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Uenvoy:  Markets have a big sell off today, and Gold is up. Oil is down and going to go lower. Next the dollar will decline because of the depegg from the petro dollar. We will see it all happen not in years, not in months. but in weeks. we are so very close.
Uenvoy:  Sorry if it sounds negative, but it is reality in happening , in a over priced world. we are the lucky ones, we purchased the currencies, those that have not are not going to be so lucky.
Elmerf123456 : Okie is having a tough time but he is recovering he’s in much pain from the surgery on his spine! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers I talk to his family this morning
Wlmerf123456 :  I’m getting better. The market speaks volumes. The ships hovering in Iran speaks even louder IMO. We are REALLY set up for the magic. Well hovering wasn’t exactly the right word but they’re just trolling out there off the ports that says a lot to me

angel11 :  Elmer, I’m a bit confused on something. Maybe I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that Iraq had to RV before Iran could RV.
Elmerf123456 :  Angel doesn’t appear to me that you’re confused at all. It would make sense if they do considering that Iran is the largest holder of IQD there’s no way that they can allow Iran to do this and not Iraq in my opinion
luvwulfs :  elmer GA, glad to hear you are getting better. What are your thoughts on Iraq needing to be done by end of the month in order to join the WTO in June? I read it and can’t find it now.
Elmerf123456 wrote Well I don’t know everything but one has to ask when you have Iran over 100 ships just standing idle in the airport ready to unload and deliver somewhere and you have Iraq with this WTO stuff I don’t think that you can separate the two countries and allow for one and not the other, that’s a regional area, so to answer your question maybe that’s just smoke. Iraq in my opinion has done everything they have to do and it took them a long time to do it. I don’t think they have anything else left to do
Elmerf123456:  … Also understand it cost a lot of money for those ships just to be standing still or circling at port rather than going to a specific destination makes me think they’re waiting for a bill of credit or a rate !
Luvwolfs:  Yesterday Iko said it was something like $80,000 a day for them just to sit there
Olesailor:  Elmer any thoughts on Martha’s find that the zim is not on the UN operational sheet today
Elmerf123456:  Not sure olesailor! One thing I do know is we’ve never had 100% of the facts in this tir One thing I do know is we’ve never had 100% of the facts in this entire adventure . That being said I wouldn’t hold that to me much let things play out we’ll see what happens
Angel11:    Elmer, do you think this weekend is favorable for the RV?
Elmerf123456:  Angel… a word…YES! Our economy needs this.
Uenvoy:  I have only seen this 6 times in the past years. that the IQD @ 1089 ask and gold is @ $1089 ask.. I see this as IQD aligning with the gold market, Basel III compliancy, may mean nothing, but could be something
Uenvoy:  What I am waiting for is the Dollar to decline with the market, they are talking a 20% – 30% decline. when that happens then we should see something with the other currencies we hold…. Dow lost almost 1600 points.. sense the begginning of the year…. This is getting exciting.
Uenvoy:  Word from FBN , Iran sanctions are supposed to be lifted this weekend, and their Oil will flow… Or they may say we control this market and not let it flow at all yet.
LadyDinar: FBN saying 30 million barrels of oil stored in tankers off the coast of Iran, IKO knows his stuff and now it’s public