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Iko Ward:  Verification coming out of left field. Still waiting on my guy. Sit back and smile. It’s not for me to announce this. But think of yourself as sitting in the chamber, waiting for the big guy to come and do his thing. Tonight.
Go to sleep. If you hear sleigh bells just smile but get up by 7AM or so and log on.
Watchbandit:  Does anyone actually think we could cross the finish line this weekend or are we just dejaveaux again?
Elevator: we could cross the finish line anytime and I wouldn’t be surprised… the bottom line is that these global transactions with Iran and Iraq can’t happen without a legitimate currency. Hang in there 🙂

ASN: Reuters..Report Paving Way for Iran Sanctions Relief Likely Saturday..​ LINK

Willoninnywrote : They are ACTUALLY speaking about lifting Economic Restrictions, but mentions $150b being frozen thats gonna be released
Willoninnywrote : Its like Breaking News ….$150 Billion poised to be released after the sanctions are lifted!!!
Willoninnywrote : anyone seing CNN NEWS re: Iran’s Billion Dollar Windfall>>
Elmerf123456:  Remember when you go in the bank. You are not the Seller of your offerings. You are the Buyer of picking the bank. You are  in charge. Got it? Look in the mirror tonight and find your game face! Practice your verbal script and be ready for showtime.
Have the heart of the lion/the eye of the tiger/and the passion of the professional and remember. You decided who you want to do business with. You are well informed. Don’t act unprofessional and find your courage now. We got this!
Remember this isn’t all about the markets. Those are only indicators. You have seen many other indicators in the news recently.
This is and always has been about the currencies and that puts you in the front seat. You have seen it all. Get ready to experience the other side.
I really really like where we are. Take this for what it’s worth. Practice your mental script.
Oh by the way…I spoke to Okies family today. He’s really sore but he’s gonna come out of this with a whole lot less pain once he mends. He appreciated all the well wishes.