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The Real Story Behind the transfer Of Wealth That Is Upon Us
My personal thanks to IKO, Martha, Elmer and so many others who over the years have done their best to thread this needle while trying to understand the real power behind the world financial changes we are about to see.
The following was written by Attorney Al Hodges who has worked tirelessly in attaining the release of the CMKX funds along with the Prosperity Programs.
This was written back on January of 2011. Without question there are those elements within our own government that have worked tirelessly in making sure we never saw these funds

Whether having their minions playing with computer programs, cutting undersea telecommunication cables or other nefarious deeds.
We should all give much thanks to those nameless and faceless individuals along with the Chinese that have literally brought us to the threshold of a new life not only for us, but for the world at large.
Regards,  Luckyme
Re: Hodges and Associates 1/11/11
There is a train for all this and the following is on the train… I have had this confirmed by one of the white knights who has been giving us information… you can believe this or not, it does not matter, but IT IS FACT… and matters not…
They are pulling the train and the cars are:
FIRST CAR====Prosperity Programs==Humanitarian Programs
And the white knight said i understand this and those who don’t understand should pay attention to what i am trying to say and help…
LAST IS THE DINAR… that starts the new banking system which turns on everything… and all gets paid at once…
And all those who bought dinars, well they cash out… and thus more money to help out the economies of the world…
If this is not done now, the USA and Europe will collapse with the rest of the world in 4, 5 months the most…make 1929 a picnic…
this is very serious…
To put it another way, the World Global Settlements, including the US Dollar Refunding Project, are real.
They are the instruments of change. They are part of a world wide re-distribution of wealth which includes some 20 countries revaluation [up and down] of their currency, which will become asset-backed currency.
Yes, this does include Iraq which is the cheapest of the lot and therefore had [to prevent unreasonable manipulation] to go first. The very latest information indicates that it has revalued, that it will be posted on Forex sites.
Although at first blush this lack of performance may seem potentially criminal in nature, I believe there is a reasonable explanation.
I am aware, for example, that many of those I have previously referred to as ‘miscreants’ have in the interim been duly relieved of the money they stole [which has now been recovered by the US], are still feared by the new-financial-order people;
The fear is that to the extent they can obtain cash/financing, they would use the IQD revaluation as a means of replenishing their war chests.
There are other reasons related to the big picture, which may also play a part in this delay.
I know this will come as a shock to some and seems unfair on the surface, but the fact is that we are but a small part of what’s happening [and must happen] to correct the financial imbalance in the world.
A. Clifton Hodges (CSBN 046803)
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