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KTFA: Samson:  Blaskharat Discusses With Iraqi Politicians How To Get Rid Of “Whales Of Corruption”

24th July, 2022


The head of the UN mission in Iraq, Jenin Plaschaert, discussed today, Sunday, with the head of the Alliance of Resolve, MP Muthanna al-Samarrai, as well as other politicians, various issues, including ways to get rid of “whales of corruption.”


A statement by the media office of the President of the Resolve Alliance, received by Earth News, stated that “he met the head of the Resolve Alliance, Representative Muthanna al-Samarrai, and the leader of the coalition, Representative Talal al-Zoba’i, head of the UN mission in Baghdad, Jenin Plaschaert, in order to discuss the role of the UN mission in supporting the course of the political process.”


During the meeting, Al-Zoba’i stressed “the importance of the role that UNAMI plays in Iraq and the need for the concerned parties to abide by the outcomes of this sensitive mission and to support its path and efforts in order to establish stability and peace and support the democratic system in Iraq.”


He added, “the importance of cooperation in order to reach effective solutions regarding the files of the disappeared Iraqis, whose file is long awaited, in addition to supporting Iraq in its confrontation with international and local terrorism and the need to get rid of the whales of corruption and put an end to this disaster, with reference to Iraq’s need for real support in the files of the environment and desertification.” In addition to the problem of weapons outside the control of the state, and the need to promote civil peace and societal stability.


Al-Zoba’i stressed that “the representatives of the liberated areas in the House of Representatives who decided to represent their component and their regions through the Alliance of Azm, which sponsors and adopts these demands, support the adoption of the general amnesty law, the amendment of the Accountability and Justice Law, and the legislation that removes injustice from the residents of these areas.”   LINK




Samson:  Court Rulings To Recover $2 Billion Of Looted Funds


24th July, 2022


The coalition of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption revealed, on Sunday, that the judicial authorities issued rulings to recover the amount of $2 billion in funds looted in various ways.


Member of the coalition, head of the Al-Nahrain Network to Support Integrity and Transparency, Muhammad Rahim Al-Rubaie, said in an interview seen by “The Information”, that “there are unremitting efforts being made to work to recover the looted funds, which politicians and economists estimated at hundreds of billions, in compliance with the recommendations of the Baghdad Conference to recover the looted funds that was held in September.” from last year.”


Al-Rubaie added, “Iraq is demanding the recovery of its money from many countries, the most important of which are the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and other regional countries, by obligating those countries to the United Nations Convention against Corruption in 2007 or by concluding bilateral agreements with those countries to recover the wanted and the looted money.”


He explained that “the procedures for recovering these funds are complicated due to the different laws between Iraq and other countries,” noting that “some countries refrained from returning them under the pretext of economic damage.”   LINK




Samson:  The Judicial Planning Department organizes the second legal session on (crimes committed during public service)


25th July, 2022


The Judicial Planning Department of the Ministry of Justice organized the second legal session on (crimes committed during the public service) for the employees of the judicial departments with legal specializations, with the participation of (17) employees at the Ministry’s headquarters.


The Director-General of the Six Department, Mona Matti Bethun, said that the course was organized from the principle of improving the level of job performance for the employees of the judicial departments with legal competencies and in implementation of the vocabulary of the annual training plan for 2022, for the Training Department in the Department of Forensic Planning and what the department is accustomed to in establishing its programs Training all year round.


The Director-General added that the legal course included within its vocabulary three axes, the first being the crimes committed by the public employee and affecting the public position or public money, and it includes eight crimes, for example (bribery, embezzlement, job exploitation, forgery, crimes of the employee’s refraining from doing his work and exceeding employees, the limits of their jobs and others), as for the second axis, it includes crimes against the public servant or the public position from others, and finally the third axis, which includes the legal consequences of committing crimes against the public position.  LINK




Samson:  It included a minister and deputies.. Integrity: 40 arrest and recruitment orders during June


07/25/2022 09:39:58


The Federal Integrity Commission revealed the totality of arrest and recruitment orders issued against senior officials and high-ranking officials during the month of June.


The Investigations Department of the Commission indicated that “the judicial authorities issued (40) arrest warrants against the background of cases investigated by the commission’s investigation directorates and offices in Baghdad and the provinces, and referred them to the judiciary, explaining that among those orders were issued against senior officials of high ranks for the period of time. From (1-30/6/2022), (7) arrest warrants, and (33) recruitment orders.


The department added that “the orders issued and executed included arrest and recruitment orders against a former minister, (3) members of Parliament (current and former), and a current deputy minister.”


The arrest and recruitment orders during the same period also included former and (3) former governors, (10) current general managers, (9) former and (3) former governors, in addition to (3) former provincial council members.  LINK


Samson:  Integrity brings in a former Iraqi parliamentarian


24th July, 2022


The Federal Integrity Commission reported, on Sunday, the issuance of a summons order against a former parliament member; For intentionally causing damage to the funds of the persons entrusted to him.


In its discussion of the recruitment order, the Commission’s Investigation Department indicated that the Nineveh Investigation Court, which is specialized in integrity issues, issued an order to recruit a former member of Parliament; for having received the salaries of two of her protection members; Although they are missing after the occupation of the city of Mosul by the terrorist gangs of ISIS.


The department added that the Nineveh Investigation Court, which is specialized in integrity issues, issued the recruitment order in accordance with the provisions of Article (340) of the Penal Code.


It is worth noting that Article (340) stipulates that “Any employee or person charged with a public service who willfully causes damage to the funds or interests of the entity in which he works or is connected by virtue of his position or the funds of the persons entrusted to him shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years or imprisonment.”   LINK




Samson:  Integrity arrests an official in Salah al-Din for forging 224 appointment orders


24th July, 2022


The Federal Integrity Commission reported that it had carried out two seizures of cases of forgery and theft in Salah al-Din Governorate, indicating that a number of suspects were arrested, including an official in the provincial office.


The Integrity Investigation Department confirmed that the Salah al-Din Investigation Office team was able, after conducting investigations and follow-up work, to seize the director of the human resources department in the governorate. For jointly with his “fugitive” assistant, he forged administrative appointment orders for sums of money, referring to forgery orders to appoint (224) people in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. (315) for the year 2019.


The department added that the team carried out a separate operation in Salah El-Din General Hospital, during which it revealed: Violations occurred in the hospital, represented by the disappearance of (1195) ampoules of the drug (tramadol), which were prepared for the isolation hall for patients with the Corona virus in 2021, pointing to the seizure of (5) accused employees working in the hospital, as well as the original preparation documents for the drug.


She explained that two fundamentalist seizure reports were organized in the two operations carried out in accordance with two judicial seizure notes, and presented, along with the accused, to the judge of the Salah al-Din Investigation Court for Integrity Issues; to take appropriate legal measures.   LINK



Samson:  His office reveals Al-Araji’s request from the international investigation team to collect evidence to incriminate ISIS


07/24/2022 17:52:22


The Office of the National Security Adviser revealed today, Sunday, that its head, Qassem Al-Araji, asked the head of the international investigation team to collect evidence to indict ISIS terrorist Christian Richer during the meeting.


The office stated in a statement that {Al-Furat News} received a copy of it, “During the meeting, Al-Araji stressed the need to work continuously to accomplish the task of collecting evidence condemning the terrorist Daesh, and not to impunity of criminals, and that Iraq had requested the cooperation of the international community, to assume its responsibilities in holding accountable.” ISIS terrorist organization for crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity.


Al-Araji indicated that “United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 2379 of 2017, which specified the tasks of the international team, which requires strengthening joint cooperation between Iraq and the investigation team, to enhance accountability efforts for the crimes of genocide committed by ISIS, and to provide justice for the victims and their families by not escaping these terrorists.” of punishment.”


For his part, the head of the international investigation team indicated that “the team worked in full coordination with the Iraqi government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister’s Office, the National Security Adviser and other ministries, to accomplish the task,” noting that “the team prepared an action plan in coordination with the Iraqi government, to accomplish the tasks assigned to it.” And that he is continuing his efforts and keenness not to go unpunished for all perpetrators of crimes against humanity.  LINK


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