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[I spoke with 2 bank managers at 2 major banks and both claimed they had no idea of ANY changes – QFS, New Currencies, Fed changes, RV, nothing.] That is the official line from lower levels at banks. I have talked to many people at big banks…some know this is happening…some do not.  Think about this…if you worked at a bank and knew this was happening…would you have your own currency? Banks would not have an employee left if it were common knowledge with the lower level employees. The elites never wanted the masses to know about this…the wealthy do not want to share first class air seats, expensive cars or exclusive restaurants with us…they do not want us to be wealthy also. The folks I know that are trained for redemption centers all have their own currency. They had to sign an agreement. They cannot exchange or get access to their funds until after the exchange process is complete.

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