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Article quotes: “…Saleh, financial adviser to the Prime Minister has proposed the establishment of a bank to finance the trade of the private sector contribution of commercial banks…”

Abdul Basset Turki stressed that the continued clinging to resolve the economic crisis through Iraq through borrowing and reducing public spending without changing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in securing revenues to cover the current spending of the state will quickly lead to further economic recession and erosion of foreign assets, especially the reserve of the Central Bank of Iraq.”

Both Saleh and Turki laid out some very coherent guidelines.

It will take wisdom and the “want” to do it.

Not all these suggestions are going to be easy but are how market economies work.

[Do you think it will happen soon after Mosul?]

I like to believe so.

They have a very good opportunity right now as stated…the time may not always be such.