In MarkZ 

A quorum was met about an hour and a half ago…they do expect to vote today on the budget. It does appear that it will pass…so all eyes are on Iraq… If we hear good news I will come back… I have heard rumors they may try to do a “blackout” if the vote went well. And then try to release it over the Easter weekend. Similar to what they did in Kuwait. When Kuwait passed it- they blacked it out for 10 days…of course that was before the widespread proliferation of internet, cell phones etc…. I don’t think they will be able to keep this under wraps as long as they did in Kuwait. But I am told they are going to try. We don’t know exactly how it is going to work…all we can do is watch.  I hope we know at least that they have crossed the finish line…would bring peace of mind. Feels like we have been here before but I don’t think we have ever been this close.

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