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MilitiaMan:  Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi (R) with the US Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller

(Source: Media Office of the PM)

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) – Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi met with the United States Ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller and his accompanying delegation in Baghdad.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed Iraq’s keenness to enhance cooperation with the United States including diplomatic and economic areas, security cooperation, and intelligence support.

For his part, Ambassador Tueller affirmed the United States’ support for Iraq’s efforts to enhance security and stability locally and regionally, as well as its support for the Iraqi government’s pursuit of financial and economic reform. LINK

MilitiaMan:  The meeting is looking to be an announcement to Iraq, in that we have your back for security, stability, economic and financial reforms.


This was yesterday and it is on the same day the court made judgement about elections and based off the results the government is/was to begin the process to constitutionally form the new government.


Keep in mind those that are in positions for implementation of the economic and financial reforms are in place now while they move forward with the process of seating the government.


There is nothing that says the place we are in now needs the process to be finished in seating them.


The process just needed to be started and it has been. If it takes more time to complete the process of seating the government, so be it.


The emphasis is that the process is constitutionally started and in motion, the main point.


So, then if by chance it will take more time the people that are in place have authority to do their jobs with respect to the reforms. That goes for the CBI and Finance Minister, etc.. imo


All the components of what is needed for reforms are supported by the USA.


This appears to be an announcement that the USA made a decision and that is to support Iraq in her reforms.


We learned from teams that the paper work from Iraq has been signed and delivered to the powers that be.


Lets see if that paper work implemented was given to the UN last week.


If so there is a reporting time frame within days coming that could show a rate change, that data (if applicable) would need to in to the UN a couple days prior to them reporting and exchange rate change.


Having the support of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, the AMF, GCC, WB, UN, IMF, BIS, etc, supports this can go at any time now, based off the USA have made the public decision to support iraq.


Lets see what happens.. I like where we are… imo ~ MM

Popeye7:  Imo, very nice synopsis MM in your above post… I agree with the fact there cannot be too much more that needs to be done that is necessary to release the rate on an international level…


I believe it would definitely ensure that the next government will have the ability to focus on rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure, and not go month to month without opening this year’s budget…


This has proven to hurt their bottom-line utilizing the 1/12th plan, and now it seems with all of the agreements that have been made with Middle Eastern neighbors, they have started their engines…


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