Liberty Finance "Temporary Default= The Whold System Collapse?" RAfo Farber

Temporary Default = The Whole System Collapse? | Rafi Farber


Liberty and Finance:  5-16-2023


Rafi Farber joins us to discuss the debt ceiling. He says if a U.S. defaults – even a temporary one – would jeopardize the whole system.


The system is so fragile that any of a number of things could take it down, he says.


What new monetary system would rise out of the ashes of the current system?


Farber discusses how a gold-based system would work and why it’s likely the world will return to the yellow metal.




0:00 Intro


0:15 Rafi Farber


1:00 Debt ceiling


7:11 Red vs Blue


8:30 Banking crisis


10:00 Withdrawal restrictions


17:19 Fed rate hike


23:16 Central banks & gold


25:44 Gold revaluation


31:00 Gold-based system


33:30 CBDCs & Florida


36:00 The End Game Investor