports decreased by 8.1 percent from the same period last year and decreased by 31.7% from last May, in which exports amounted to 4.69 million metric tons, equivalent to (34.215 million barrels).”

And she added, “Russia ranked first as the largest supplier of crude to China in June of 2022 after it displaced Saudi Arabia for the second month in a row, bringing its exports to China at 7.29 million tons, equivalent to 53.217 million barrels, and then Saudi Arabia came second, with its exports to China reaching 5.06 million tons, or so equivalent to 36.938 million barrels.

According to the table, “the UAE came fourth, with exports of 3.12, or the equivalent of 22.776 million barrels, and Malaysia came fifth, with exports amounting to 2.65 million tons, equivalent to 19.345 million barrels.”

Crude oil shipments from the Middle East exported to China rose 6% year-on-year to 5.4 million barrels per day during the January-June period, with China’s total imports down 3.1% from a year ago during the period. The data also showed that the Middle East dominates China’s supply with a market share of 52.8%. LINK


Samson:  Governor of Anbar announces the discovery of new oil wells in Nukhaib and Tharthar

20th July, 2022

Today, Wednesday, Anbar Governor Ali Farhan announced the discovery of several new oil wells in Nukhaib and Tharthar. While he confirmed the start of actual steps to transfer phosphate fields to investment, he explained the mechanism of distributing 1000 job grades in the governorate

Farhan told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “addressing the problem of desertification in the province requires an international effort and support from the central government,” noting that “Al-Anbar differs from other provinces by virtue of its vast desert areas

Farhan added, “The General Secretariat, in cooperation with the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture, has projects and ideas to eliminate desertification in the province, and it is hoped that the government will allocate funds from the next budget for this regard,” explaining, “The local government has studies, but the size of the problem is large and needs into huge sums of money with an international and regional effort

Regarding the natural resources in Anbar, Farhan stressed that “the local government in Anbar worked to prepare the atmosphere for oil exploration and provided the security effort for companies in the province,” expressing his hope that “the Ministry of Oil will take steps to complete oil explorations after canceling the contract with the Korean company

And he stressed, “The local government is following up the exploration file with the Ministry of Oil and Saudi-American companies in partnership,” noting that “many new oil wells have been discovered in Nukhaib and Tharthar, and the Ministry of Oil has the numbers for the new explored fields

He continued, “The province contains large quantities of gas of an important quality,” expressing his hope to “invest natural resources in the province to improve the economic reality and the reality of electricity through the investment of gas and oil fields. He pointed out that “the local government in the province has taken actual steps to refer the phosphate fields to investment

Regarding the factories suspended in the province, Farhan explained that “most of the factories and civil companies are suspended, but they are financed by the government and the general budget without production,” noting that “these factories and companies need to legislate a law from Parliament and practical steps for investment

Regarding the mechanism for distributing 1000 job grades in the governorate, between Farhan, that “committees have been formed in the administrative units, districts, and the governorate office to distribute grades according to the population ratio of each district, and the submission is done electronically to ensure that grades reach all areas in the governorate,” noting that “the application mechanism will be according to controls   LINK


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