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[Iraq Kicking the can?] First- they are not trading 1 to 1 in the Iraqi streets…anyone with active military contacts in Iraq can simply reach out and ask them. Are they preparing? Absolutely. We had expected the budget to pass this weekend…it did not…they shelved the final vote until Mar 27 at 1 pm their time. There was huge progress made. I am hearing  a couple  different reasons why that vote was delayed until the 27th.

Number 1 is from an Interpol source saying they are taking this last “hoo-ra” to clean up some last minute stuff because they were prepared to go with that budget vote…they had positioned money and they caught some very nefarious people trying to move large amounts of physical dinar. This gave them an opportunity for one last clean up…and they fully expect things to go on the 27th.

Number 2 is the delay was to throw timing off so that people are not expecting anything until the 27th…and they will pull the trigger sooner…  I hope this one is accurate. I hope this date is a “head fake” and we go sooner.  Number 3- I heard that the nefarious US Treasury got in the way. But, I am told this is utter BS from a number of great sources…so I don’t give this one any credence.  We are so close…but, don’t believe me…study history…do some research and you will see just how close the Iraqis are. I really hope this is BOOM week!

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