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MarkZ Notes Wednesday Night 4-24-19: Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: A whole lot happening in Iraq….they fully expect to see new value and new operational rates throughout the middle east tomorrow. If this happens there should be no reason we can’t start going to the banks on Friday.

We had heard that CMKX deliveries would start tonight…..I didn’t get one…..but we are still watching this closely.

I have heard that Hong Kong has everything they need ..We are hearing Asia is on hold pending the release….they are waiting for someone to say “it’s a go”

We were told long  ago when oil prices went down to watch them start to go up again close to when the RV is released. They need a higher price per barrel of oil so they can justify the rates being paid. …So don’t be offended by higher gas prices right now. This is an excellent sign for us.

MZ: Some of the big CMKX shareholders , prominent businessman, attorneys and owners of SKRs are very frustrated and done with waiting….They are  forming a Class Action lawsuit against the Federal Gov. and will start this Friday .

They were specifically told that money was positioned on Tuesday for them. They were told that legally the paymaster could only hold funds for 72 hours.

So at the end of that timeframe on Friday…..if not paid…they will be looking for CMKX shareholders and SKR holders to join them in a class action lawsuit.   This lawsuit is against the US Treasury and possibly some banks.

These big boys are done playing. It is time to force this to move forward….Something will have to break or it will have to go.

Wow…  this is huge…….this is starting on Friday. If funds are not paid out and available to these big players by Friday…..this is going to all start.

They also want all to be paid for pain and suffering for everyone  in this since 2010 or 2012  for knowingly giving us misinformation, lies and for pain and suffering.

These are big players and they are tired of all the lies. Enough is Enough …. Again this is a class action lawsuit to get them to release the funds.

Mr. Cottrell has a list of who to call and ask questions in our government….He will post these numbers tomorrow for everyone to call and ask questions.  These people specifically have met with Mr. C and know all about the paperwork for the dollar refunding act…this is basically the gold/asset backed currency for the US……..They feel Its time to push our elected officials for the truth.  It’s time to force this to a conclusion.

I am not the one making this happen….I am just reporting what I have been told.

These are some very heavy hitters.  We hope this forces the PTB to be transparent…and if these funds are being held up in they can make more money or earn more interest or for nefarious reasons….. …this may force them to let it go

Member:  We sure have been waiting a long time for the farm claims as well

MZ: We need to say “enough is enough”   We feel that because our economy is on the verge of a huge crash – they will have to release this and be honest with us. All we need to do is stand up and it will happen.

Member:  Maybe if the treasury knew the class action suit was ready to go forward, an RV would start. Trump sure doesn’t want, or need, a black eye.

Q: MARK: IM A LITTLE confused. IF we are expecting it tomorrow why the necessity of Class Action threat at this time? Seem s to be a mixed message…..

MZ: This is not a mixed message.  This is the folks in certain positions …very wealthy, and very connected people that are tired of waiting…..this is to make certain they stop kicking the can down the road…this is not a negative guys…they need to know we are serious or the PTB may keep delaying and keep kicking that can.

Member:  I hear you Mark, just lawyers have worked us CMKXers over for years and years

MZ: CMKX already won a huge lawsuit against the Fed. Gov. and some banks…..they have to pay us and that payment had been rolled into the reset …..


Q: Mark can you explain why we haven’t gone gold back yet?

MZ: Because Mr. Cottrell has not been yet the funds for the new currency refunding project.

Q:  Will the FED be absorbed by the treasury and fractional banking and other nefarious activities end after RV?

MZ:  Yes…The Fed as a whole is not being absorbed by our US Treasury…..But the rank and file employees, offices and buildings are.    With Basel 3 and Basel 4 and transparancy those nefarious activities will stop.

Q: Are the Dems blocking this or the Repubs stalling this???

MZ: I think it has been a combination of both.

Member:  class action suits never seem to be a win for the shareholders

MZ: Keep in mind a number of these CMKX shareholders are attorneys….a number of skr holders are attorneys and they are fed up…they say its time to use their expertise for the betterment of all.

MZ:  Keep in mind we may find out that none of this was ever going to happen for awhile yet by design  and they have just been feeding us misinformation all this time. This is a possibility but they finally need to give us real answers.

MZ: I really still hope this will all be done before Friday and none of this will happen.  We hope we are all having apts by this weekend and all this is a moot point. The last thing the Gov. wants is a yellow vest movement from angry currency holder,s and CMKX, Farm Claim ect,,,, shareholders to draw attention to all of this.   It’s time to hold people responsible

Member:  Mark, China has been pushing because they have the most SDR’s, US and constituency has been kicking the can. It’s been a game of International Chess…. really good vs evil/greed. They don’t want us with money.

Member: it’s Patriots versus Globalists.

Member:  They messed up and let us get too educated.

MZ: The elite lose power when the reset happens…our gov. have been addicted to the crack of fiat currency and fractional banking..

MZ: The US Treasury want this to happen and want the control back from the Federal Reserve.

MZ:  Remember It not a question of “if” it’s a question of “when”

MZ: If everyone gets paid on Friday as they have been told then none of this will happen….this is just a Plan B to take action so this misinformation and procrastination stops.    It’s time for action is what the people in Reno are telling us all.

nflemingjr: We have been waiting to the Civil RICO against the Treasury for some time, just waiting for the right time.

nflemingjr: What I meant is that we have a Civil RICO all ready to file and have had it ready for a few months, we just have been waiting for the right time.

MZ: Rmember if everyone gets paid by Friday as they have been told…..this class action lawsuit talk will all go away……

Mark Z Gives a very good history lesson of fiat versus gold backed, fractional banking,  Bretten Woods, the cabal, the deep state, corruption and so much more about minute 50:00…very good.

MZ:  If you want to see how corrupt the Fed is… sure to read or watch this.

Member: The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin) This is the gentleman who wrote about our FED reserve and how corrupt it is. Very good video.

Member:   And

Member:  The Eight families that “Own” the U.S.A. –  Yep, you and I are no different… We are all slaves to the system. So, you don’t know what you think you know.

Another update stream will be Thursday 10 AM 4-25-19 with overnight news…..

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Note: Be sure to listen to tonights Replay for all the details…..Highlights only cover a small amount of intel presented tonight. you really need to listen to the replays