MarkZ Friday Update: Highlights from PDK – Not Verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ:   Most of my day was spent yesterday talking to politicians, Active military at high levels, former military at high levels, and attorneys.

They are still pursuing the lawsuit for “lack of payment”  and have been told and have proof that some people at high levels have indeed been paid out. Based on international banking laws all of us should have been paid….the PTB should NOT be able to pick and choose who gets paid……all should be paid.

SKR people have turned in their currency and done their paperwork…they want to be paid.

I wont get into the legal stuff now…..but a lot will be coming out next week if this isn’t all done, and we very much expect it to be all done.

It has been a logistical nightmare and some folks at very high levels are holding our government responsible for any delays.   Yesterday was a very busy day.

Mr. C has not been paid yet even though we expected that to happen early this morning…..
We do hear that package deliveries are this weekend and we expect to be in the banks on Monday

We are absolutely launching a campaign to force the issue at this point.

There were one or two bankers who were concerned that we would be cause a delay ,,,but surprisingly….and  I wish I could tell you the names but some very politically powerful people reached out to us and said “screw this” and that its time you all got in lockstep for this all to go .

They do believe that’s everything is in process and we won’t get to that (the lawsuit) but its good practice to take back our government and let them know we are paying attention.

MZ: They have 72 hours before we launch full scale…..Al (Hodges?) does  not believe that this lawsuit will delay anything….but force them to get moving…we have been told that this will probably happen before the lawsuit happens but we should file because the amounts they are asking for the pain and suffering portion is big …he feels we should get started now.

MZ: I do think we are in the final countdown.The reset may very well happen before the lawsuit papers are filed…

Eagleone2025:  A lot of big leaders in DC there is a movement

Eagleone2025:  Stirring taking place in DC at high operations. on currency levels and world wide movement.

Member:  If a judgment has been entered in a civil case, there should be a motion to enforce the judgment or to liquidate the assets of the judgment debtor.

Member:  When the Kuwait Currency revalued it came out at the expected rate and then shot up to $8+ for approximately two weeks. Truly feel we can expect very close to the same process for the IQD

Member:  Mark, did I understand you to say the the big guys — the ZIM aggregators — were part of the whole 72 hour dealio? Curious about how things stand, but I do get confused sometimes!

MZ: Yes…a number of zim aggregators, cmkx holders and folks with skrs are part of the 72 hour deal because they have not been paid.  They are busy with some very high level attorneys putting together a suit against our treasury.  Hopefully the gov. will come clean and do what they are supposed to do .

MZ: Also……We were told that whenever President Trump tweeted anything about the Fed or the economy that we should tweet back stuff like “Where is the Gold Standard?” or “Audit the Fed” or “do away with the Fed” There are a number of people working on tweets for us to use to get attention.


Q: Isn’t today the end of the 72 hours mark?

MZ: Yes ..they are moving forward as of today…..mid morning Reno time.

Q:  Any news from Switzerland or Reno Mark

MZ: The folks in Reno are very fed up….we are all very fed up


Member: You can’t force this- it will happen when it happens.

MZ: True about the reset, but you can force the adjudicated funds that have already been put in place

Q:  MARK do you personally know any of the paymasters for CMKX?

MZ: No….i know several people on the payout side- different levels.

Q: Any news from Switzerland Mark?

MZ: My bond trader in Switzerand said they have not been allowed to trade their super Petchelli bonds yet. These traders help us watch for the global reset…….

Member: A reliable source told me that we would get 800numbers this weekend.

MZ: We are hearing the 800 numbers most likely will be Sunday night…….we will monitor it and send out a tweet if anything happens.

Member:  CBI Gov Alak has gone to the Arab Monetary Fund.

Q:  Mark…Do we need packages released before we can RV?

MZ: Yes they need the liquidity the packages and settlements bring… by at least a few hours…then the RV…….Packages are  the first domino…everything else including the 800 numbers will follow within a few hours is what we are being told.

Q:  did anyone see the anonymous post? talks about how he lawsuit does not apply to most of us currency holders but will help to speed process.  LINK  


“Farm, CMKX, Native Claims” by (Anonymous) – 4.26.19

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:54 AM EDT on April 26, 2019

People posting on post about potential lawsuit in regards do not really get it.

The lawsuit has nothing to do with exchange it has to do with all the claims packages. Farm claims, CMKX claims, native claims and a host of claims that have already been legally awarded on paper by courts but never paid.

I talked to Mr. C this morning about a over 20 year farm claim we hold. Those claims were.said to be delivered to all parties..all claims in 3 days..and Friday is the last day in the 72 hour loop.

If the claims do not show up at peoples doors then lawsuit.maybe filed for the claims. Not RV or exchange.

While claim packages being released and delivered will release codes that will be introduced to.release money into claimants accounts once they get packages and get to bank.

This can lead to exchanges. All the people owed money by USA in the form of claims per courts and.rulings have to be paid up front before anything can move forward.

That is how it has been explained to me.

Would be nice if people could get the story straight.


MZ: That is a very concise, easy to understand description of what we are talking about with the lawsuit. We need to push them to pay out what is already in place.

Member:  CMKX is a SECURITY…bound by SECURITY laws…not related in any way to the RV or the Germane Trust IMO…so any court action anyone takes can NOT include CMKX in it…IMO…and Al only represented the NON CERT HOLDING shareholders at BEST…plus he WON…so no need to do it AGAIN…IMO…

Member: CMKX members number about eleven thousand.

Q: any news from your contacts in Iraq?

MZ: We have seen lower denoms but no coinage or really small notes like the one dinar note.  There are rumors that the RV has gone for $8.20 …if that were true how would they make change without those coins or really small notes?  How would you get change when they buy a soda or pack of gum???   No coins or small notes yet imo

Q: Is the Fed holding this up?

MZ: This will be the death of the Fed. The Fed Reserve is a private group of bankers….not  a part of our government

Member:  A scam is what FED is

Member:  that’s Fait Banking. Just stealing money from us and wage slaving us

MZ: This is a debt based fractional system that keeps us slaves….

Member:  The Eight families that “Own” the U.S.A. –

Eagleone2025:  A time frame is set for this RV. we may not know the date. but the top 12 people know the time. understand one thing this is a real deal. >>> hold on ….the re set will happen.

Eagleone2025:  question of the day What does the Pope, the Queen, Putin, X from China Ryan, Bush have in common? HSBC

Member:  Maybe the paymasters should threaten to go home…. because it’s been so long

MZ: Many threatened to leave and were asked to stay until Monday

Q:  Ramadan starts in 8 days

Eagleone2025:  Eagle One is in the process there is a time for everything. A time for gathering a time for movement and there is a big stirring in Washington D.C.

Member: Bruce:  Interesting time right now. Timing – this AM – everything started rolling out today! Everything is ready. SKRs could be paid tonight. Payouts are coded to be in USTN. ****************** Iraq – 11.00 am today Baghdad time – total financial inclusion took place – installed the new rate – banking system etc .. global inclusion – DONE TODAY!!!!

More from Bruce:  We were told it would release today – but it has not officially done as yet. Expecting the 800# is expected at any time ….. Some time after 11.00 EST ????? – Will they hold until after markets close on Friday???? Appointments start on Saturday????

Q:  What about the Whales appointments for today?????

MZ: Its to early in Reno…all appointments are later this afternoon

Q: didn’t Mr.C say  nothing will happen until the Feds dissolved?

MZ:  I think this will happen at the exact same time…They have been very busy absorbing what parts of the Fed they want. You will not see an announcement that the Fed is gone…. It will just go seamlessly with the packages, the RV and all that.

Member : No way there are half a million zim holders and 6 or 7 million currency holders in the US as Bruce believes.

MZ: I was told by a good gov. source and this really surprised me that between package and settlement holders and currency holders is about 5 million people in the US…Is what we are told

MZ: Think about this guys…..5 million of us…..we should have been marching lockstep long ago…..if we are in lockstep with twitter or asking our elected representatives questions….with 5 million of us – they will pay attention. They cannot ignore 5 million people. We need to force a conclusion or at least some honesty about all of this.

Member:  5 million people out of 300 million people in the US…

Eagleone2025:  5 million signatures and a Del. Team will change DC for the RV. all of you in Dinar land it will take everyone to support the effort.

MZ: MR. Mayheu said that Wash. DC is afraid what would happen if we all got together

Member:  japan – IS SHUTTING DOWN their system in 75 minutes. Will NOT be back up until next Friday – FYI One can assume things will occur during this down time!

MZ: All other countries in all their news is talking about the reset….just the US press is hiding all of this from the people.

Member:  Our press isn’t just worthless. It’s TREASONOUS.

Member:  The press is not worthless or clueless. They are EXTREMELY agenda driven, and that agenda is the globalization (and thus destruction) of the U.S.

Member:  We see it on TV in Japan as to the currency is to be established to the Gold Asset Backed Currency as my wife is Japananese

Q:  Mark do you think that maybe there is a chance that they might be fooling all of us and it’s not going to happen?

MZ: I believe it absolutely a “when” and not an “if”  I have seen to much behind the scenes and to much paperwork…….it’s the when that has driven us all nuts.

Member:  Other intel providers are saying this is all set to go

nflemingjr:They have said that this will be over by the time the lawsuit is filed

Member:  Good, but file the lawsuit anyway!!

Member:  To All Politicians – IF I Promise to Miss You , Will You Go Away?

Member:  Don’t ever forget, we are the change we have been waiting for!!

nflemingjr: HR 25 does away with the IRS and puts on a flat tax

nflemingjr:  We are supposed to see it after 11a.m. today as far as the Dinar is concerned….If the Dinar is international today after 11 a.m. then the RV has to take place today because the rest of basket will go at that time

nflemingjr: I have been told the Dinar is International because the WTO has authorized it.

Member:  if the Dinar is international then all currencies should be updated by Monday on Forex

Member:  The World needs this. We are in Debt.

Member:  Trump on Hannity last pm said Declassing ALL now.

MZ: We need a hashtag for if we put together a twitter campaign . The press and politicians pay attention to “hits” (for replying to Potus tweets about the economy) . We will make a difference.

MZ: Trump is fighting a hell of a battle…if he knew 5 million of us are giving him our support…it will make a huge difference to us all …imo


Member:  #5million strong





Member:  Gold is good….Fiat is fake!

MZ: I think for now we should use GOLDSTANDARDNOW#

Eagleone2025:  Source- a military operation is being placed in order and are on stand by for orders to act. We must be very careful.

Q: Mark are you working with other dinar rooms to get on this bandwagon too?

MZ: I have had a number of them get in touch with me …we spent many hours yesterday  working on a war group to have a battleplan. I’m not the master mind…just a soldier who wants to get things done.

Member:  We have the most powerful tool ever…. technology/Social Media….. we are the Media now!

MZ: Stay positive guys… about this reset is coming out all over the world…..there has never been a project this large undertaken all over the world as this all new banking system and reset. Many things have taken longer then they thought and many roadblocks have been thrown up to stop it.   Just stay positive.

MZ: A lot of Intel Providers have been asked to stand down and keep quiet this weekend like Sam Oliver and others….so you may see intel pretty scarce this weekend.

Member:  “End of the Road” was awesome.


Member:  The History of the Federal Reserve System

Member:  Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick……….
MZ:  The next stream is Monday 10:00AM est. I will tweet if anything big happens this weekend.

Note: Please be sure to listen to replay for all the details. . Highlights only capture some of the information. Mark speaks very fast.

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