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Monday Evening News 9/27/2021

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Hi everyone let’s RV

MZ:  Hello all. I will start a bit early and will do RV news again for those that join late.

MZ: Basic update from what I have been hearing…I am still hearing fantastic things from my Iraqi sources….they are in a mad push to get the rv done before the end of the month. This is just 3 days away. There are great expectations for Wednesday.

MZ: I hope this is it…..i know how tired we all are of this can kicking. .

MZ:  I usually don’t comment on others people intel…..I want to touch on a few tonight. Some of you sent me the Simon Parkes/Charlie Ward video…..I do find some agreement with them.

MZ: They say there have been a tremendous amount of folks pushing for more …pushing for this…really clogging things down. Has this caused issues…absolutely… has caused issues. Could we have moved forward sooner…….possibly.

MZ: Some have been given a blessing and have continued to fight for more, more, more. This is just greed. Talking to paymasters, bond attorneys in Zurich and Asia and they say similar things. ….some have turned it into a greed fest. ….

Member: Can we just cut out the big guys and go right to us little people who just want to help?

MZ: I agree with you. One thing I did like about Charlie and Simons video is they say it’s us small people who really want to help folks…..

Member: Why don’t they just tell the greedy people NO????

Member: I thought the rates were set….whats all this back and forth about?

MZ: I expect currency rates to be set…..the  back and forth is with bonds, historic bonds and Zim bonds. It has not been on dinar, dong and the other currencies …those are set…as I understand it.

MZ: Here is the link : Greed will kill the RV:

MZ: Other folks have asked “What’s going on” in regards to timing. Some people asked if it could be October 10th for the seating of the new government in Iraq. I am not hearing that from any of my folks.

MZ: My redemption center folks are properly staffing people in the redemption centers for later this week.

MZ: Contacts in Iraq think the new rate is coming out on Wednesday. So I am still getting fantastic news from Iraq and from the redemption side of it.

MZ: Eyes on Iraq this week.

Member:  So MarkZ sounds like Iraq is going it alone without all the GCR

Isaac: Hello tomorrow I will know if this is starting or not!

Member:  My people say RV is going this week

Member:  9/30 is end of fiscal year for US govt

MZ: And I am still hearing there is a mad push to get this done before this. To have the change of rate in Iraq before this….

Member:  Whiplash posted that the RV will be this weekend due to fiscal year end financially.

MZ: This makes sense to me to be able to close out the old books and open new books with the new fiscal year and a proper value and rate. .

Member:  Between now and October 1 is going to get interesting.

Member: Iraq stock market is closed tomorrow.

Member:  We need the reset…..This country is going to HELL in a basket!!!

Member:  Americans are very tired of the charade

Member:  Mark I’ve heard if we go ahead an rv gold standard and QFS no more rats

Member:  Remember – what you believe you shall receive. stop doubting!! stop the negative agenda’s. Just be grateful for what has already been done.

Member: Will we know what to do at redemption centers….

MZ: It will be so easy. When it comes out (Reset/RV?) we should have a secure link….it will tell you where to go and the directions for your area. Go, exchange your currencies then come out . Some places will be banks…some redemption centers…depending on the population of currency holders in your area.

MZ: Maybe tomorrow we will go through more exchange center questions……

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