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SO……..we have come a long way in the multitude of Anallise in the last few years…… certainly appears that our collective vision of $3 plus may  be appropriately modified to today’s in country and international reality.
It wasn’t too long ago……Jan 18 2013……. that I posted a number of $3.41 that was provided to my partner and I from a high level OCC Treasury contact.
That was the Office Of The Controller of the Currency analyst’s position of the county’ asset value at that time……It paralleled Steve and his contacts forecast ($3.42) of the dinars value to a peg to the USD.
So I began to accumulate with that number in mind and did so to a level that would have given me all that I would need to do all of the things that our imagination could conjure up.

That does not mean that it would actually “revalue” at that number…..only that if it were to “revalue” at that time….it would be in that range………..
SO…..years ago there was much discussion that it was certainly possible that a “revalue” could be in the 1:1 area………so i said to myself……self?……what if it comes in at a buck?.
Then I will need 3+ times what I have now to carry out my plan. And now we see oil at a 60+ percent drop…..a significant portion of their country in terrorist hands….. a rebuilding process way beyond their current budget,,,,etc….etc….
on the other side we see all of the great news posted on this site and in the national headlines.
So…. I touched base with my partner this past week to see if he had any new info……
he went on to tell me that Iraq was moving to back their currency with some sort of gold standard…..
he lost me right there and I stopped paying attention……..then…..this thread popped up!  JEEEEZZZZZ!!!!
SOOO!!!! If we are looking at a 1 to 1 or anything close to that….then my position remains the same…..while we wait…..A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E!   marine1
Mahmoud said that linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy leads to obviate the need for an auction of hard currency, which will determine the dinar exchange rate universally Iraqi against a basket of world currencies,
helping to rewrite the business model of the private banks, instead of banks reliance on letters of guarantee and daily quota of hard currency given to it by the central bank on which the banks in achieving their profits, the introduction of banks investment as a project In the major internal and external business processes to take an active role in the country’s economy in the Renaissance.