In MarkZ 

Thursday Night MarkZ Snippets

Member: Where do we stand- do you have any updates?

MZ: I am hearing very positive things that we should break through over the weekend. Things in Iraq look good

ISAAC FEB 25 News are very positive liquidity should start March 2 to March 15. News from Zurich reno Basel and Geneva all are very positive so keep the faith

MZ: I am hearing similar things from paymasters to what Isaac heard.….that we will know before then, but that liquidity will start on the 2nd and go through mid March. It’s all pretty positive stuff we are hearing.

MZ: I am hearing the QFS system will be ready.  This is from 3 different sources.

Member:  Scott McKay said in the video that you posted that a general flew to Reno and turn the switch on for the QFS.

Member:  “teller was taking a while to deposit asked systems running slow, S said yeah don’t worry upgrading to something much faster, and powerful, she looked at me like oh shit I shouldn’t of said that.”